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Kissa Sins is the first porn starlet we’ve ever interviewed who’s never actually filmed a scene but we at MMD recognize a good future pornstar when we see one. The girlfriend of male pornstar Johnny Sins, Kissa has made their relationship very public by blogging in extreme detail everything about their lives. With a million plus readers, it feels as if we already know her. Lucky for us, she’s taken the leap into porn and we should be seeing scenes from her shortly. We’re calling it ahead of time. This little blonde hottie is going to be quite the draw so remember that you heard it here first. Mens Mag Daily caught up with the lovely Mrs. Sinns to discuss how she became a pornstar’s girlfriend, her love for women, and her alarming sensitivity to touch.


Mens Mag Daily: I’m reading your bio here and it says that you are alarmingly sensitive to touch.

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) Yeah, that’s true.

Mens Mag Daily: What the hell does that mean?

Kissa Sins: I honestly don’t know what happened to me in my life that made me so sensitive to touch. I’m just really, really ticklish and I could just feel everything. Everything that touches me I just feel it to the thousandth degree. When I’m touched on my pussy it’s like a volt of electricity that runs through my body and it’s really fun to watch on camera. I’ve been this way since I was a teenager. I even went to the doctor to see if there was something wrong with me.

Mens Mag Daily: You went to the doctor? What the hell did you tell him, that you’re alarmingly sensitive to touch?

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) I really went because after I have an orgasm it’s like my limbs go completely numb. At one point I was worried about it but I think it’s a blessing. I told him I was going numb after orgasms and he sent me to a neurologist but nothing ever came of it. I can actually cum from a muscle underneath my armpit. (Laughs) I swear on everything I love.


Mens Mag Daily: You’re such a liar.

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) It’s completely normal. If pressure if applied to that pectoral muscle and it’s massaged I can cum. Some people can cum brushing their teeth. Google it.

Mens Mag Daily: I just get them the old fashioned way. So you lived in Canada at one point, right?

Kissa Sins: Yeah I lived in Toronto for 10 years. I love it there.

Mens Mag Daily: You have a very public relationship with your boyfriend who is also a pornstar. Do fans of your ever get upset like, “dude why the hell are you always with and talking about your boyfriend?”

Kissa Sins: No not at all, people love following our lives down to the smallest detail. They really enjoy it.


Mens Mag Daily: I ask because sometimes knowing your favorite pornstar has a boyfriend or husband can take away from the fantasy. Some even go as far as to just say they’re single.

Kissa Sins: I have a blog and I detail all of our adventures in crazy detail. I love posting all of our crazy sex adventures.

Mens Mag Daily: So you’ve never actually done a professional scene?

Kissa Sins: No my first scene is next week with Brazzers. I’ll only be working with Johnny Sins as far as male talent goes but I’ll fuck any girl. Coming up I have a girl/girl, then me and Johnny, and then in November we’re going to do a reverse gangbang on my boyfriend.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, chicks, tell me about chicks, do you love ‘em?

Kissa Sins: I love having sex with girls. I’ve been into girls for a really long time but I haven’t had pussy in like 6 months or 8 months so I’m really excited.


Mens Mag Daily: These are the first scenes you’re ever shooting, are you nervous?

Kissa Sins: No, not at all, I’m excited. I’m just afraid that I might eat this girl alive because I haven’t had pussy in so long so I hope that doesn’t happen. (Laughs) I have this weird vision in my head of that happening.

Mens Mag Daily: What about the fact that people are really going to know who you are now? Is that scary at all?

Kissa Sins: No, not at all. My blog has a million readers and people have recognized me before. They’ve all been really cool. They read the blog so they know everything from what my asshole looks like to what my sex life is like. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Mens Mag Daily: So you’re half Italian and half Russian?

Kissa Sins: Yeah. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: Why are you laughing?

Kissa Sins: I didn’t know what you were going to say. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: That’s an interesting combination. You see a lot of Italian/Irish, Italian/Spanish but the Italian and Russian, not so much.

Kissa Sins: Yeah it’s a pretty intense combination, two aggressive kinds of people.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, back to you being alarmingly sensitive to touch; is that going to be a problem when you’re doing scenes?

Kissa Sins: I don’t think so. I’m afraid of when they take stills though because I’m going to have a tough time holding still. I’m also a little bit afraid to just let go in front of everyone. I twitch and convulse so I kind of feel weird. There’s nothing I can do about it once I start cumming.


Mens Mag Daily: Also, you might want to try and keep your limbs from going numb so you don’t fall down in front of everybody.

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) Well I can’t walk for about 10 minutes afterwards so hopefully they just let me chill for a minute because I will fall.

