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Trinity St. Clair, the hottie next door, has been steaming up porn sets for nearly five years now. Her gorgeous smile, tight little body, and petite frame keep fans wanting more. Is it any surprise really? Her looks are just the beginning. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, she’s insatiable and delivers the kind of realistic scenes you don’t see every day in porn. She’s also one of the sweetest girls in the business with a bubbly personality, the kind of woman every man dreams of meeting. Mens Mag Daily caught up with the petite hottie to discuss how she got into porn, her love life, and what makes her stand out from the pack.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay, so I was doing some research on you and I found out that you actually did not have a lot of partners before you got into the adult industry, is that true?

Trinity St. Clair: It’s true; I didn’t have many at all.

Mens Mag Daily: So how did you find your way into porn?

Trinity St. Clair: I had an ex-boyfriend who enjoys porn. He asked me if I had ever thought of doing porn and I told him he was out of his mind. After that, it was like a little bug implanted in my brain. I sent my photos to an agency and they loved them. They flew me out right away to do a scene and I just went with it. I fell in love with it.


Mens Mag Daily: You must have been really nervous though.

Trinity St. Clair: Not really, I didn’t know what I was doing but it was like this instant high and I enjoyed everything about it.

Mens Mag Daily: Was it weird just being on set, being filmed and taking direction?

Trinity St. Clair: Of course, I mean that was the first time I was in front of more than one guy naked. It was a little different but it was an overall wonderful experience. I was kind of in awe the whole time.


Mens Mag Daily: And when you first started you were nominated for best new starlet, you made some noise.

Trinity St. Clair: Yes I was, I think the thing about me is that I don’t look like a pornstar. I have very distinct characteristics. I’m definitely on the smaller side. I’m only 5 feet tall and 93 pounds so it’s not like I’m a big busted, big booty ho, you know? (Laughs) That makes me stand out a little bit. I’m very true to who I am. There’s no faking and screaming. If I’m having sex I’m going to be enjoying it and every moan is going to be a true moan. Every orgasm is going to be a true orgasm because there’s nothing worse than fake sex. If I’m at home watching a porno the last thing I want is somebody screaming over the entire sex act. I can’t focus on actually enjoying the porn. The porn is about the penetration and about the act. I’m true to heart and very passionate. If my partner in a scene will allow me to kiss then I kiss that person with everything I have. I’m 100% Italian so I’m passionate.

Mens Mag Daily: So there are partners that don’t allow you to kiss them?

Trinity St. Clair: Yeah there are several in the industry that aren’t into the kissing and mostly it’s because they have a partner in their personal life. You have to set limits and so they save certain things for just at home. I can appreciate that.


Mens Mag Daily: Do you think guys kind of view you as that girl next door?

Trinity St. Clair: Yeah, it’s like I’m their virtual girlfriend. I can be that girl that they can take home to mom. I talk to all of my fans. If I see them in the airport I’ll have a conversation with them. I’m not a diva. I’d rather go to a sports bar over a five star restaurant any day of the week.

Mens Mag Daily: You said you’re Italian. I am as well so I’m obviously familiar with our culture. How did your friends and family react? Italians can be a little strict.

Trinity St. Clair: Yeah, most certainly but it’s either you accept it or not. I was very honest about it though. My grandma was not happy about it. My mom and my grandmother knew I was going to shoot an adult film. I don’t believe in lying. It either gets you in more trouble or you’re not proud of what you’re doing. I felt it was right and there was no stopping me. One thing about Italians is that we don’t disown each other. My mom and my grandmother at this point, four years later, couldn’t be more proud of me. It’s more than just being a starlet. It’s kind of helped me develop who I am. I’m very proud that I can be financially stable. I take care of my mother and she never has a worry or a need, I pride myself on that.


Mens Mag Daily: What do you attribute your longevity to?

Trinity St. Clair: Most girls’ shelf life is about two years but I’m very particular about what I shoot and how often I shoot. I made sure I didn’t shoot twenty times a month. I didn’t want to overwhelm my fans. There are still companies I haven’t shot for. My boobs are pretty new and there are some people that don’t like flat chested girls so I’ve recently started shooting for Brazzers. I love my boobs.

Mens Mag Daily: Being that you weren’t with a lot of people before the adult industry, did you experience a lot of things for the first time on camera?

Trinity St. Clair: Oh yeah, very much so. I had my first true orgasm on set. I had my first threesome, my first creampie, my first facial; even my first time with a girl was on screen. I was always infatuated by the woman’s body so when I got to do my first girl/girl scene I was just in complete awe and lust. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was booked with a MILF and I was following her lead. She totally taught me how to take care of a woman and it was a delight, awesome experience. It confirmed that I was bisexual. I actually dated a girl after that. I love women but we are tough to deal with. I love playing with women but I will always be in a relationship with a man. It’s funny because my mom actually thought that I was going to be a lesbian because I wasn’t all boy crazy in high school.


Mens Mag Daily: Have you ever had so much chemistry with a co-star on screen that you wanted to take it off screen?

Trinity St. Clair: There was one male talent who I wanted to experience in my personal life and it was one night. It was like a fuckbuddy situation which is interesting because I never thought I would do that. I’ve never had a one night stand or taken anyone home from a bar. That’s just not me.

Mens Mag Daily: Is it harder for you to have relationships given the business that you’re in?

Trinity St. Clair: It’s extremely hard unless you’re dating someone in the industry and even that has its hard parts. It’s definitely a challenge. You have to find someone who is really understanding and accepting. They have to understand that when the camera is on it’s kind of a different person. When I’m at home that’s the real me. When I’m playing with my cats that’s the real me. Maybe there’s someone out there.


Mens Mag Daily: What’s left for you to do in the industry?

Trinity St. Clair: There’s a lot. I want to do a movie where I’m in every scene like a showcase. There are still companies I want to shoot for. I just put out the Pussy Juice lube which is kind of exciting.  I have a lot of products coming out. I have my website which is I feature dance too which I’ve been doing for the last few months. It’s a lot of travel. I’m looking forward to the holidays, spending time with my family. I’m also all over Twitter at


Article By: Jon DaBove

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