Allie Haze: MMD Interviews Porn’s Favorite Starlet and Penthouse Pet

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Allie Haze: MMD Interviews Porn’s Favorite Starlet and Penthouse Pet

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Allie Haze is the girl next door, if the girl next door was an insanely hot, award-winning porn star. A five year veteran in the adult industry, Allie Haze is one of only a few girls who can truly be considered a star. With acting experience under her belt, Ms. Haze has been able to land roles in huge porn parodies such as Clerks XXX, Star Wars, and Austin Powers just to name a few. In short, the girl is a good entertainer even with her clothes on, although we hope that doesn’t happen very often. Did I mention that Allie was also a Vivid contract girl for a year as well as Penthouse Pet Of The Month for January 2014? Well, she was. Allie is hot, sweet, and loves her job. With those qualities in place she is destined for a long, Hall of Fame worthy career. Men’s Mag Daily caught up with Allie Haze to discuss how she got into the business, what it was like playing Princess Leia, and if she would ever consider dating a fan.

Men’s Mag Daily: So Allie, you were married at a very young age right?

Allie Haze: Yes, I got married at 18.

Men’s Mag Daily: Being that you were married so young, how did you find your way into the adult industry?

Allie Haze: I was only married from 18 to 20 and I didn’t get into the business until almost 22. I actually got into the business because I was a lesbian before I was bisexual. That was when I was very young, the beginning of high school. I started dating guys here and there but I still wanted to have sex with women. Back then I was in college and I was working. I was working in bars and stuff and it didn’t really seem like the thing to do to be open about being lesbian. It was something most girls did behind closed doors or they would make out in bars to impress guys. It was really hard to find girls that wanted to have sex with me and not just make out with me in bars to impress the boys. A friend and I were talking one day and she just brought up the idea of porn. I was doing well at the time but it wasn’t about the money. I just jumped into it and started doing girl/girl. I didn’t know much about porn before I got into it and I realized it could become a career and here I am now.

Men’s Mag Daily: Okay before we move on, I have to ask you. Why do girls think that guys love when they make out in bars?

Allie Haze: I think that’s a question you can answer. (Laughs) It’s not really an assumption that guys like that, it’s the truth.

Men’s Mag Daily: See, I always thought that if two chicks are making out it just means more competitions for us guys.

Allie Haze: I guess, I think it’s a little more common to be a lesbian now. It wasn’t back then. I’m 27 and 7 years ago it was super taboo but now not so much.

Men’s Mag Daily: So now you identify as bisexual?

Allie Haze: Yes.

Men’s Mag Daily: Growing up, did you ever imagine that this would be a career path for you?

Allie Haze: Not at all, I didn’t even know anything about porn. I didn’t watch it. I didn’t even know it existed. We were very, very religious so I had no idea that there was anything like that out there.

Men’s Mag Daily: Were you naïve about a lot of things when you first got into the business?

Allie Haze: I wouldn’t say naïve. I just didn’t know it was a thing that people did on camera. I thought sex was just something that went on behind closed doors. I wasn’t naïve in the sense that people do those things but I just wasn’t aware they did it on camera.

Men’s Mag Daily: A lot of girls in your business just come and go but a select few manage to stick around and make a serious career like yourself. What do you attribute that to?

Allie Haze: I think attitude has a lot to do with it. At any job nobody has a right to think they’re better than anybody. I don’t think I’m better than someone who’s behind the camera because I’m in front of the camera. We’re all there to do a good job, have fun, and we’re all there for the same thing. A positive attitude goes a long, long way especially in my business because you can be working very long hours without a lunch break for a while and there are just a lot of things that agitate you or put you in a bad mood. You have to put that aside and realize that everybody is in the same boat. It’s not like a crazy sexual answer because I don’t do anal or DP or any of those crazy sexual things yet. I truly feel I became so popular so quickly because of my positive attitude on set and just being happy. I really do love my job also. I feel like what I create is art for people to watch and learn new things about themselves or with others.

Men’s Mag Daily: Some of the things you mentioned like anal and DP, are those things you’ll never do?

Allie Haze: No, no I just want to wait until I’m ready because I won’t do anything for money. I want to wait until I’m ready and my body is ready because this is a great learning experience for me also. I want to take steps and not allow myself too much too fast. Plus there are levels I haven’t reached with stuff I’ve already done so why not really get the most out of that and then move on?

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Men’s Mag Daily: Would you say your popularity increased when you started doing boy/girl scenes?

Allie Haze: I really didn’t wait that long. It was only about six months. I think when I did boy/girl people went back and looked for the stuff I did the six months prior which was all girl/girl. I guess you could say it did. It wasn’t like overnight I became this big popular person. Everything in my business is a slow and gradual thing. Not a lot of people know I’ve been in the business for 5 years. A lot of people think I’ve been around for 3 years because content doesn’t come out right away. I actually feel like my popularity is going up like right now, currently and I think that’s because there’s so much content of me out there. I have people following me on Twitter and people will recognize me. It’s actually kind of weird how it works because my shooting schedule has gone down but my popularity has gone up so I’m really learning how things work.

Men’s Mag Daily: I’m not in the business so I don’t know firsthand but I was told that parodies are one of the last really good money makers in porn and you’ve done a couple of really big ones.

