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The Air Jordan debuted in 1984 on the feet of the future greatest NBA player of all time and was made available to the public the following year. Air Jordans were an instant hit with the masses and essentially the catalyst for sneaker culture as a whole. Jordan’s quickly became a status symbol in the streets from New York City to Oklahoma City. Before rampant materialism took hold of our entire culture, a pair of Jordan’s and a Nissan Maxima made you a certified baller. 30 years since the release of the first pair of Jordans and their popularity has only increased, despite Michael Jordan having been retired from the NBA for years. The market for the sneakers is insane, with consumers often willing to pay double or more the retail price for them. Essentially, there’s a whole separate market for resellers. People of all ages spend the night in front of Foot Lockers just for a chance to cop a pair of the latest retro releases. With the number of different Jordans that have been released over the years, which stand out amongst the crowd? In this article we’re going to be taking a look at the 5, that’s right, only 5, greatest Air Jordans ever released.


1. Air Jordan 3 in White/ Cement: One of the most important air Jordans ever released, the 3’s were the first to feature the Jumpman on the tongue of the shoes which would become an important part of Jordan sneakers from that point on. Introduced to the world in 1988, these kicks paid homage to Jordan’s Slam Dunk Contest victory the year before. The 3’s are fresh and functional and kind of set the tone for sneakers that were as at home with a pair of jeans as they were on the basketball court. It’s almost a guarantee that any semi-serious collector has at least one pair of these in their collection.


2. Air Jordan 11/ Concord: The Air Jordan 11 was released for the 1995-1996 season and it shook up the sneaker world something fierce. Nothing like the Concord 11 had ever been seen before. With the base of the shoe being covered in shiny black patent leather with a white upper and icy sole this sneaker was eye catching at the very least. It also deviated from any previous Jordan designs which made them that much more unique and interesting. The Concord 11 is probably the most sought after Jordan ever and commands an insane mar-up on the reseller’s market.


3. Air Jordan 4/ BRED: Released in 1989, the Jordan 4 BRED’s are straight classic likely due to their versatility. The 4’s are one of the most stylish Jordan designs and when you combine that with the Chicago Bulls colors you have one of the most popular Jordans ever made. The smooth suede that makes up the entire shoe is another draw for the 4’s. These shoes also got some serious burn via their on court appearances especially when Jordan drained a jumper over Craig Ehlo to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers.


4. Air Jordan 11/ Columbia: Probably the most popular Air Jordan sneaker ever made, this shoes is completely flawless and appeals to so many different sneaker heads. Fans of all white kicks especially love these. Like the Concords the base of the shoe is covered in patent leather, only white, with a white leather upper. An icy blue sole and a Jumpman in Columbia blue are perfect accents to the almost blinding white. If you want a pair of these, try and cop them retail because buying them for a reseller is going to cost serious dough. FYI: They come out this holiday season.


5. Air Jordan 13/ “Playoffs”: Tinker Hatfield outdid himself with the Air Jordan 13. Its unique design is one of the most popular in the long line of Air Jordan sneakers. The sleek black shoe combines a leather toe, with dimpled black leather taking up the bulk of the side of the shoe as well as a smaller area of black suede. It is believed that the outsole is designed to be similar to the paws of a panther which makes sense given Jordan’s speed, grace, and agility. The Jordan 13 is also the first and only air Jordan to ever feature a hologram, a feature that is a big draw for fans of the shoe. The circled Jumpman logo on the tongue is a nice finishing touch. These are also the last kicks Jordan wore as a Chicago Bull. The Bulls won the championship that year so these sneakers have some serious historic value.

Article By: Jon DaBove


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