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Kaylynn Charmed did her first scene in 1998, which in porn years is more like a century. Why has she been able to last so long? Her innocent looks and the fact that she oozes sex appeal are two reasons. She’s also an award winning performer is just drop dead gorgeous. I personally have a crush a crush on Kaylynn that dates back to the early 2000’s. I was excited to learn that I had the opportunity to speak with Kaylynn and she didn’t disappoint. Kaylynn isn’t only sweet and down to earth but she’s gotten sexier with time, if that’s even possible. That trademark smile shines bright and her body is so tight and tan that she looks like she’s been training for a marathon. Mens Mag Daily was able to catch up with the iconic hottie to discuss everything from her fitness regime, to how the porn business has changed, to some details on her very, very, very special skill.


Mens Mag Daily: So Kaylynn, you were born in Alabama right?

Kaylynn Charmed: Yes, I was born in Birmingham, Alabama. We also lived in Upstate New York. My parents were in the military so we moved all over. I lived in Rhode Island, Philly, all over the place really. I would say I probably had the most fun living in Massachusetts.  We actually went to the Salem witch town and it was awesome. We were always on family excursions and Salem was one of them. We would go like twice a month and one of the trips would be really cool.

Mens Mag Daily: You look like you’re in awesome shape, what do you do?

Kaylynn Charmed: I do Krav Maga. It’s amazing. It’s not only self-defense but you can attack as well. It’s hand to hand combat. It’s a killer workout. You fight in every class so it’s really awesome. You don’t just stand there. It’s a full contact sport. I have a six pack right now. I have a very athletic build and I’m 5’9 so in heels I’m like 6’2, I tower.

Mens Mag Daily: So how long were you out of the business?

Kaylynn Charmed: I’ve been out a couple of times during my career. I was on a break for 2 or 3 years and I’ve been back for about 8 or 9 months.

Mens Mag Daily: Why did you decide to come back?

Kaylynn Charmed: I left because I couldn’t get out of this mold I was in, I was in that schoolgirl mold. I was stuck in that for like 6 years. When I came back I thought I looked more mature so I figured I could do MILF stuff. But I still don’t get it. It’s like I graduated from schoolgirl to college girl. I don’t smoke, drink, or party so I stay looking pretty young.

Mens Mag Daily: Did they roll out the red carpet when you came back?

Kaylynn Charmed: Yeah, everybody has been really cool but it’s different. Things have changed a lot. Nothing is familiar anymore. It feels like porn has kind of fallen into a pit and it’s not the nicest place to be right now. It’s not new, and pretty, and shiny anymore. It’s not about the girls anymore, it’s about the filth. I’m talking about dirty shit. There’s just nothing hot about it. People are physically hurting themselves. It’s not glamour anymore, it’s just dirty. The events aren’t even glamorous. It’s something I always loved though and I still do.

Mens Mag Daily: Have they tried to get you to do certain things that you’re not into?

Kaylynn Charmed: They try to ask but they know if I say no then it’s absolutely no. There’s not a ton I won’t do but actually I don’t swallow which is weird because I’ve won awards for my oral.

Mens Mag Daily: Wow, so what’s so great about your technique?

Kaylynn Charmed: I don’t know, I just make love to the cock. I guess it’s the whole package like how I look at the camera or the way that I look like I actually love it. You can’t just look like you’re doing it. You have to treat it like you’re doing a love scene or something. I have my own perception of it. I couldn’t see myself just going up and down on it.


Mens Mag Daily: So what made you come back this time?

Kaylynn Charmed: At the age I am now, I’m 36, I just wanted to experience it now and I wanted my partner to experience it too. I’m a licensed therapist so it wasn’t for the money. It was just because I was curious to see how it would be with this new older look that I have.

Mens Mag Daily: So you have an actual job?

Kaylynn Charmed: Oh yeah, and I went to school for a long time for that.

Mens Mag Daily: Was getting a job ever difficult for you being that you’re an adult actress?

Kaylynn Charmed: Never, I’ve always gotten every job I’ve ever wanted. If I want a job I really go for it. I want to be happy at my job and make sure it’s a good fit.

Mens Mag Daily: Has anybody ever recognized you in a work setting?

Kaylynn Charmed: Yeah, people know. I deny but people know. It’s not really the type of thing that you want to come up to somebody and call them out on. It’ll also happen when I’m in the supermarket and stuff but I just deny it.

Mens Mag Daily: Has anybody ever recognized you in an interview and maybe tried to have a quid pro quo thing going on?

Kaylynn Charmed: No, you know, that hasn’t even happened to me in the porn industry, never. I’ve never had to sleep with anybody to get a job.

Mens Mag Daily: Wow, really? I’m not surprised you never did it; I’m just surprised nobody ever asked.

Kaylynn Charmed: Yeah, me too actually.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you prefer to perform with men or women?

Kaylynn Charmed: I love girl/girl stuff because I like to be the dominant one. I like boy/girl stuff too. I think it just depends on the person.

Mens Mag Daily: Have you ever had an experience where you just totally weren’t into the person you were working with?

Kaylynn Charmed: Yeah definitely, I’ve had people show up and smell really bad to the point where they have to go wash themselves out. I look at a guy too before the scene. I tell him to whip it out so I could see if there’s anything on it. I’m not shy about that. Sometimes a guy will show up fucked up from the night before and he can’t get wood and I don’t play that shit at all. I might have in the past but not anymore. I don’t put up with a lot of bullshit at all.


Mens Mag Daily: So you live in Cali now?

Kaylynn Charmed: Yes, I live in Burbank, California. The people are assholes. If a person speaks to you, you have to really have to ask yourself why. People out here will just walk by somebody who’s hurt. The girls are pretty hot but they’re all fake of course.

Mens Mag Daily: You started in 1998 which in your business is a long time. Are you considered a legend now?

Kaylynn Charmed: People know me but I wouldn’t say I’m a legend. I’m well known. I have been doing it for a long time. It’s funny because I’m different now. I have sex differently. I interact with people differently. It’s pretty exciting.

Mens Mag Daily: You always look so well put together.

Kaylynn Charmed: I definitely try and take care of myself and I consider it very important. You have to take care of your hair, your nails, your tan, and your body. It’s important to look nice and to look like you put in an effort.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay it’s obligatory sex question time, what is your favorite sexual position?

Kaylynn Charmed: I would have to say missionary.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you talk as dirty in real life as you do in movies?

Kaylynn Charmed: Yeah I do. There’s something about talking dirty during sex that is just so hot.

Mens Mag Daily: What is your craziest sexual experience in or out of porn?

Kaylynn Charmed: Once I had to blow this really, really fat guy in a scene. He was the guy shooting it. Nobody chose him to be there. It was a POV scene. I don’t regret many things I do and I regret that.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Kaylynn, give us the rundown of everything you have coming up.

Kaylynn Charmed: Well, every Tuesday from 4 to 6 on www.xxxpornstarradio.com you can listen to me and Ed Powers, the Dirty Duo. Also, you can reach me on my Twitter at https://twitter.com/KaylynnCharmed.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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