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Eva Angelina is a big deal in the porn industry. Not only did she start at the age of 18 but she’s lasted 11 years which in that business is like 9 eternities. Most girls get spit out after three months, many only lasting one or two scenes. Eva has managed to become not only successful but iconic. I would venture a guess that it’s because she fits into so many different categories. She can be the cute girl next door with her signature glasses on (which she actually needs), the hot rocker chick with a shaved head, the exotic sex kitten, and the hardcore sex princess. In short, she reaches a lot of audiences. She has the draw of five completely different porn stars into one little hottie. One thing that needs to be said for Eva is she is very warm and sweet, not a quality you seem in all porn stars. She doesn’t let the business or her identity as a porn star define her life. She’s not a prisoner to it. Mens Mag Daily sat down with the lovely Eva Angelina to discuss her plans for the future, the decline of the adult industry, and why her fan base is so damn loyal.


Mens Mag Daily: Eva, I went online and I was doing some research for this interview and your Twitter said you were officially retired, is that true?

Eva Angelina: No, not at all, I’ve retired like four times from this industry. (Laughs) It’s kind of just taking a break. I call it a hiatus. When you shoot constantly it just takes up all of your time and you have no me time. You can kind of burn out at that pace so I take a break once in a while. For my sanity, I take breaks so right now I’m only shooting with girls. You know, I have a life. I have other things I’m working on for my future. If I’m shooting movies every day I can’t think about the future.

Mens Mag Daily: What are some of those plans for the future?

Eva Angelina: I have a lot of things I’m doing actually but I’m focusing on real estate. I just turned 29 recently and I don’t want to be shooting porn when I’m 30. I’m really looking towards the future.


Mens Mag Daily: Why real estate?

Eva Angelina: Real estate runs in my family. My mom was an agent many years ago. I’ve always been obsessed with homes and I’m such a people person. One day I just kind of had a revelation. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: So Eva, like I said your Twitter said you were retired so I started researching that and I found my way to some message boards which I’m not familiar with and the boards were about your retiring. The people on the boards were absolutely devastated that you were retiring.

Eva Angelina: Yeah, it’s crazy, it’s just nuts. I feel we’ve become so oversaturated with girls in this industry that maybe the quality of girl has kind of gone down. You have some girls who are absolutely gorgeous but then you watch them perform and they’re just a dead fish out of water. Then you have girls who are just so off the wall so there are a lot of extremes in the business right now. Fortunately, you still have the girls like myself that are in it for the sex and in it to have fun.


Mens Mag Daily: So it’s not all about the money for you?

Eva Angelina: Absolutely not, even when I first got into porn I was like on the search for the perfect sex. Before porn I was meeting guys off the internet and there were all these “what ifs” running through my mind, like what if this guy is a serial killer? I wanted a way to have great sex in a safe way and then I found porn. I was like wow, “I get to have sex for at least 30-45 minutes, I get tested, and I get paid? Awesome!” It was like the ultimate fantasy for me.

Mens Mag Daily: So your sex life improved after porn?

Eva Angelina: Oh definitely, but there were times when I had to totally carry the scene and I just knew the guy shouldn’t be doing porn. But most of the time it’s great and we get to form like this little community of friends and it’s causal, no strings attached.


Mens Mag Daily: Are you currently in a relationship?

Eva Angelina: Yes I am.

Mens Mag Daily: Is your job hard for him to deal with?

Eva Angelina: When we first met I was doing hardcore boy/girl scenes and at first it was fine but it always changes. As the relationship gets more and more serious I think if the guy still wants you to shoot with other guys, I think there’s something wrong with that. He’s such an amazing person that he deserves a monogamous relationship. He’s not the average douche who’s dating a pornstar; he’s not a suitcase pimp.


Mens Mag Daily: I would imagine that would be hard for a guy to deal with.

Eva Angelina: Hell yeah, it gets hard for the guy knowing that I’m leaving the house to do a scene and even though it’s not emotional the man’s penis is still going into your body.

Mens Mag Daily: Eva, why do you have one of those rabid fan bases? Not every girl has one of those.

Eva Angelina: Okay, so when I got into the business the internet was new. It wasn’t like it is today. Back then it was a bad thing to shoot on the internet, people in the business kind of looked down on it. I started on the internet so I kind of had a head start in terms of the internet. I shot for Brazzers when it was a guy in a hotel room. I think that’s how I was able to create such a loyal fan base. I was kind of in it from the ground floor as far as the internet goes.


Mens Mag Daily: It’s crazy though, they love you. I found a forum dedicated to people talking about the fact that you wear glasses.

Eva Angelina: People think it’s an accessory and that I don’t really need glasses. I am blind. The reason why I started wearing glasses in scenes is because I like to see and I’ve been wearing glasses since sixth grade. It got to the point where if I would wear contacts the director would tell me that they weren’t doing anything until I went home and got my glasses.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve been in the business a long time so answer this question for me. Are the stereotypes that the general public hears about porn true?

Eva Angelina: There’s this perception that we’re so dirty but we’re tested constantly. People who aren’t in the business don’t test nearly as often as we do. I don’t see how I’m the dirty one. The only reason an STD would ever find its way into porn was if somebody had sex outside of the industry so it would be coming from outside of the porn industry. People also think it’s like a constant orgy like I have sex with my cable guy, give me a break. The thing is, we don’t all go bowling and then have an orgy at the bowling alley, and it’s so silly.


Mens Mag Daily: I want an honest answer on this one. Do directors and producers dip into the talent? I’ve put myself in this scenario in my head and it would be tempting.

Eva Angelina: Some do, some definitely do. I was never that girl. There are girls that are so hungry for fame and attention and they’ll do that. That’s actually probably why it took as long as it did for my career to really kick off. I worked for it and it took a little bit longer and that’s cool.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you guys get mad if you don’t act like a complete slut in real life?

Eva Angelina: Not really, you have to know when to turn it on and off and that goes for in and out of the business. In real life, I’m a little raunchy but I’m far from fucking everybody in the world and being a skank. I have a group of friends and I haven’t had sex with everybody in the group.


Mens Mag Daily: Who are some of the performers that you love working with?

Eva Angelina: I love Rachel Starr; she’s one of my best friends in the business. I like Alexis Texas a lot, a lot of the girls from my generation.

Mens Mag Daily: Have you seen a lot of changes happening in the porn industry?

Eva Angelina: Yeah definitely, I feel like we’re at the end of the best years of this business. They’re cutting so many corners that the pay is not what is used to be. They’ll try to cut so much that I’ll make what I made on my first day in porn. There’s a lot of piracy. It’s really disgusting actually.


Mens Mag Daily: Who is still making money in the adult industry? Somebody has to be, right?

Eva Angelina: I’m going to be honest with you. You’re not going to make a lot of money in this industry unless you’re escorting. I would say about 75% of the girls are escorts. Nobody’s making money in porn anymore. People think we’re millionaires and we’re not. I think in my biggest year I made about a hundred grand.

Mens Mag Daily: Alright Eva, is there anything you have coming up that we should be looking out for or anything you want to tell your fans?

Eva Angelina: I haven’t feature danced for four years and I’m going to start doing that again. There’s also my website which is www.evaangelinaonline.com. You can find all kinds of cool stuff on there.  There’s my Twitter too which is https://twitter.com/lifeofeva.


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