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In the adult industry, the sweet faced girl with the cute body and innocent smile has always been a staple for studios and fans alike. Twenty-two year old Florida native, Dillion Harper, fits this to a tee which is likely why she has about a billion fans, that and the fact that she’s a legitimately nice girl. While Dillion hasn’t been in the industry very long she is universally known as a rising star. It’s really no surprise with her shy, innocent charm and the fact that every one of her scenes makes you wish you could have just one night alone with this beautiful dark haired honey. When talking to Dillion you feel like you’re talking to somebody you went to college with, not an international porn star. Mens Mag Daily recently had the pleasure of talking to the half Cherokee, half Irish hottie and we discussed everything from her innocent looks, to her first girl/girl scene, to why working at the Olive Garden wasn’t her ideal career path.


Mens Mag Daily: Let’s start with some background information, how did you get into the adult industry?

Dillion Harper: I was actually referred by somebody at the country club I worked at who told me I could make extra money doing webcam so I started doing that at myfreecams.com. Somebody approached me and said that I was really pretty and that I should consider doing porn because I could make a lot of money. I sent my pictures to Bang Bros but I guess they weren’t good enough because they never called me back. Another agency in Florida actually did contact me and I spoke with them a little bit about how everything would be and how it would go down. Within hours of talking to them on the phone I was on a Greyhound bus to do it. I went four hours south to Fort Lauderdale and I was shooting my first scene with Bang Bros.

Mens Mag Daily: Where are you originally from?

Dillion Harper: I spent about ten years in Gainesville, Florida which is where the Florida Gators are based at. I lived near Miami as well. I’ve moved around a lot.


Mens Mag Daily: When I saw your picture, it was pretty easy to tell that you would appeal to like a million people. You have a very innocent look about you.

Dillion Harper: Yeah, I have a baby face. I didn’t think that it would ever benefit me like it has. Even in high school I always looked so much younger than my other friends so I could never get away with anything. It has really paid off in this industry; my look has definitely helped me.

Mens Mag Daily: Being that you were never really exposed to porn was it scary being so young, hopping on a Greyhound and starting a career in the business?

Dillion Harper: I’m like a daddy’s girl so I actually spoke to him about it. I explained that there was no way I could afford an apartment and college working at Olive Garden for $8.75 an hour. But I never imagined I would be able to do something I love and call it work so I definitely wasn’t that nervous or anything. I was at a point where I was in a financial bind and I needed money. This wasn’t something I really planned.

Mens Mag Daily: So you worked at the Olive Garden?

Dillion Harper: Yes, at the Olive Garden in Naples, Florida.


Mens Mag Daily: Did the Olive Garden customers love you?

Dillion Harper: Oh, of course. Working there and at the country club, especially in Naples because it’s a big retirement place I had a lot of old farts constantly hitting on me and being old pervs. (Laughs) They’d slip me a big tip here and there though.

Mens Mag Daily: You were raised by your dad. What was his opinion on this whole situation?

Dillion Harper: I grew up being told to be honest with my dad and it came out really soon. He called me to ask where I was and I told him I was in Fort Lauderdale shooting porn. I knew it would eventually be on the internet and I would rather he find out by me than just stumbling across it. He called me a slut and a prostitute and all that. He’s a very conservative guy so I didn’t expect anything less. Ever since I’ve been in we haven’t spoken. And it’s painful that he didn’t take it very well but only time will tell.

Mens Mag Daily: What has your experience in the business been like so far?

Dillion Harper: I love it. I love the people I get to work and shoot with. Everybody is really respectful. I love the crews and the PA’s. They always have stuff to eat for us and they treat us good. It’s nice to feel like a princess. I just feel comfortable. It’s a place where everybody can be themselves because who are we to judge? You don’t have to care what other people are saying or thinking.


Mens Mag Daily: Were you extremely sexual before you made the decision to do this professionally?

Dillion Harper: I would say yes but I definitely kept my status on the low. I didn’t go around bragging and boasting about it though. The guys would brag about it but having my face and personality they just wouldn’t believe the guy. (Laughs) My web cam was right next to my dad’s room so I would be in my room getting off while he was asleep with my stepmom so I was really sneaky about it.

Mens Mag Daily: What about in terms of women? Did you have experiences before the industry?

Dillion Harper: Where I’m from it’s really conservative. If somebody saw a gay person or a black person it was like a big deal. They were very close minded. Anything having to do with two girls together was definitely frowned upon. I wasn’t ready to take the full step but I did make out with girls and stuff at parties. I even had a curiosity towards my best friend but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know how she would react or how she would look at me.


Mens Mag Daily: So your first experience with a girl was on camera then?

Dillion Harper: Yeah I was so nervous. It’s so different from having sex with a man. When you’re with a girl it’s awesome, they treat you like this little doll. It’s a totally different experience. You’re talking about a girl who had a hard time even like speaking in class and stuff so this was a big deal.

Mens Mag Daily: It’s strange because you seem a little shy and timid but I watched a couple of your scenes for the interview and you don’t seem shy and timid at all.

Dillion Harper: That’s good. I guess I’m doing good because I still get nervous. You really just need to prepare yourself for the scene and that helps a lot. It’s like I’m not me, I’m Dillion. It’s like I’m playing a character.


Mens Mag Daily: Are your fans generally cool people?

Dillion Harper: Yeah they’re awesome. I mean when I do signings and stuff there are fans who know more about me than I do and that’s pretty cool.

Mens Mag Daily: Does that make you a little uneasy?

Dillion Harper: Not really because you’re about to meet all these people who look up to you so I just take a deep breath and prepare for the experience, it’s cool.


Mens Mag Daily: You’re viewed as a rising star in the industry, why do you think that is?

Dillion Harper: That’s what they keep telling me. I think people just think I’m down to earth, chill, and humble and I think they feel a real connection when they watch my videos. Um, also my titties, I’m kind of known for that. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: I think it’s the smile too.

Dillion Harper: Yeah, a lot of people say I have a nice smile too so thank you to my parents for paying for braces.


Mens Mag Daily: I’m looking at your Amazon Wishlist right now; do you get a lot of gifts from here?

Dillion Harper: Sometimes, not a lot. When my birthday comes around I do. I think the last thing I got from there was a camcorder which was very cool. It’s helpful because I’m putting together my own site right now which is www.therealdillionharper.com because somebody stole the original.

Mens Mag Daily: Gratuitous sex questions time. Let’s go.

Dillion Harper: Let me hear em’.

Mens Mag Daily: What is your favorite sexual position?

Dillion Harper: I like doggie, that’s my favorite.


Mens Mag Daily: Do you actually enjoy giving oral sex?

Dillion Harper: I didn’t at the beginning. Now it’s more fun for me that I know what I’m doing. At first I had no idea how to suck a cock but now it’s hot because you’re getting a guy up and you have that accomplished feeling. They’re all excited so I love it.

Mens Mag Daily: I’m going to name a couple of girls and you tell me if you would hit it or not. Scarlett Johansson?

Dillion Harper: Yes, I would totally hit that.


Mens Mag Daily: Jennifer Lopez?

Dillion Harper: Yes, duh. She is awesome.

Mens Mag Daily: Angelina Jolie?

Dillion Harper: Oh, Tomb Raider, yes. You’re picking all these good ones.


Mens Mag Daily: So give us the rundown Dillion, what can we look out for?

Dillion Harper: Really, my Twitter is where I’m always on and I give updates and all kind of stuff and that is https://twitter.com/DillionHarper.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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