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It’s easy to like Cherry Hilson. This San Diego native is adorable. She’s the hottie you see walking down the street but if you’ve seen one of her scenes then you’ll know she’s one of the freakiest chicks around, pumping out hot scenes left and right. Her body is gorgeous, her face cute, her smile amazing, and her smooth light caramel colored skin could make any man go insane. Did I mention her scenes are really, really hot? I mean this girl loves what she’s doing and it shows. Mens Mag Daily was able to catch up with Cherry Hilson to discuss how she got into porn, why California girls are more fun, and why she loves a certain freaky act, very hot.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Cherry, let’s jump right into it, what’s dating like as a pornstar? Are guys intimidated by you?

Cherry Hilson: They’re usually intimidated because I’ve been with guys who have huge dicks but I really like smaller sized dicks. I don’t like those big, big things ramming me all in my guts, not enjoyable. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: How long have you been in the industry now?

Cherry Hilson: It’s about a year and a half, close to two years. I really love it, everything about it; I’m having a lot of fun. I like being on camera. I like all the attention and I love fucking because I know I’m good at it.

Mens Mag Daily: What made you get into the business? I’m always curious as to how girls actually made the decision to do it.

Cherry Hilson: I’ve been watching porn forever. I was always into seeing what the women could do and would do. It was so hot to me. One day my friend and I were watching porn together and we dared each other to pursue it. We were both excited to do it but she chickened out at the last minute. It was just me by myself. You need to be hot and you need to be comfortable in your own skin and I think I kind of fit that.


Mens Mag Daily: It’s so easy for hot girls to make money.

Cherry Hilson: It is, I’ll admit that. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Were you nervous your first time on set?

Cherry Hilson: I wasn’t nervous about the sex. I was excited to see what porn was like though in terms of the set and just how everything operated. That’s what had me nervous, not even nervous but excited.

Mens Mag Daily: Did you have a crazy sex life before you got into the adult industry?

Cherry Hilson: Yeah, I’ve had sex like everywhere. I love recording myself. I’m a freak and I think you can tell that in my scenes. Sex is fun; it’s like a hobby for me. The funny thing is I don’t even really watch my own scenes. I’ll watch like twenty seconds and then turn it off. If I watch the whole thing I’m just going to critique myself. I like hearing my fans talk about it.


Mens Mag Daily: What type of guys are you into?

Cherry Hilson: I like guys who aren’t too tall, stocky kind of build. I don’t care about race. I like somebody aggressive to keep me in check. I also like a guy who can cook. If you can cook for me you have my heart. I like being spoiled and pampered and I like a gentleman.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you also get with girls in your personal life?

Cherry Hilson: I have but that’s because I was out drinking or something. I like to fool around with girls but I don’t really date them. The first time I was with a girl I was in high school and it was with a friend. It was three of us actually and we had no idea what we were doing. We were just laughing and joking. We had no business doing it. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: Okay, that’s pretty cool. So now tell us what the absolute craziest sexual thing you’ve ever done in your life is?

Cherry Hilson: A couple of years ago I was with a guy who was my boyfriend at the time and it was broad daylight, I mean like 12 in the afternoon. We had sex on the beach in front of everybody; we did not care at all. People were walking by and taking pictures but I didn’t care. I was so in love at the time. It was crazy and fun. That was definitely the craziest.

Mens Mag Daily: Are California girls just crazy sexually?

Cherry Hilson: Yeah absolutely, Cali girls love to fuck. We’re freaks for sure, freaks in the sheets. You should come here in the summer. California girls are fun, spontaneous, and cool as hell.


Mens Mag Daily: Be honest with me here, I’ve always been curious about this. Do producers and directors and try to bang you on a regular basis?

Cherry Hilson: Not really producers and directors, but male talent a lot. My problem is I flirt a lot. I flirt with any guy with a dick between his legs. (Laughs) A guy can know I’m really interested if I start touching him, touching his arm or his leg. I love talking to men; I just get along with them.

Mens Mag Daily: See but here’s my problem with girls and guys being friends. A man and a woman can be friends for 20 years but chances are the guy still wants to bang the chick so is that really a friendship? Isn’t it something more?

Cherry Hilson: It’s still a friendship at least on the woman’s part. Sometimes a guy might get into it with the hopes of smashing later one. He might have those ulterior motives.


Mens Mag Daily: Here’s another question you might not want to answer. How’s the money as a young, sexy, female pornstar?

Cherry Hilson: It’s good; you’ll definitely hear no complaints from me. I’m not struggling at all. I’m doing way better than most people my age, I know that much.

Mens Mag Daily: Did you splurge on anything nice yet, like a hot car?

Cherry Hilson: I did actually. I just bought a beautiful, black Camaro. Other than that though I’m pretty good with my money. I like it because not many girls drive muscle cars like that. I like big body, fast cars. People are shocked when I get out of that car. I just love it. Plus you could drive fast out here but I’ve gotten like 6 speeding tickets in this car. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: Did any of the cops recognize you?

Cherry Hilson: No, they never recognize me in San Diego. People recognize me in L.A. though. Honestly, I like that. I like that I can be two people and have an alter ego.

Mens Mag Daily: You should carry a DVD in the glove compartment and show it to the cops when they pull you over. You’ll get out of every ticket.

Cherry Hilson: (Laughs) I’m going to start doing that.

Mens Mag Daily: So do you plan on doing on other things within the industry other than performing?

Cherry Hilson: Yeah definitely, I want to do feature dancing. That’s something I’m looking into and I always want to do make-up in the industry like on set for the other female performers. I love porn, I just love it. It’s like the easiest thing to do. I can’t even call it a job. It’s just so much fun. I’ve heard girls say bad things about it but I love it. You need to get into it for the right reasons. The girls I hang out with are very cool.


Mens Mag Daily: Does a regular guy have a shot at dating a pornstar?

Cherry Hilson: Yeah, I mean I know I would and I don’t see why anybody else wouldn’t give it a chance. If you’re a regular guy though I wouldn’t run up on a pornstar and start telling her you’re a big fan and everything. (Laughs) It shouldn’t be the focus. You should be interested in a pornstar like you’d be interested in any other girl.

Mens Mag Daily: Can a scene be as good as sex in your personal life?

Cherry Hilson: I honestly think that all depends on the person. I will say that, if I’m very attracted to you I’m going to enjoy it. If the person is really shy and isn’t into it then I’m not really going to be into it. Nine time out of ten I’m actually enjoying myself. If I’m not I keep it cool anyway. I don’t want anybody to be able to tell. I’m just into it. Like, I love facial. I get excited when a guy is going to cum on my face. Let me ask you a question. Do you like cumming on a girl’s face?


Mens Mag Daily: Of course.

Cherry Hilson: There you go, that’s how I feel. I’m more of a give than a receiver and I know guys love that so it’s going to turn me on. I love cum on my face. I love facials for sure. I’m the type of girl who’s going to stick my tongue out and get ready for you to cum.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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