Allie Haze: Yeah they are. I mean I love acting. It’s part of my background before I got into porn. When I first started I did this big 7 part release on Showtime which was Emmanuelle. That was like an 800 page script. I really love diving into scripts. I’m really good at memorization and creating a character. At the time when the parodies were really hot there were a few girls including myself that were really good at memorization and creating characters so we ended up getting the roles. I did Austin Powers, Star Wars, Clerks XXX, and a few more so I did a lot of them. There were definitely a few others along with me who were doing them as well.

Men’s Mag Daily: Between Clerks, Star Wars and combining those two with porn you must have some very rabid fans.

Allie Haze: I love my fans, they’re great. I spend a lot of time on Twitter giving my fans information about myself and letting them see my real personality. I get a lot of really down to earth fans because of those movies. People always ask me if I have any creepy or deranged fans and I’m really lucky because I have an amazing fan base. They’re so respectful and encouraging. Like you said, I have a really diverse fan base and it’s like every time one of the movies comes out I get to see this new group of fans and they’re really interesting.

Men’s Mag Daily: Clerks is one of those cult classics. I personally love it. Do you have a lot of Clerks fans come up to you and talk to you about the movie?

Allie Haze: Yeah definitely and I get a lot of Star Wars fans too. The thing with Star Wars is that it’s this huge empire and they’re very critical and if something is done involving the movie it has to be done to a tee so I was very excited when the general consensus amongst my fan base was that I did a good job as Princess Leia and that I resembled her and had a similar personality so that was great. I was really happy that they thought I did the role justice. The same goes for Clerks. They were really happy that we changed it to all girls. We gave it a butchy but sexy feel and everybody seemed to really like it. I actually really liked how it turned out. I had seen Clerks before but I didn’t really understand it. But I take pride in my work and I watched the movie a bunch of times to make sure I was doing the role justice and now I am definitely a fan.

Men’s Mag Daily: I just wanted to touch on this a little. You said before that you come from a very religious background. Does your family approve of the industry you’ve chosen?

Allie Haze: At first they didn’t. There was a good year where me and my parents didn’t have much communication, didn’t really speak at all. That was hard for me but that was a time in my life where I was defining myself as a person. I’m an educated woman and when I made the decision that I wanted to do porn and not walk away from it I realized that part of that was that it was going to tick a lot of people off. I was kind of prepared for that. I tried to explain to them so they understood and they were just confused. I wanted to be a firefighter and that’s what I was in college for and I chose such a different career path. They were more mind boggled than anything else I think. But it wasn’t like I was changing; I’m still the same person. I’m just bringing my personality to porn; porn isn’t taking my personality away from me.

Men’s Mag Daily: Being a porn star is very different from being a firefighter.

Allie Haze: (Laughs) I know. I had a passion for firefighting since I was about 15. I was in the youth program that you could do and in college that’s what I did. But I love what I do now. There’s so much more in the adult business than just being a performer and that’s what I like. You can diversify. You can try so many different things.

Men’s Mag Daily: You said you’re a businesswoman. What is your plan besides being in front of the camera?

Allie Haze: I’m hoping to get behind the camera and then expand my branding whether it is liquor, clothing, or perfume. The possibilities are really endless. It’s up to me to get out there and find the deals. I have a new site I’m working on called Allie’s Playhouse and the tagline is “the one stop shop for everything Allie Haze.” Anything and everything having to do with me will be on there. There’s a store and I’m going to sell things. I’m going to sell clothing, toys I’ve used in movies. It’s basically going to be an Allie Haze memorabilia site. That should be up by around the end of March. My calendar will be there and show all the places I’m going to be. It will also have a forum where I will get on and keep up with everybody. Fans have the option right now to either call, text, or Skype me, and they could also get custom videos from me.

Men’s Mag Daily: Wait, they can actually call you?

Allie Haze: Yeah, it’s basically as soon as I turn my phone on I’m available. I might be cooking in the kitchen after work or it could be a Sunday where I’m lying around and watching Netflix. We can just talk. Technology is amazing right now and I think it’s changing the adult industry because there are so many different ways that fans can have more access and one on one time with us. It’s actually really cool.

Men’s Mag Daily: What kind of conversations do you have on the phone with a fan?

Allie Haze: It’s all kind of conversations. It’s not a phone sex line but obviously those things can happen and are sometimes fun but a lot of the time they just want to get to know me, about how my day was and they tell me about their lives. It’s really interesting. It’s very interesting to me too because it’s all new to me. I’m starting to get into these new things after five years in the business. Before, it was basically just shooting and that’s it. That’s really why I’m creating this Allie’s Playhouse, so fans can know about everything I provide.

Men’s Mag Daily: Would you ever date a fan?

Allie Haze: Um, I don’t know. That would be interesting. I’ve done those win-a-date things where I’ll go on a date with a fan who won a contest. Those are fun actually. I love a new experience with a new person. I also love that it’s also for a short period of time. I’m very about the moment and when it’s in the past don’t try and make it last longer than it needs to. Those moments create some amazing memories for life. I can’t say no to your question because you never know. I’m a very live in the day type of super hippy.

Men’s Mag Daily: So Allie where is the best place fans can follow you?

Allie Haze: I’m always on my Twitter and that’s Allie Haze. I post everything there from scenes, to where I’m going to be, everything. And then I have Allie’s Playhouse which I’m very excited about and that comes out at the end of March.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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