Christy Canyon: The Original Pornstar

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Christy Canyon: The Original Pornstar

Christy Canyon is far too modest. It’s evident when she attributes being inducted into the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame to a “small talent pool” and “process of elimination.” This is a woman who has been in the adult industry for 30 years, filmed scenes in two different decades, and has been the object of men’s affections since 1984. To say she’s a legend is an understatement. She’s an original. She was hot when cheesy electronic music was the backdrop for every scene in porno and before pornstars could crossover and be the star of a major motion picture. And no amount of modesty can take any of this away. Christy isn’t a pornstar, she’s the pornstar. And she’s still going strong in the adult industry to this day with a radio show on VividRadio. She’s also a published author. Mens Mag Daily was lucky enough to speak with the gorgeous Christy Canyon to discuss how porn has changed over the years, what it was like being a Vivid girl, and why she’ll never shoot a gonzo scene.


Mens Mag Daily: Christy, my question is this. You look as beautiful today as you did when you shot your first scene. How do you manage to stay so fit and young?

Christy Canyon: (Laughs) Thank you so much for the compliment but I think you may just need glasses.

Mens Mag Daily: You shot during three different periods of time. Were there big differences in the business each time you came back?

Christy Canyon: There weren’t too many big changes during that era. There were definitely a few more girls and guys in the talent pool but certainly not as many as today. Today is a different story altogether.

Mens Mag Daily: Speaking of your retirements, what brought about the decision to stop filming and what did you do during your hiatus?

Christy Canyon: Which time? (Laughs) I quit or as I like to say I took a break three times. Each time was for different personal reasons.


Mens Mag Daily: You were a Vivid girl which is a very coveted title in the adult industry, what was that experience like for you?

Christy Canyon: Being a Vivid Girl is the highest honor a girl can achieve in the adult industry in my opinion. It was always an amazing experience for me. When I signed with Vivid in September 1990, I knew this was where I was meant to be. Everything about it just felt right. I would never be able to shoot for another company again.

Mens Mag Daily: Everybody, even in the most boring of careers, has one great story they tell about their job. You were one of the most popular female adult stars in the world which leads me to believe there are many great stories. Do you have one memory that always just sticks out in your mind?

Christy Canyon: There are so many memories which is why I decided to write my book “Lights, Camera, Sex!” Every memory in the industry stands out for me whether it was my first time on film, my first time with a girl, my first three way. Every time there was a first for me, and there were plenty, believe me, it’s a memory that stands out in my mind.


Mens Mag Daily: What led you to the decision to write a book on your life?

Christy Canyon: After I quit stripping on the road which was in 2001, my best friend Victoria Paris and I went to a writing class that a friend had told us about. Every week we had to write and then read a story in class. My stories all centered on the adult industry and I realized that these stories were just too great to not write about. You just cannot make up these stories from the business as you can probably imagine. It’s not fair to keep them all to myself so I wrote “Lights, Camera, Sex!” Some of the characters I encountered were just literally unbelievable.

Mens Mag Daily: You’re in the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame, what would say it is about you that makes you a hall of fame performer?

Christy Canyon: When I started in the business you have to understand that the talent pool was very small, it was nothing like how it is today. It was only a matter of time before I was inducted. It was really just a process of elimination although I would like to think that I was a very good performer.


Mens Mag Daily: I watched an interview you did once where you said you had no interest in doing gonzo. I could see why you especially might say that but what are the reasons behind that decision?

Christy Canyon:  I think it’s because I really enjoyed making a true film. There were crews, budgets, scripts, catering, the works. I think about having to go to a set where there is no food, hair, make up or anything and it’s just not what I was used to. But I will say this, the funny thing is gonzo is what I love to watch now. Gonzo is great but I just loved the work I was in. I loved the whole process and what actually went into making that finished product.

Mens Mag Daily: Feature dancing, for a performer of your popularity during that era of porn must have been truly interesting, what were those experiences like?

Christy Canyon: (Laughs) You’re definitely right about that. There were a lot of memorable experiences but I’m going to save those for book two one day.

Mens Mag Daily: You stopped doing scenes but you’ve moved on to radio. How do you like hosting radio shows? Do you enjoy having a platform to talk about things you feel need to be heard?

Christy Canyon: I love radio but I don’t feel that it is a platform to talk about things that need to be heard really. I have fun talking to all sorts of people in my business from sex toy manufactures, to directors, to talent, and everybody in between. What needs to be heard is a girl cumming on air.


Mens Mag Daily: Do you think there is a big difference between the performers from when you were doing scenes and the female performers of today?

Christy Canyon: Yes for way too many reasons to go into. The differences are definitely there. One of the main reasons for the differences is that there is so much talent now so of course there are differences from the 90’s and now. With the change in the number of performers there’s no way for it not to change.

Mens Mag Daily: Christy, give us the whole rundown of what you have coming up. What is up next for Christy Canyon?

Christy Canyon: I currently have my radio show which is on Vivid Radio Sirius/XM on channel 102. The show is on every day from 2 to3 P.M. PST. My website is and I’m currently working on my 2nd book. Other than that, I take it as it comes.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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