Luna Star: Porn’s Cuban Cutie

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Luna Star is like the Sofia Vergara of the porn world. She’s drop dead gorgeous, funny as hell, and has a great accent which just makes everything that much more funny. I can honestly say she is a very charming girl. It’s more than charm with Luna, however. She moved to the United States from Cuba when she was 15 years old and it shows in her attitude. She has that “this is America and I’m going to take advantage”, mentality. She is one of a few girls I have spoken to that seems to have entered the business with a good grasp of exactly what it is. Talk to her for five minutes and you can tell she’s indestructible. She’s going to reach her goals regardless of what hurdles she faces, and noble goals they are. Luna wants to be able to build something to make sure that her and her family are secure. The girl has a good head on her shoulders and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she goes very far in whatever she decides to pursue in the long term. She’s definitely a porn legend in the making. Mens Mag Daily caught up with the Miami hottie to discuss why she got into the business, her love for the ladies, and why she’s good at sex (yes, those are her words, and yes it’s adorable).


Mens Mag Daily: Luna, when did you come to the United States?

Luna Star: I came here when I was 15.

Mens Mag Daily: And you’ve lived in Miami the whole time?

Luna Star: Yes, the whole time in Miami.

Mens Mag Daily: When did you get into the business?

Luna Star: About a year ago, I was so tired of working hourly jobs. I went to school for like three years. Everybody in my family has jobs and titles but it’s so hard with this fucking shit to find good work.

Mens Mag Daily: And how old are you?

Luna Star: I’m 24 and I got into the business when I was 23.

Mens Mag Daily: What brought you to the business? How did you even know how to go about getting into it?

Luna Star: Well, I actually was at this place and I heard these two big and famous porn girls talking to each other and they were saying how much money they made and how good they were doing. When I saw them have sex, I was like “oh my God, they’re famous?” (Laughs) I could do that so easily. I was scheduled to do my first shoot and a lot of people have fear of porn or whatever but I didn’t have any. I was so excited.

Mens Mag Daily: So you thought you were better than those two girls?

Luna Star: (Laughs) Oh my God, they were doing a threesome and it was so boring. It has to be entertaining, you know?

Mens Mag Daily: Before you got into the business, were you a very sexual girl?

Luna Star: Yes but just one person at a time. I would cheat if my boyfriend got stupid like, “see I can have anyone I want.” But that was just little experiences.


Mens Mag Daily: What about girls, did you mess around with them before porn?

Luna Star: Not really, like I would let a girls kiss me and stuff but I wasn’t really into it. In porn though, it was really nice and sexual so I got really into it now.

Mens Mag Daily: So the first time you were with a girl was on camera?

Luna Star: Yes, like the first time I did a girl how you do a girl was on camera, yes. And I like it.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you nervous?

Luna Star: No, I’m very open sexually so I wasn’t too nervous. I haven’t done anal though but I want too. I just don’t want to strain my ass. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: You never did it before?

Luna Star: No, I never did it in porn or in my real life either.


Mens Mag Daily: So you’re having a good experience? Because a lot of people say they’ve had bad experiences.

Luna Star: Yeah but you know, people have bad experiences because they reflect it from their own life. They get into porn for their reasons. They get into porn for, who knows? It depends on the reasons why you get in. I got into it to get money and help my family and become a better person. It’s good for me. I always wanted to be an actress but I was always so scared and shy and everything.

Mens Mag Daily: Does your family know? I know Cuban parents can be very strict.

Luna Star: My brother knows and he’s supportive, he knows what I do and I help him. My mother doesn’t know but I’m sure she would be supportive. I don’t know what my father would think really. They just think I have a rich boyfriend. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Stop it, are you serious?

Luna Star: It’s true. (Laughs) They just think I have a really rich boyfriend who helps me. They wonder how I can do certain things sometimes. I don’t say no but I’m not going to confirm it either. They don’t need to know yet. I’m trying to build something first that I can show to them. That’s my goal, to help my family.

Mens Mag Daily: Are they still in Cuba?

Luna Star: No, no they’re here in Miami.

Mens Mag Daily: What do you think makes you stand out from the rest of the girls?

Luna Star: I think I’m a very real person and I think I’m very good at sex. I don’t just show up to have sex for money. I talk to everybody and try to see what’s going on around me. I talk to the cameramen and everything. I want to be part of it. I want to make it better for me and for everybody who watches porn. I want to show them what I can do and that I can do it right. I want to broaden myself. I’m still learning a lot. I’m trying to soak in everything.

Mens Mag Daily: What makes you so good at sex?

Luna Star: I’m very passionate and I only do something if I feel good about it. If something doesn’t feel right I just don’t do it. A lot of stuff turns me on. I turn myself on like, “damn, you look good.” You have to love what you do, you know?

Mens Mag Daily: Do they like your accent in the business?

Luna Star: They love it. They tell me to repeat things. I hear myself and I’m like, “oh my God, I sound like that?” They make fun of me sometimes. (Laughs) I don’t want to sound stupid or anything.

Mens Mag Daily: Every guy loves when a girl talks dirty in Spanish.

Luna Star: Oh yeah, they love it. I like to talk dirty in English and Spanish. It depends who it is. I have to be in the moment, you know? I think the accent is sexy though. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Do you like all the guys you work with?

Luna Star: There’s not a lot I don’t like. I just like the guys to be professional. I mean, we can have fun, of course but it should be professional too. As long is the guy is respectful and clean then I’m happy. There are people who want this and that and they complain too much.


Mens Mag Daily: Is there anything you won’t do on camera?

Luna Star: I don’t know. It’s hard to say and I think it depends on the person and the moment. I don’t think anything too crazy though, just normal crazy. (Laughs) I don’t know. Who knows?

Mens Mag Daily: Do you get along with the other girls?

Luna Star: I think I get along with every single one but there is a lot of jealousy. We’re all girls, we should all be friends. Most of the girls are awesome. The girls I’ve worked with have been awesome but some girls that don’t even know me have a problem with me. There’s always hating going on with guys and girls but it doesn’t matter. I have too much going on.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you have a boyfriend?

Luna Star: No, I don’t have a boyfriend. No one can handle me, I’m too crazy.

Mens Mag Daily: You better take me out for dinner if I’m in Miami.

Luna Star: I will, I promise. I want to open my own restaurant in Miami.

Mens Mag Daily: Really?

Luna Star: Yeah, it’s just hard especially finding the chef because I want somebody who really cooks good.

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Mens Mag Daily: Do you know how to cook?

Luna Star: I know how to cook really good but I don’t want to cook in the restaurant. I don’t like it all the time though because you have to wash the dishes and everything. All the cooking and cleaning like a wife. (Laughs) I want that but not for at least a year. I want to have everything I need first.

Mens Mag Daily: Luna, what is your favorite position?

Luna Star: It’s different for every guy because every guy has different sizes and shapes, one goes to the left, and one goes to the right. (Laughs) I used to love doggie. And when it comes to head if I love you I love to do it but if not I just kind of do it. I definitely like to keep my man happy. I do it really good. (Laughs)


Article By: Jon DaBove

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