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When a business that sells a product is booming, it creates the opportunity to create businesses that cater directly to that product and it can be very profitable. Just ask any major company that sells iPhone accessories. Jason Markk did just this by catering to the insanely popular sneaker business. Between hypebeasts waiting in line all night at Foot Locker and resellers being able to charge double or more of the retail price of popular kicks, sneakers have become an investment. What do you do with any investment? You protect it. That’s where Jason Markk saw the opportunity and he took it by creating a line of products to clean and preserve your sneakers. He didn’t invent cleaning supplies for kicks but the ones that were out there before Jason Markk were no better than Windex and a toothbrush, probably worse. The cleaning solution works perfectly as it somehow manages to get your sneakers squeaky clean while remaining gentle as to not do any damage in the process. The solution can be used on a wide array of materials including suede, something sneakerheads have always struggled to find the perfect way to clean. Not only is it effective, it’s easy to use as well. All you need to do is wet the brush, apply solution to the brush, dip back into water, and scrub until you’ve reached your desired result, it’s that simple. In addition to the solution, Jason Markk also carries quick wipes for when you’re on the run and don’t have time to sit down for a full cleaning, shoe cleaning brushes, premium microfiber towels, travel shoe bags, and several cleaning kits. Possibly the most innovative part of the Jason Markk company is their flagship store in Los Angeles where you can drop off your sneakers for a variety of services. You can get a classic clean which will run you $10 for standard materials and $15 for premium materials. If your sneakers have been through the ringer and have some deep stains the can handle that too for $20, $25 for premium materials. Other interesting services are undersole cleaning, deodorizing, lace swap, and JM repel. It’s truly an interesting concept. The store itself is very coolly decorated, complete with a shoeshine chair. Jason Markk has to be given credit for not only going in a different direction but thinking outside the box once he got there. Sometimes, in the business world, the best place to go is where nobody else is. Jason Markk did just that and has been able to capitalize. This business is highly expandable and it will be interesting to see where it goes in the future. While we wait, we can keep our sneakers extra fresh.




Article By: Jon DaBove

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