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You have to give it up to the guys at Flud. At a time when the streets are flooded (or Fludded, get it?) with a million different brands, they managed to stand out the old fashioned way. They offered a good selection of stylish, innovative, and quality product at an extremely reasonable price. Known for their watches, you’ll find about 100 styles at any given time on their website from classic gold or stainless models to the to their Tableturns style watch in which the face is a turntable. The best part? These watches will never run more than $200 and in most cases less.


Flud isn’t just about the watches, however, as they make some of the meanest bags around from duffels, to backpacks, and even messenger bags. They maintain versatility in their products as well by offering the Flud Duffle in black crocodile print while also carrying a classy and understated messenger bag that would fit in in any office setting. Flud also does wallets, which again, are very versatile with something for everybody from a 16 year old kid looking to get fresh to a grown man on his way to work.


Flud’s jewelry collection is also hot and is an inexpensive way to add a little flash to a simple outfit. The collection consists of very cool pendants on a simple bead style dog tag chain. The pendants are hot and include the Wishbone, the Nuts & Bolts, the Horseshoe, the 40 OZ, the Credit Card, the Gold Bar, and my personal favorites, the Boombox, the BPM, and the Tableturns. Most of the pendants come in gold, gunmetal, and rose gold and at $25 bucks a pop you really can’t go wrong.


Possibly my favorite part of the Flud collection are the belts. A lot of people love to switch up belts but can’t afford to do with Louis Vuitton and Gucci every day for $300-$600 each. They have nylon and canvas belts in every color solid color imaginable, sold with two stripes down the middle, you name it. And there are several different buckles as well including the Flud logo plus they stay loyal to their music theme with buckles coming in the Boombox, the BPM, and the Tableturns. They all cost $16 to $20 dollars so you could buy 20 of these in all different colors and styles with what you would have paid for one Gucci of Louis Vuitton print belt that won’t even match with everything. Flud has been hot for a while. We hope they continue to do what they’ve been doing and maybe take it to a full-fledged clothing line. Flud definitely gets the MMD seal of approval.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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