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When I first saw pictures of Andrea Marie, I knew I needed to feature her on MMD. She’s Italian, she’s gorgeous, and her nickname, “The Italian Dimepiece” definitely suits her. This Chicago beauty started making a name for herself on Myspace, if you can believe it, and the exposure eventually led to professional modeling gigs landing her on magazine covers. It’s really no surprise as Andrea has the body of a goddess and the face of an angel. Mens Mag Daily was able to catch up with the Chicago cutie and to discuss life before modeling, guys hitting on her, her cooking skills, and more.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Andrea, so you’re Italian from Chicago, I’m Italian from Brooklyn. Did you have that very Italian upbringing with all the family dinners and everything?

Andrea Marie: Absolutely, my Father is the cook of my family so every Sunday he throws down on a big meal. He’s always trying new recipes, many of which I steal. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Before we get into the modeling, I want to get an idea of what you were like before that. What did you want to do with your life or did you always want to be a model and be in the entertainment industry?

Andrea Marie: Back in the day I was the total opposite of who I am now. I was such a tomboy and even went thru a Goth phase. I was the girl with the baggy Kik Wear jeans and black lipstick. (Laughs) I was quite the loner and expressed myself through writing and poetry. I planned on going to college for writing but instead chose to work for my father. I’m still on and off working for the family but I’m currently focusing solely on my modeling career. Having the time and opportunity to travel is a major plus.


Mens Mag Daily: You actually started getting attention through your Myspace page. Tell us about that. When you made your Myspace page, was it so you could start to get attention as a model?

Andrea Marie: Yes, the Myspace days! (Laughs) No, I never expected to get extremely popular on there, it just sort of happened. I just posted random selfies and all of a sudden I had a fan base. People started telling me I should do a professional shoot and from there the rest is history.

Mens Mag Daily: At what point did you actually start modeling professionally and what was your very first job?

Andrea Marie: My first professional shoot was in May of 2008. I shot in Miami Beach, Florida with photographer Patrick Adams. Right away those images got picked up by FBM Magazine, and shortly after I was asked to fly out to Atlanta, Georgia to shoot for Tearsheet Magazine. Opportunities started rolling in quite frequently after that.

Mens Mag Daily: When did you really start blowing up as a model, like to the point where people would recognize you in the street?

Andrea Marie: In 2010 I went to visit a friend of mine in jail and while I was there, with no makeup at all, someone in the waiting room came up to me and said, “Hey Italian Dimepiece.” I was so shocked but deep down was excited because I knew if people could know it was me, even when I didn’t look my best, I was definitely leaving an impression.


Mens Mag Daily: Was there ever a time in your life where you could walk down the block with getting hit on or whistled at or did you always get a lot of attention from the fellas?

Andrea Marie: No, guys have always tried hitting on me ever since I was twelve years old, and that’s totally creepy. (Laughs) I remember when I was sixteen and first got my license, I used to hate having to get out to pump gas. Every guy would say something. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: You have a sweet, girl next door vibe about you. Do you think that’s part of the reason why you’ve been successful?

Andrea Marie: You could definitely say that. I more or less consider it being humble. Being humble will take you farther than you’d ever know. Staying grounded has helped me keep friends as well as connections in the industry. That’s something people tend to overlook once they get a touch of fame.


Mens Mag Daily: What was it like when you started getting on World Star, in Tearsheet, calendars, and all the other stuff you’ve done. Were those big accomplishments for you?

Andrea Marie: They we’re big accomplishments at the time but now I’m realizing that they were just small steps towards developing my career. I can’t wait to make the cover of a nationally published magazine or get a major film role. I know I’ll get there eventually, in due time.

Mens Mag Daily: What would you say are your best features? What do you like best about yourself?

Andrea Marie: I love my big lips. They’re definitely my favorite feature, as well as my natural curves. I’m 5’6, 140lbs., 38DDD-27-40.


Mens Mag Daily: The one thing my readers want to know is what type of guys does Andrea Marie like, both physically and in terms of personality as well.

Andrea Marie: I love big guys! Muscles and tattoos are a plus but I definitely need someone taller than me. As for personality, he has to be able to make me laugh, hold an intelligent conversation, and be honest. When I’m with someone I give them 110% of my time so I need someone that’s on my level and that I can vibe with. He can be a bad boy but still a momma’s boy at heart.

Mens Mag Daily: Do the guys who approach you usually do a good job. How can a guy approach you so that he actually has a chance?

Andrea Marie: Yes, I ‘m always getting hollered at but most of them I don’t even give the time of day because I hate their loud, immature approach. I love a smooth talker, a dude that lets his persona speak for him. Swagger can go a long way.

Mens Mag Daily: You’re Italian and Italian women are famous for their cooking. Are you a good cook and if so what is your best dish?

Andrea Marie: Yes, of course, you know I throw down in the kitchen. Like I said, I steal all my Poppa’s recipes. (Laughs) My best dish would have to be my 7 layer lasagna.


Mens Mag Daily: You’re known for your figure. Is it a lot of work keeping it up? Do you have to be in the gym a lot?

Andrea Marie: I need to get my butt back in the gym but for now I’m doing waist training, squats, and trying to eat clean. It’s so hard to live in a city known for great food and have to make a health conscious decision when I go out to eat. The struggle is real! (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: What would you say has been your favorite experience in the entertainment industry so far?

Andrea Marie: Getting the chance to meet people I’ve looked up to has been an amazing part of this job. I’ve met so many athletes, musicians, and models that I never thought I’d have the chance to meet. I still find myself getting star struck at times.


Mens Mag Daily: What are your plans for the future?

Andrea Marie: I plan on staying within the industry even after I stop modeling. I’ve been brainstorming ideas of opening my own cosmetic salon and boutique. I’ve almost always done my own make-up for photo shoots and projects. I really have an eye, as well as a passion for it but I’m not ready to step out of the spotlight just yet.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Andrea, tell us about anything you have coming up, where your fans can check for you, anything you want to plug.

Andrea Marie: I have a ton of magazine features dropping soon, as well as a new promotional video I’m shooting for my website. I have some appearances and hostings over the next few months so just be sure to keep up with me on social media for all the details. Thank you guys so much for reading this interview. I appreciate the love and support always.


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Article By: Jon DaBove

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