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If stripping were an Olympic sport, Crystal Rayne would be the proud owner of multiple gold medals. The woman has taken feature dancing to another level entirely, from her awesome stage presence to the multitude of competitions she’s taken part in. Why wouldn’t she? After all, she’s gorgeous and who the hell doesn’t love a redhead? But Crystal is starting to do more expanding her role in the adult business, she’s even worked for Playboy and is looking to ramp up her career making adult movies. Mens Mag Daily caught up with the sexy red head to discuss her life growing up, how she got into stripping, and her plans for the future.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Crystal, so can you tell us about what your life was like before getting into the adult industry and modeling. What were you like and what were you into?

Crystal Rayne: Well I was born in Southbridge, MA and I grew up in Brimfield, MA where I went to school. I was daddy’s little girl because he had all girls and I was his little Tomboy. I would go fishing and hunting with him and I grew up playing with all boys sports team. Me being the only girl on the teams was fun. I played basketball, softball, ice hockey, street hockey, wrestling, football, track and field and cross-country. I was the top first through third place in my league. I also grew up in a very Catholic family. I made my first communion, went to CCD classes and made my confirmation. I grew up old school respecting my elders and I always had good manners. I was well liked by everyone in school. I never was in one certain clique, I got along with everyone. I was never into boys until about 11th grade. I always thought they were stupid and only good to be buddies with. I always preferred to hang out with guys, girls were too stuck up and boring for me.

Mens Mag Daily: How did you make the decision to get into the adult industry?

Crystal Rayne: I was 18 when I started working in my very first nude club called Mario’s Showplace in Webster, MA. I was very shy because I never was a girly girl so this was a very new experience to me and very controversial considering my family thought it was a sin to show my body to random people for money so it was very interesting. After I danced for a while I was more comfortable in my skin and thought it was a cool, easy, quick way to make money every night. And I felt more independent paying off all my bills. Later on in life my mom moved to South Carolina and wanted to know if I would move down so I did and I started working at my home club called Crazyhorse in North Myrtle Beach. I danced there for years and finally in 2009 the manager asked me to compete in a pageant called Miss Exotic USA. So I competed and won Miss Exotic Virginia 2009 because I lived in VA for a while as well. I also won hottest buns 2009 and pole champion 2009. All three of us won a trip to Vegas to compete at the Miss Exotic USA pageant again. We had to go to the Exotic Expo Convention and that’s where I got scouted for porn. Ron Jeremy was there and a few other people asked if I was interested at first I was really unsure about the whole thing but after thinking about it I said yes. I got into the industry in 2009.


Mens Mag Daily: You actually did some work for Playboy which is a very big deal. What was it like working for such an iconic brand and company? What was the whole experience like?

Crystal Rayne: Yes I did, I was so excited when I found out. I thought it was a dream and not reality. I had a lot of fun working with them and then I started Playboylive and it was a lot of fun.

Mens Mag Daily: You also posed for Hustler which is more hardcore magazine than Playboy. Did you find that is was a totally different experience shooting for them?

Crystal Rayne: Yes I did, Playboy, if I had to describe it, is more like soft pretty porn and Hustler is like the hardcore porn. That’s the best way I could compare the two.


Mens Mag Daily: You do and have done a lot of feature dancing. What is it like performing so much and what do you think it is that makes a good feature dancer?

Crystal Rayne: I have so much fun being in the center of attention. I love how when you feature dance you draw the crowd to the stage and the fans are so mesmerized by your beauty, talent and awesome props. I travel so much. There are probably only 13 states left for me to feature in and then I would have featured all over the USA. I would have to say what makes a great entertainer is someone who interacts with the fans while performing your show, let them be part of your show, acknowledge that they are there not to just watch and be amazed but they want to play too. That’s the best way to get your fans to want more and have you back again.

Mens Mag Daily: You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Your hair is gorgeous and you have an awesome smile. What do fans usually like best about you and what do you think your best features are?

Crystal Rayne: Aww thank you so very much you’re too kind. My fans usually love my eyes, I have been told that they are alluring to people. I guess they draw people in and it’s like a spell they can’t get enough of them. My eyes are hazel so they turn different shades of colors; it depends on my mood or what I wear really. My best features I would have to say is my smile, it says it all. I have a huge heart and personality; I am a huge people person.

Mens Mag Daily: At what point did you decide to do XXX scenes and what have those experiences been like for you? I imagine it must be different from just posing in magazines or doing feature dancing.

Crystal Rayne: I decided to start in the adult industry doing adult films in 2009; I did not start doing movies until late 2009. My agent at the time was Robin Steel, he flew me to Miami where I got my talent testing done and then I was off to do movies. The experience was nerve racking at first but I looked at it this way, I get naked on stage when I entertain so the only really big difference was getting naked and having sex on film.


Mens Mag Daily: Is your sex life in your personal life much different from your on screen sex life?

Crystal Rayne: Yes it is, when I am on film I mostly fake it and sometimes I don’t, it depends really. In my personal life I am very real but I’m also very intimate and close to my partner and I love always trying new toys and moves, I am very kinky. And yes I love women and men I am very bi.

Mens Mag Daily: I think one thing we all want to know is what type of guy does Crystal Rayne like? What’s your type both physically and in terms of personality?

Crystal Rayne: What type of guy do I like? Well I always go for personality, looks can be so overrated. If you have a great sense of humor, that’s a big plus. I like someone that can make me laugh and has a huge heart as well. Looks help but overall personality is what I look for first. Also you need to have very good hygiene, that’s a must.

Mens Mag Daily: How should a guy approach you if he wants to get to know you?

Crystal Rayne: Just be yourself, I can’t stand show-offs. If you are going to be fake in the beginning and not yourself then that means you’re a fake for life. I don’t want that, I want the real you, that’s all I ask.


Mens Mag Daily: Speaking sexually here, what are some things that turn you on?

Crystal Rayne: What turns me on sexually is someone who is dominant, not abusive, just on top and in charge. Kissing my neck pulling my hair slapping my ass and I absolutely love my nipples nibbled on, that’s a big turn on for me.

Mens Mag Daily: Now working in the adult business a lot of girls have uncomfortable experiences. Have you ever had any bad experiences in the adult industry?

Crystal Rayne: Surprisingly, not yet, knock on wood. And hopefully I won’t have to experience a situation like that. I always have eyes all around my head. I’m very street smart and well educated.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you actually enjoy yourself when you’re performing in a porn scene or is it just work for you?

Crystal Rayne: I would have to say both, I enjoy my work.


Mens Mag Daily: Have you ever been attracted to a guy you were feature dancing for and did you ever act on that attraction?

Crystal Rayne: I have and I do keep it fun yet still very professional. I’m very classy but very sexy as well so I try to enjoy what I do and not overdo it.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you want to keep growing within the adult industry? Tell us about any projects that you have coming up that we should be looking for.

Crystal Rayne: Yes in five years I will still be accomplishing more in the adult industry including feature dancing, movies and modeling. My website should be up in two weeks and I have all my social networks going for me which is a great start to help promote more future projects that I have planned. I really can’t wait for the official Crystal Rayne site where my fans can see my webcam shows and can see my photos, my tours, where I will be next. I will also have my own store on there as well where they can buy fan clothes and other cool stuff. I am very excited. Also, with my featuring I am looking to compete and win more pageants and titles. As far as movies go, I want to make lots more and my goal this coming year in 2015 is to get nominated again for the AVN Awards. I’m trying to get redhead MILF of the year because they don’t have one yet. My fans can keep up with me on my Twitter which is I’d also like to thank you so very much for letting me do an interview with y’all!


Article By: Jon DaBove

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