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There’s nothing like a good gentleman’s club, one that is actually synonymous with the word gentleman. It’s a place where a guy can go to kick back, have a few drinks, and enjoy the company of a beautiful, scantily clad woman. It’s a safe haven, a refuge, an oasis amidst a week filled with pencil pushing or laying brick. The strip club is a rite of passage. You can’t officially be a man until you’ve enjoyed all they have to offer. Strip clubs are important to guys and going to a crappy one is like getting a pair of socks on Christmas, you expected so much, waited up all night, and there they were, socks, only in this case the socks would be dancers as old as your grandmother and the feeling that you might get shot before the night is over.


Mens Mag Daily isn’t only here for your entertainment, we’re a group of men that take our social responsibilities seriously and one of those responsibilities is to not let you walk into the wrong strip club when you’re in New York City. We did the leg work for you and now you’ll never get a subpar 30 second lap dance again, you can thank us later. It was a daunting task as we visited many strip clubs in New York City. We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some of it can’t be unseen. But we did come across a few gems. We didn’t want a few, however, we wanted the best, the best strip club in the city that never sleeps, the greatest city in the world, and we found it. We found it and the name of that gentleman’s club is Rick’s Cabaret.


When you’re trying to find the best strip club in New York City you want to be impressed and Rick’s was impressive before we even entered the club. Located on West 33rd street, Rick’s is devoid of any seediness. The building itself is impressive, chic even. It could easily pass as the hot new nightclub on the block with its huge awning and understated cool factor. As for the men at the door, you wouldn’t call them bouncers; you’d refer to them as security as a few of them maintain watch, all equally well dressed and pleasant. You’re greeted with a smile and there’s no intimidation factor here. I can’t stress enough that the staff here is just incredible overall from the very cool security staff to the bathroom attendant who is an awesome guy. Once you walk in, you’re greeted by a very pleasant, not to mention cute, coat check girl who takes your jacket. You walk down a magnificently appointed hallway, walls adorned with memorabilia until you reach the motherland, the main floor, and this is where you want to be. The main floor is where the action is.

ricks 3

Rick’s main floor is dimly lit, filled with tables and soft comfortable chairs. Lining the walls are VIP areas, plush booths set off to the side. On one side is the unbelievably stocked bar with everything from cognacs to liqueurs you wouldn’t find in most bars in the city. At the far end is the main event, the stage, where one of the many beautiful women on duty sexily writhes around to popular music blasted through the excellent sound system. I took a minute to take everything in before I settled into a nice table right by the stage. The gorgeous waitresses were very attentive and I had a shot of Jack Daniels in front of me less than 5 minutes after I sat down and she kept them coming. I wanted to see how the actual bartenders operated so I made my way to the bar and ordered an old fashioned. The bartender was not only friendly but made an excellent drink.


Let’s get down to the good stuff, the 75 gorgeous women who work at Rick’s. Besides the fact that there are so many of them, which is a big plus given that there are clubs out there who only keep a few girls working every shift, these women are absolutely stunning. There’s something for everybody whether you’re into curvy, dusky Latinas, busty blonde snow bunnies, or caramel skinned hotties. The best part? These girls are extremely friendly. They’re quick to sit down next to you and start up a conversation but are never pushy and overbearing. They are a pleasure to talk to and even better to look at in their sexy outfits and high heels. Rick’s often brings in female adult performers as featured guests as well. I was personally greeted by a stunning short haired honey by the name of Kinna who was as engaging as she was beautiful. When I asked her what it was like working at Rick’s she reinforced my thoughts about the place when she told me, “I love working at Rick’s. It’s not like any other gentleman’s club in the city. The environment is wonderful; it’s so fun and sexy. I’m surrounded by beautiful women and the men who come in to see me are always classy. I love spending time with them, helping them relax and forget about everything else.”

Kinna on the far right with featured guest Bella French

Rick’s own Kinna on the far right with featured guest Bella French

At Rick’s you can chat with 20 different women in a night or stick to just one. Either way, you’re going to enjoy yourself. Oh, and did I fail to mention that this happens on three floors? Three floors of fun are always better than one. As if Rick’s didn’t separate itself from the crowd enough with its classy, gorgeous dancers and pristine environment, there’s still more. Rick’s also has a relaxing rooftop deck where you can get some fresh air atop the city and even a restaurant in case the top shelf whiskey starts to get to you.


When you picture a restaurant inside a gentleman’s club, you wouldn’t exactly picture a fine dining experience but when it comes to Rick’s you’d be wrong. The starters menu is incredible and boasts selections such as fried lobster ravioli, crab cakes, and scallops. You’ll also find cheeseburger spring rolls on the menu; they are served with a sweet soy ketchup and are absolutely to die for. For your main curse you can choose from a double thick pork chop, crispy duck, pan roasted chicken, Atlantic salmon and more. Let’s not forget about the steaks, everything from filet mignon to New York strip, all cooked to perfection. At Rick’s you’re surrounded by good food, strong drinks, and beautiful women. What more could a guy ask for? That’s why Rick’s Cabaret is officially MMD’s Best Gentleman’s Club in NYC.


For more information on Rick’s including their address, menu, hours of operation, etc. visit their website at

Article By: Jon DaBove


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