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The Bloody Mary is one badass cocktail and for so many reasons. Let me start off by saying that any man who thinks a Bloody Mary is a drink reserved for mother-daughter brunches couldn’t be more wrong. I mean come on now fellas; the Bloody Mary is a meal in a glass. It’s a delicious hangover cure and the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday morning steak and eggs. And yes, eating steak, eggs, and being drunk before noon on a Sunday will piss your girlfriend off something fierce, yet another benefit of the cocktail. It’s also the classier of the hangover cures as it comes in a glass and isn’t a tall boy of Colt 45. The beauty of making a Bloody Mary is that while there is a recipe, there kind of isn’t. The Bloody Mary gives you license to experiment and see what it is you like and don’t like. Add a little of this, take away a little of that, and make it your own. There are rules however; you can’t take away a main ingredient such as tomato juice. Don’t ruin tradition. You also have to give the Bloody Mary for being one of the best tasting Vodka based cocktails.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

Vodka: You could use Goose but you don’t have to. It’s being mixed in with so many other ingredients that a good, solid, middle of the road vodka will do just fine.

Tomato Juice: Campbell’s is always a good choice.

Lemon Juice: Squeeze it fresh you lazy bastard.

Worcestershire Sauce: Buy a good bottle, it will likely last like 10 years in your refrigerator anyway. It’s kind of like that little bottle of Gravy Master you’ve had in your fridge since you moved out of your parent’s house.

Hot Sauce: A lot of recipes call for Tabasco but we at MMD disagree. Tabasco is a lot of heat, so much that any flavor is overshadowed. Use Frank’s Red Hot which brings the heat but is also very flavorful and less overwhelming.

Horseradish: Lemons I will squeeze, horseradish I will not make. Find some premade at the supermarket.

Seasoning: At MMD we use the following seasonings; salt, fresh ground black pepper, celery salt, lemon pepper, Mrs. Dash.

Here’s the actual mixing process:

Get a cocktail mixer and add ice, vodka, and tomato juice. As far as measurements go, go for about 4 oz. of tomato juice and 2 oz. of vodka. Grind in your black pepper and put in your salt, celery salt, lemon pepper, and Mrs. Dash which helps give the drink a chunky heartiness. Throw in a couple of dashes of Frank’s Red Hot, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and some horseradish. Mix, pour into a highball glass, grind some pepper on top, and garnish with lemon and celery.

And that my friend is how you properly get drunk in the morning. Enjoy.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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