Dude With A Dash Cam Loses Control Of His Car And Flips Off The Side Of A Mountain!

Luke Espon January 22, 2016 0

This is not how you want to start your day! A guy out joy riding with his brethren had a rude awakening while out maneuvering the corners of a mountainside road way on a sunny afternoon. While enjoying the sound of his modified exhaust through the resonating atmosphere of a tunnel, he comes into a corner a bit to hard and loses control of the vehicle, hitting a bank and flipping over the side of the mountain. He sustains a solid 50ft drop before his car is finally done rolling. Lucky to be alived he lived to tell the tale and share his video footage on YouTube.

He says that the main factor that caused the crash was speed. Further adding that he loved the sound of his exhaust in the tunnels and gave it a bit to much gas coming out of the corner. He thought he was going to come to a complete stop when he hit the side of the roads embankment but that turned out to be just the start of his problems. After hitting the embankment the car continued to jolt upwards and fly over the side, He states that he was sure the car was going to land on the roof and crush him, luckily for him that wasn’t what happened! Let this be a lesson for all you over zealous drivers with slightly modified vehicles confident and hellbent on tearing up the roadway – Accidents do happen! Even to the best of us. So drive safe and stay alive!

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