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You’ve got to give New Era credit. In addition to basically being the only serious game in town for hats, a fact that would cause most companies to become complacent, they continue to innovate making sure they stay on the top of the heap. Not being afraid to take chances is smart on their part especially when considering that sales of Yankee fitteds alone could probably keep them afloat for the next hundred years. Not every idea is a hit but they take some cool chances making hats that include Marvel and DC comic characters, YUMS, YO! MTV raps, Transformers, and even the iconic Coca-Cola Company. New Era’s latest foray into the unknown in the world of caps is their Andy Warhol collection. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Andy Warhol is a super iconic artist who was known as probably the most prominent figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. Today, his are is highly sought after and one of his pieces sold for over one hundred million dollars. Not surprisingly, New Era’s Warhol collection is colorful to say the least. There are lots of bright neon colors used to make camouflage caps. There is a lot of use of dollar signs and even flowers. If I had to guess which the top seller is going to be, it would be the Andy Warhol Elvis 9FIFTY Strapback Cap. This is the only one of the hats in the collection that uses an actual person and as you can guess by the name, it’s none other than the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. It is based off of one of Warhol’s signature pieces. The series is bright, bold, and outside of the box so it’s not going to fit everybody’s style but some will go crazy for it and it’s a fitting homage to a pioneering artist.


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Article By: Jon DaBove

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