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Today, everything is smart, smart phones, smart this, and smart that. I guess it’s no surprise that somebody has decided to take a very normal household item and make it smart. Well, here it is, it’s called the Vessyl and it’s a smart….cup. That is correct folks, I said a smart cup. The Vessyl can determine what type of liquid is poured into it and I’m not just talking about hot and cold. It can determine if the liquid is coffee, rum, soda, you name it. Here’s the kicker, it recognizes brands. If you were to pour Gatorade in there, it would know it and display it. I cannot begin to even guess how this works but this is an actual thing. You might be thinking this is all a little freaky but it gets freakier folks, the Vessyl also tells you the nutritional value of the contents you’ve just poured into the cup. All that nutritional information is then sent to an iPhone app. This phone is marketed toward the health and fitness nuts but I’m not sure how useful this really is. I mean, don’t they drink mostly water anyway and isn’t it a known fact that water has no calories? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Moving on, this 13 oz. cup does more interesting (is interesting the word?) stuff. Anyway, it also tells you your level of hydration and how much more you need throughout the day. All of this information is displayed on the side. At bucks it’s definitely a luxury and it is already available for pre-order. While you probably sensed a little hateration in my tone, this thing is pretty freakin’ cool. I’ll never know how it actually works but I would buy it just to watch the type of liquid I’m pouring into it show up on the side of the cup. It’s slightly 007-esque.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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