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Sweet, innocent girl next door looks, petite gorgeous body, blonde hair, and cute face, are all qualities possessed by rookie pornstar Dakota Skye. Put them together and you have the recipe for massive success in the adult industry. This is proving to be true for the small town Florida girl who entered the industry just one year ago. In that year Dakota has made quite the splash working practically nonstop and building a rabid fan base. Dakota seems to have a true passion for her work and if you watch her scenes you can see that it’s true as she gives 110% every time around. With an excellent first year in the business and adult super agent Mark Spiegler guiding her career, Dakota Skye will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with. Mens Mag Daily was able to catch up with the Tampa cutie to discuss her former career as a webcam model, how she got into the industry, and what her plans for the future are.


Mens Mag Daily: So Dakota, you’re living in L.A. right?

Dakota Skye: Yeah, I live in L.A. but I’m originally from Florida.

Mens Mag Daily: Where in Florida?

Dakota Skye: I’m from Tampa, Florida.


Mens Mag Daily: How long have you been in the business now?

Dakota Skye: It’s actually a year this month.

Mens Mag Daily: So Dakaota, can you tell us how you got into the adult industry?

Dakota Skye: I started off as a webcam model actually and I started doing that as soon as I turned 18. I waited a while before I got into the actual porn side of it in terms of making movies. It was something I always wanted to do so I started looking for an agency. I found East Coast Talent and I really liked them. I signed with them and I was with them up until I got with Mark Spiegler about two months ago.


Mens Mag Daily: What made you try the webcam thing first?

Dakota Skye: I don’t know, I always just kind of liked being naked so I decided to give it a shot. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: What was doing webcam like?

Dakota Skye: It was good but it was way too personal for me. The guys on there wanted a personal connection instead of a sexual one and I just wasn’t about it. With porn you don’t have to deal with that.


Mens Mag Daily: Before you started doing webcam did you know that you might do porn, was it something you had already thought about?

Dakota Skye: Yeah, I kind of always wanted to do it. My mother was a stripper so I guess it kind of runs in the family. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Do you feel like the webcam prepared you for porn?

Dakota Skye: Yeah it did, it really helped in terms of being in front of the camera and everything.


Mens Mag Daily: Did you ever have a typical 9 to 5 type of job?

Dakota Skye: Yeah I actually used to work at Wal-Mart and I also worked at a retail store in the mall.

Mens Mag Daily: What were those experiences like?

Dakota Skye: They weren’t bad. They were just way too boring for me.


Mens Mag Daily: What was it like when you first got into the industry? Was it what you expected?

Dakota Skye: I wasn’t really nervous or anything and I think I was kind of prepared for it because I had done webcam for a while. What was weird for me is when I started to get really well known. It’s so weird for me.

Mens Mag Daily: You have gotten very popular very quickly, why do you think that is?

Dakota Skye: I look young and I play that innocent girl role really well. Also I’m really good at what I do, I think. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: Were you extremely nervous when you were doing your first scene?

Dakota Skye: Not really no, that’s the weird part. I’m not really shy at all when it comes to sex or shooting so I wasn’t really nervous at all.

Mens Mag Daily: Have people started recognizing you yet?

Dakota Skye: Yeah I’ve had a couple of people that have recognized me. It makes me really uncomfortable. Well, maybe not uncomfortable but nervous because I’m not used to it at all. I come from a really small town where everybody knows everybody so I’m definitely not used to it.


Mens Mag Daily: When you started doing this, what did your friends and family think?

Dakota Skye: My friends and family have been really supportive. I lost a couple of friends but for the most part everybody is happy for me.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you shoot a lot?

Dakota Skye: I shoot a lot but I’m careful not to overwork myself so I don’t end up getting sick or injured. I look out for my health.


Mens Mag Daily: What type of scenes are your favorite to shoot?

Dakota Skye: I would definitely say boy girl anal.

Mens Mag Daily: It’s been a year now that you’ve been in the business, do you plan on doing this long term?

Dakota Skye: Yeah but I’m not sure I want to be performing for the rest of my life. I definitely want to be in the industry though. I’d like to direct or own an agency.


Mens Mag Daily: How did you decide which agency to go with?

Dakota Skye: Honestly, I met him though Twitter. I was with him for eight months and he was very cool and respectful towards me. I’m with Mark Spiegler now and he’s awesome. He takes care of us and makes sure we’re safe. I love him. We get tons of work too so it’s great. The girls at my agency are all very sweet and down to earth. I have a lot of girls that look over me.

Mens Mag Daily: Have you had any negative experiences yet?

Dakota Skye: Not really, it’s been a blessing for me. I just keep becoming more successful so everything is going great.

Mens Mag Daily: So are you shooting for the top and trying to reach an Asa Akira level of success in the industry?

Dakota Skye: Yeah, I would definitely like to. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: Is Tampa a lot different from L.A.?

Dakota Skye: Yeah, it’s like a whole other breed out here, very different. I was homesick for a while but I’m used to it now.

Mens Mag Daily: How many scenes have you done?

Dakota Skye: I have no idea anymore. I lost count already. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Dakota, do you have anything coming up that we should look out for?

Dakota Skye: I have a new movie coming out on August 21st called Meet Dakota. I have my website also which is www.dakotaskye.com. Also I have my Twitter which is twitter.com/realdakotaskye.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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