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Not everybody is into the whole fetish thing, the latex get-ups and such but a lot of people must be because fetish fashion model Jade Vixen has been a star in her niche for years now. The pretty brunette is a superstar in her world and has even crossed over into more mainstream work such as Penthouse. Mens Mag Daily sat down with the native New Yorker to discuss latex, how her clothing is incorporated into sex, and her upcoming performance at HQ NYC this Thursday.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay, so I think my first questions is, how does somebody get into fetish modeling?

Jade Vixen: Well I’m primarily a fetish fashion model and I always make that distinction because I do more of the modeling of the clothes such as latex, heels, etc. There are girls who are just straight up fetish models. I like to dress for pleasure, that’s what turns me on especially very elaborate outfits.

Mens Mag Daily: And were you aware that this was your thing before the opportunity came for you to actually work in the business?

Jade Vixen: Oh totally, I’ve been into it since I was young. These outfits are just very aesthetically pleasing to me. I like to dress; it’s the ritual of dressing in very elaborate outfits.


Mens Mag Daily: Where did you even find the clothes before you were privy to the whole scene and before you were educated on it?

Jade Vixen: I’m a native New Yorker so I was kind of into the Goth and industrial scene, the rave scene; I was kind of a club kid growing up. One day my friends took me to a fetish club and I saw this sea of shiny black outfits. I was overwhelmed because there was all this black but it was shiny and reflective and it was such an appealing look.

Mens Mag Daily: And there are guys who are into this as well?

Jade Vixen: Yeah, it’s a very male dominated fixation. I don’t dress up for men only though. I dress up for myself first and foremost. It’s all about me and what I like. I like to dress; it’s like a ritual where you’re transcending your normal reality. You’re putting on this outfit and becoming this extra sexual being.


Mens Mag Daily: Is it uncomfortable at all?

Jade Vixen: No not at all, I love it. I love the very tight corsets and the very high heels. I like the heels a lot because it forces me to stand very straight and I think it makes a woman much more feminine. I wear high heels all the time, I just love them.

Mens Mag Daily: What do you wear if you’re just running to the grocery store?

Jade Vixen: Well it depends on the weather. If it’s all snowy out I am not going to destroy a pair of my heels. But if it’s nice I would probably wear a very, very fitted pencil skirt and high heels.


Mens Mag Daily: And you’ve been doing this for a while now?

Jade Vixen: Oh yeah, I’ve been doing this professionally since 2007. I have an enormous closet with all these lovely outfits.

Mens Mag Daily: What are the people in this scene like?

Jade Vixen: It really varies; I tend to go to the larger events and adult runway stuff where you’ll see the top fetish fashion brands. I tend to see people that are very dressed up in custom elaborate outfits. It’s a bunch of very well dressed people. I love it; there are so many options when it comes to what I can wear. It can be pants, a skirt, latex, there really aren’t any limits.


Mens Mag Daily: Tell me about the actual latex and what it’s like wearing it.

Jade Vixen: Oh, I love it. It’s like you’re wearing a second skin. When you have it on it’s like you look in the mirror and you see somebody else looking back. There’s the feel of it which is very nice and then there’s the smell of latex which is actually very sweet. When you’re moving you also feel it rub together. It’s like sensory overload when you’re wearing latex.

Mens Mag Daily: You were also in Penthouse magazine. Tell me what that experience was like.

Jade Vixen: It was more of a straight up shoot like with me in lingerie. I’ve seen fetish stuff in Penthouse a few times but that was more like Penthouse forum. It was a couple of years ago and I think it was the photographer’s first time shooting for Penthouse. It was definitely different for me shooting the au natural look. I looked more like the girl next door which for me is a little outside the box. I would love to shoot Penthouse again but with more my style.


Mens Mag Daily: One thing I’m curious about is, is it important to work out in this lifestyle? I would assume so because you have to be pretty trim to even wear these outfits.

Jade Vixen: Yeah, diet and exercise is everything. A lot of my clothes are custom made so I can’t alter my appearance very much or I’ll have nothing to wear.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you incorporate this stuff into your personal sex life?

Jade Vixen: Oh, I love to dress for sex. (Laughs) What I wear all depends on my mood. I might just wear a string bikini or pasties and a thong. I have themed outfits as well like a military outfit with the matching hat, I love that. Sometimes I’ll wear something that covers everything that just has a strategically placed area for sex. (Laughs) I’m also an experienced tight lacer so I might wear a corset. My waist is naturally quite small but I can get it down to 16 inches in a corset so I might wear that with garters and stockings. Every outfit I wear though, I have to wear high heels or boots with it. I just love them.


Mens Mag Daily: You’re performing at HQ in NYC on October 30th for their annual Halloween party, tell us about that.

Jade Vixen: I’m very excited to perform in my hometown. I have three different latex shows. I’m trying to narrow down what I want to do but it’s Halloween so I think I’m going to go with one of my theme performances. I might do a naughty nurse performance. I honestly don’t know yet but it will be sexy so you’ll just have to come see it boys.


Article By: Jon DaBove


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