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For most of us, including yours truly, the idea of bondage, whips and chains, leather, and some hot chick dressed up like a biker getting ready to cause us some serious pain is not something we’re into. In fact, it can seem downright scary for a lot of reasons. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The number of people who are into it is probably more than we can imagine and lucky for them there are women like Aiden Starr to help them fulfill their fantasies. Looking at this petite, blonde hottie you’d never imagine she was a dominatrix. She looks more like a box cover girl for Vivid’s latest release but she’s one of the biggest names in the BDSM scene. Mens Mag Daily caught up with Aiden Starr to discuss her running a dungeon, going to college in New York City, and why she’s different from most girls.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Aiden, one thing I’ve always been curious about in terms of people who are into being dominant and BDSM is, when did you start to realize that’s what you were into?

Aiden Starr: Well, like everyone, the realization of my sexuality has been an evolution over time.  The first intimations showed themselves during advanced game of hide and seek called manhunt that I played as a child.  In manhunt, each team had a jail. I was always the jail keeper. In order to keep the other kids from escaping, I would tie them up. I distinctly remember one young boy who got caught on purpose so that I would tie him up every time we played. This was the first time I felt the attraction to bondage from another person. I loved the attention. Who wouldn’t?

Mens Mag Daily: Now, I know you came to NYC to study and ended up getting into the scene. Is it true you paid your way through school like that? Did other people know or was it like student by day, mistress by night?

Aiden Starr: I’m actually from New York. I got into the scene when I was a young teen, hanging out in fetish and Goth clubs. I turned pro during college and did end up paying for school that way. I went to NYU; no one would have batted an eye if they knew I worked at a dungeon. It’s a very liberal school. I was a phone girl at first and then became a Mistress. It’s always what I’ve been into. I hung out with the same people I did before I started college.


Mens Mag Daily: Also, just out of curiosity, what did you study in school and was it hard juggling both things?

Aiden Starr: At NYU, I studied Biology. I transferred to a school in New Haven for Computer Science. I enjoyed the challenge of juggling school and work. Domination is like a science to me. Learning it in a professional environment is very much like studying.

Mens Mag Daily: I was researching you and I kept seeing the word scene and how you were so big in the NYC scene. You have to excuse my ignorance but what exactly is the scene and how does one become big in it?

Aiden Starr: The fetish scene is really about community. It is comprised of the personalities and players who frequent play clubs and dungeons. One becomes big in the scene by garnering a reputation among the other patrons for being a stand up character who poses honesty, skill and integrity.


Mens Mag Daily: You were the manager of a big dungeon in New York City called the Den on Antiquity, right? What exactly did that job consist of and what was the experience like?

Aiden Starr: I was the manager of a prominent NYC dungeon with a name taken from an ancient roman text that differs from the one you mentioned.  The management position consisted of booking appointments for the Mistresses, subs and switches and keeping the facilities in order.

Mens Mag Daily: After you graduated you went on to open your own dungeon in Cali. Opening a new business is always hard, what was that like?

Aiden Starr: I moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to expand the dungeon of a completely different name than you mentioned earlier to the west coast. Since there were several highly skilled staff members available to flesh out the franchise, it was relatively easy actually. The rules of the game were the same. The weather, however, was much nicer.


Mens Mag Daily: Now, again, I’m not experienced in this stuff so my question is this, do most women who are into BDSM look like you? I don’t mean any offense but you’re so little and cute. Looking at you, I would expect you to be a bubbly pornstar.

Aiden Starr: Sweetie, I don’t think most women anywhere look like me. I’m a blonde Sicilian. There aren’t too many of those.

Mens Mag Daily: Can you tell me exactly what BDSM consists of like as a culture and as an activity?

Aiden Starr: That’s a question with an incredibly complicated answer. BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline and Sado-Masochism. But some people will give you a different answer.


Mens Mag Daily: You’ve obviously done a lot in terms of sex. Is there any fantasy you haven’t fulfilled yet?

Aiden Starr: Well, I’ve never been married!

Mens Mag Daily: I would imagine with the whole dominant and submissive factor you must have a ton of die-hard fans. What is your relationship like with them?

Aiden Starr: I enjoy seeing fans on a regular basis in live one on one sessions as a professional dominatrix in a private dungeon on the west side of Los Angeles as well as in San Francisco, Chicago and New York.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Aiden, do you have anything coming up that we should be looking out for?

Aiden Starr: Join me every Thursday and Friday at 4pm PST for my show “Diary of a Dominatrix” live on .I can also be heard on the SiriusXM app and channel 791.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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