3 Signs That Signal She’s Really Into You!

Luke Espon January 15, 2016 0

So we’ve all been there! You’re hitting on a chick and things seem to be going well, but is it? At times it can be hard to see just where you sit with a member of the opposite sex. You may be really hitting it off and have a lot in common and then you realize after a month of texturing her inbox with flirty flavored text messages, and just generally feeling very confident in the fact that this broad wants your Johnson in her Susy as soon as humanly possible! But suddenly she pulls out a Nerf Gun and you’re shot in the foot and pushed off the side of a twelve foot incline, dropping quickly and elegantly into the friend zone like the goofball you are. We’ve all been there, some of us reside solely in the friend zone for years before we realize we’re not making any headway with the mamacita we so veraciously and obviously desire. It’s a terribly dark place to be especially if one finds himself there accidentally and with the girl he really wanted to mate with.

So now you’re saying to yourselves: “Luke Espon! How can I tell if this woman is really into me? How can I tell she seriously and honestly wants the D in the V and isn’t merely trying to store me in her box of backup dudes that is so perfectly named the box of Friend Zoned dudes???” Well young lad, I can answer that for you quickly and in detail with this easy to use list of three concrete signals that she’s sending you all the time that effortlessly gauge and measure just how “into you” she really is. Does she want to be your girlfriend? Your wife?? You friend or your enemy??? All is made clear with this easy to utilize list of signals to be caught, contemplated, and acted upon. So HERE, WE, GO!

#1) She Initiates The Communication

Hot Girl Texting On Her Phone

Okay so you find yourself talking with this girl more than a few times a week. But the question here you should be asking yourself is weather or not you are the one that’s starting the communication or is she reaching out to you in hopes of sparking some chemistry? It seems fairly obvious but many a man do not realize how desperate they are when trying to grab and hold the attention of a potential mate. Many times when they go back through their messages and drunken ramblings blings, they realize that the girl was barely showing interest and the chemistry he thought they shared was merely a one sided bizarre rambling scattered with cheesy pickup lines brought into manifestation by a Coors Light induced fog. So fellas, make sure you let her come to you, it’s okay to start the chatting, sure, BUT may I suggest you give it a day or two of uninterrupted silence and see if she breaks the silent treatment and initiates a conversation with you because she misses your smooth witty remarks you so elegantly prepared and brought to the table on a Friday night in the middle of August!!

#2) She’s Digging on Facebook

Hot girl surfing facebook

With the advent of social media it is now easier than ever for people to stalk you! YAY! If she’s digging up old photos and commenting on them, liking all your posts from months ago, and giving you a kissy, handclap, 100 emoticon pattern, it just may point to the conclusion that she wants to get to know you better. Just imagine she’s sitting at her laptop going through your old photos all the way back to 2006 when you graduated high school by the hair of your balls. Now imagine she’s flicking the bean and sending emoticon emotions your way while simultaneously digging up the poke feature and giving you a good ol’ fashion poke-a-roo. These are fur-shizzle-my-nizzle signs that she very well may be into you. So keep an eye on your dates and an eye on the date i’d say, and you may just find yourself lickin’ teeth between the sheets and raising the body heat a few degrees!!

#3) She Wants To Know If You’re Into Her

Hot girl is into me

Another sure sign that she’s ready to take you out the friend zone and stuff you straight and hard into the alpha-male-about-to-get-laid zone is if she asks or is trying to gauge whether you’re into her or not. She’s trying to figure this out so she can be more comfortable with putting the moves on you. She wants to make sure she isn’t going to embarrass herself or be rejected if she tries to be more friendly towards you. If you think this may be the case it would be a good time to let her know that you’re into her as well. Obviously don’t be to abrupt and to scare her away. Just ask her some questions and ask if she has a boyfriend, even if you know she doesn’t. Let her know that you think she’s a keeper and if you had the chance you’d bone her down like a turkey at Thanksgiving. Roll out those perfectly trimmed pickup lines you have ever so elegantly compiled into a neat mental list and saved to your biological memory stick, Now is your time to shine, don’t let the moment pass!

And there you have it folks, some more knowledge packed dating advice from your local neighborhood writing chimpanzee Luke Espon. UNTIL NEXT TIME! Have a good night and a great night. 😉

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