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Kind of the girl next door but kind of not, Casey Calvert is an interesting woman. One second she can tell you about how she was a virgin until she was 21 years old and the next you’ll find out she had anal sex before regular sex with a guy who was more than double her age. She graduated college magna cum laude, is big on rock climbing, and is ridiculously sexy. She’s got a tight little body, gorgeous face, and the girl can do a porn scene. If you don’t believe go ahead and watch one, any of them will give you the idea of what kind of sexual dynamo this girl is, yes I said dynamo. Mens Mag Daily caught up with Casey to discuss her college career, how she got into porn and her newest release from Hard X.


Mens Mag Daily: Casey, you graduated magna cum laude from University of Florida with minors in zoology and anthropology. That’s a heavy load. Did you have the type of college career that your fans like to imagine you had or did you spend most of your time studying?

Casey Calvert: I don’t want to say I was a prude in college, but I was a prude. I didn’t hole up in my room studying, but I certainly wasn’t out partying. I split my time between class and homework, my part time job, and being captain of the rock climbing team.

Mens Mag Daily: I was reading a piece you wrote for the Huffington Post about sexual health in the porn industry. In the opening paragraph you talk about how hard of a decision it was to get into the business and how much you went back and forth with it. What I’m curious about is, how did porn even become an option?

Casey Calvert: Porn was always an option. Ever since I was very young, I knew my sexuality was different. At 12, I came to the conclusion that the only way I was ever going to get to do the things I wanted to do sexually was to do porn. So there was always this little tickle at the back of my mind. But I grew up believing that porn was illegal, like prostitution. Once I found out that it’s not, well, the rest is history.


Mens Mag Daily: This kind of brings me to my next question which is, how did you get into writing? Is it something you’ve always done?

Casey Calvert: Yeah, I’ve always enjoyed writing. I have a couple of book ideas for the future.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, so in the industry some girls blend in, some girls stand out, and some really stand out and become superstars. You’re a superstar. What it is about you that makes you stand out?

Casey Calvert: I think I stand out because I genuinely love what I do. I think that shows through on camera. I also have a personal rule – no fake orgasms. That one definitely helps.


Mens Mag Daily: I was reading an interview where you said you lost your virginity at 21 to a 48 year old truck driver and before that you had a lot of anal sex with him. I have so many questions. Why was he 48? How were you that into anal sex at 21? And how did you stay a virgin so long?

Casey Calvert: He was 48 because he was born in 1963. But seriously, I stayed a virgin because I knew what I wanted, and I was willing to wait for that experience. This man was the first man I met who I trusted to give it to me. We had anal sex before vaginal sex because he wanted to fuck me, and I wanted to fuck him, but he was tentative about taking my virginity. So he asked if he could put it in my butt instead. I had absolutely no idea that I would like it.

Mens Mag Daily: What about in terms of women? Had you been with women before you got into the business?

Casey Calvert: I had a couple of b/g/g threesomes before I got into the business, but I never had sex with just a girl until porn.


Mens Mag Daily: You’re quite a performer. Are you that awesome in bed in your personal life or is your private sex life very different?

Casey Calvert: My private sex life is pretty different from what I do on camera, but I still think I’m equally as awesome.

Mens Mag Daily: I know you did some fetish modeling and stuff before porn but what was it like when you were shooting your first scene? Were you nervous?

Casey Calvert: I was pretty nervous, yeah. It wasn’t about the ‘fucking a stranger’ thing though; it was really just about doing a good job.


Mens Mag Daily: Did you have any idea what the adult industry would be like? What were your impressions of it when you first started?

Casey Calvert: I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like, just because I did my research and talked to a lot of people. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised at the professionalism in the business. In the fetish modeling world, it’s hard work avoiding the creeps. Maybe it’s because my agent shelters me, but I’ve encountered very few creeps in the porn world.

Mens Mag Daily: You waited a long time to have sex. What’s it like meeting guys for the first time on set and having sex with them?

Casey Calvert: I realize that, to a lot of people, it’s super weird to meet someone for the first time and mash body parts an hour later. But to me, nudity is normal and sex isn’t really that intimate. This isn’t something porn has done to me; I’ve always felt this way. So it’s not weird for me at all. If anything, it’s fun. I get all the variety I could ever want.


Mens Mag Daily: Now, one question I always ask, because my readers and I have to know is, what type of guy does Casey Calvert like in real life? Do you have a type?

Casey Calvert: The only thing that could maybe be considered a type is that I like older guys. I’ve never dated someone under 30. Other than that, I care much more about what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside. I require intelligence and cleverness, creativity, humor, respect… and we have to be compatible sexually.

Mens Mag Daily: You do some pretty intense stuff in your scenes, including this new movie Analized. Does it ever take a toll on you physically?

Casey Calvert: For sure, I work hard to make sure my body stays in performing shape. Like I like to say, I am an athlete, and my sport is sex.


Mens Mag Daily: So Casey when you’re not being a huge pornstar, what are you doing? Do you stay home and write or are you a party girl?

Casey Calvert: I am very much a stay at home kind of girl. I like watching movies, baking, taking naps. I’m really a very normal person with a very mundane life, except for the whole ‘go to work and fuck’ thing that I do.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Casey, tell us about anything you may have coming up that we should be looking out for, where your fans can reach out to you, anything you want.

Casey Calvert: Analized from Hard X is coming out November 28th. The best place for fans to stay up to date on what’s going on with me is Twitter. You can find me at @caseycalvertxxx. I’m also on Instagram at @caseycalvert. My website has all my social media links, a contact form, info on custom videos, and other fun stuff. Thanks for reading!


Article By: Jon DaBove

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