Mens Mag Daily: You’re going to be on like every blooper reel, “Kissa Sins falls….Again.” So you’re only doing scenes with your boyfriend which makes you kind of old fashioned in a weird way.

Kissa Sins: Yeah, it’s kind of weird, right? It’s really the only way I’ll do porn.

Mens Mag Daily: It’s better than having a husband and having sex with 90 guys a day.

Kissa Sins: I just wouldn’t feel right about myself having sex with all those different guys. I make breakfast every morning and I clean. I’m like a feminist’s nightmare, seriously. I think it’s cute to take care of your man. I have a feeling that feminists are going to hate me. I do porn and I put my man on a pedestal. I make him breakfast.

Mens Mag Daily: No that’s awesome. It’s better than the feminists who try to defend the fact that they do porn constantly. Okay, so I’m looking at your Twitter now and you’re very hot.

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) Thanks.

Mens Mag Daily: Your body is insane and you have a big butt.

Kissa Sins: Thanks, I work out a lot. Yeah, I work on my butt constantly. I do everything I can for it. (Laughs) I think back in the day it wasn’t cool for white girls to have asses but now it’s in style so I’m excited. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: There’s also a picture on here of a kid in a wheelchair with a t-shirt that says “Fuck You Kanye.”

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) I have such a weird sense of humor, I’m always joking.

Mens Mag Daily: Is that how you feel about Kanye because I can’t stand him?

Kissa Sins: I hate Kanye West. He’s not cool at all.

Mens Mag Daily: Since you’re amazingly sensitive to touch, does it even matter what positions you do?

Kissa Sins: Not at all, but doggie style is my favorite. I squirt the most though when I’m upright, like cowgirl and especially if it’s in a chair. You don’t need to be talented. Your dick doesn’t have to be big to make me cum. I’m really easy.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you have any sisters?

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) I think I made my past boyfriends feel really good about themselves.

Mens Mag Daily: A large percentage of girls say doggie style.

Kissa Sins: It goes in the deepest that way.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, so explain to me the squirting thing. I was on Twitter the other day and people were having a heated debate about fake squirting. I had no idea what the hell was going on so please explain the whole squirting situation to me.

Kissa Sins: I’ve never seen a girl squirt in front of me so I’m not really sure. I guess it being pee is one of the arguments but I don’t know if that’s the case. I guess I’d have to see up close so I can tell which hole it’s coming out of. Squirt doesn’t come out of the pee hole so I’m sure if you look closely you can tell. It definitely happens. Girls produce wetness too. If I push out it all falls out but it doesn’t go like 2 feet away or anything. People do argue about it a lot. I like to believe it’s real, it’s hot.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you have any girls that you want to work with really badly?

Kissa Sins: I have like a hundred of them. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: I know but give me like the one you absolutely have to have.

Kissa Sins: Aidra Fox is definitely one of them. I need a girl who can take getting grabbed and fucked like really hard. Like when something is just so hot or cute I just get so excited. I can’t even hold like a puppy or a kitten because they’re so cute and I’ll get overwhelmed by their cuteness and squeeze them too hard.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay so let’s get this straight here, you can’t hold small animals.

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) Not in a serial killer way. My friend had a kitten and it was just so fucking cute and I just wanted to squeeze it and hug it and cats don’t really like that. He was like running away.

Mens Mag Daily: So you’re like Lenny from Of Mice and Men? You can’t really hold things that are smaller than you or you might kill it?

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) Yeah, I just love squeezing things that are really cute. That’s why I have two huge pitbulls. They can handle big hugs and they like it. They’re big and clumsy and I love them.

Mens Mag Daily: I’m going to call the ASPCA and tell them to put a picture of you in every branch so you can’t adopt any animals.

Kissa Sins: (Laughs) Then I’ll really look like a serial killer.


Mens Mag Daily: How did you and your boyfriend meet?

Kissa Sins: It’s a funny story. I had broken up with my boyfriend. I was always in a relationship. I never had a one night stand and I just decided that I was going to have one no matter what. I wanted to get fucked and never call him again. I wanted to be rebellious. I love bald guys and I had seen Johnny’s movies before. I told him I wanted to fuck him on Instagram and I never thought he would write back but he did. We met up, had drinks, and fucked. Next thing you know he was making me breakfast and we’ve been completely inseparable for a year and a half. I couldn’t even do a one night stand the right way. (Laughs) All I wanted was a good one night stand. (Laughs) Everybody should have one.

Mens Mag Daily: You might never have one now. Okay so Kissa, tell me about all of your stuff coming up, websites, anything you’d like.

Kissa Sins: Well the main portal that has my blog, store, everything is Also, I have my Twitter which is And of course I have scenes coming up.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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