5 Types Of Women You Will Date At Some Point In Your Life

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5 Types Of Women You Will Date At Some Point In Your Life

Dating is a big part of every guy’s life. Let’s face it, women are pretty much the reason guys do anything. If there were no women on Earth the population would consist of morbidly obese men who do nothing but watch professional bowling on ESPN. As much as we love women, however, it doesn’t mean dating is all sunshine and daisies. As a matter of fact, most of the time it just downright sucks. In our dating lives we see it all from artsy vegans to icy cold corporate lawyers and everything in between. You never know what you’re going to get when it comes to dating but there are some constants in the dating world. These 5 types of women are types that every man will come across at some point in his dating life.


The Clinger: Some of you are familiar with the clinger. This girl comes on strong and doesn’t ease up. She has no interest in dating or hooking up, she simply wants a boyfriend. The clinger can sometimes be seen as a godsend as she’s very easy to please and gives you tons of positive attention as long as you spend all of your time with her. If she’s really hot this can even make it more confusing. Trust me; it’s not so much that she’s so into you but the fact that she just wants somebody to be with. The attention and constant sex she’ll likely have with you will get old quick when you find yourself waking up to 93 text messages about nothing or when you deal with her wanting to have marathon phone conversations when she knows you’re at work. She’s also going to be insanely jealous and will think you’re banging every chick you say hello to. You will learn a few things from a clinger however such as the fact that everybody needs personal time and while a little jealously can be cute, too much is unbearable.


The She’s Not That Into You Chick: Every guy dates one of these at some point in his life. This girl is extremely annoying. She’s completely aloof and tries to keep things at an almost cold level. You always feel like she’s being mean to you, which she is. She never seems that into hanging out but she continues to pop up. You don’t understand why you continue to chill with her but you do. She seems like a pretty awful person. This chick literally just has nothing better to do. She doesn’t care about your life; you’re a placeholder for her. She just needs a guy to hang out with. After you guys end things you’ll eventually see her looking as happy as the day is long with another guy.


The Fuckbuddy: Every man has one of these. It’s like being in love minus any caring or emotional attachment. You don’t watch movies, you don’t order Chinese. All you do is have sex. You’ll spend three days with this girl doing nothing but banging and will likely utter about three words the whole time. There is just something that clicks perfectly in terms of sex. You’ll occasionally think about why you don’t attempt to date her but never give it any serious thought. There really is no reason why the relationship doesn’t progress, it just doesn’t. It’s all sex, all the time. This type of relationship usually fizzles when one of you finds a boyfriend or girlfriend. These are usually pretty good while they last.


The Psycho: This chick comes with a lot of baggage or is just flat out insane. She might flirt with other guys in front you. She might get drunk constantly. One thing she will definitely do is bring drama and try to drag you into her dark hole. She’ll take advantage of you and treat you like shit. This is one girl you really don’t want to be with but she usually reveals her psychotic ways slowly so you end up dating for a while. The longer you’re with her the harder it will be to break it off because she will make your life a living hell. This type of girl is usually pretty attractive and that’s the hold she’ll have over you. We as guys tend to let things slide if a girl is hot enough, an extreme weakness that leads us to make bad decisions. This break-up will be annoying as she’ll likely talk bad about you to people including spreading false rumors and calling you to curse you out on a daily basis. You will learn a valuable lesson here, stay away from psychotic chicks. You’ll also have the ability to spot psychos pretty easily after having dated one.


The One: From the moment you meet this girl something will feel different. From day one things will operate smoothly. You’ll be waiting for some of the behaviors of the aforementioned chicks but they’ll never come. Instead you’ll find that this girl is caring, sweet, and seems to genuinely care about you. You’ll get along great and find that when you’re not with her you miss her. She’ll be a friend to you. After a while you’ll finally realize this girl is something special and she’s here to stay. She’ll still bust balls and nag on occasion but the pros will far outweigh the cons. Unlike with the others, this girl will make you better. You’ll want to do better, work harder, and be the best that you can be. That’s why she’s the one so try to not fuck this one up.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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