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The word sexy is one of the most overused words in the English language. People throw it around to describe any good looking woman they see and in the adult industry it’s scattered all over the place to describe starlets whether they’re sexy or not. What is sexy? Sexy is when a woman doesn’t need to dress slutty for you to know she’s good in bed. Sexy is when a woman can turn you on by smiling at you. Sexy is quiet sexuality that comes with an air of class. Nicki Hunter is the definition of sexy. From the way she moves to the way she talks, she is the word personified. Now retired, this 11 years porn legend is as beautiful as ever and is now making a living behind the camera as opposed to it. The day she retired was no doubt a sad one for the adult industry but Nicki left behind more than enough material to last a lifetime. Mens Mag Daily caught up with the legendary Nicki Hunter to discuss her evolving looks throughout her career, what life is like as a director, and why she made the decision to retire.


Mens Mag Daily: Nicki, you’ve been in the industry for a long time.

Nicki Hunter: I’ve definitely had a little bit of a stretch; yeah I guess you could say that. Considering that the average length of a female pornstar’s career is like six months you could definitely say I’ve been here a while.

Mens Mag Daily: When exactly did you start?

Nicki Hunter: I came out to Los Angeles in 2003 and prior to that I had done some amateur stuff in Florida. I had a dream to make money and travel to the world so I came to L.A. and I had a pretty longstanding career.


Mens Mag Daily: So you’re originally from Florida?

Nicki Hunter: Yeah, I grew up in West Palm Beach. I went to college in Florida and I still have friends and family there. It’s a beautiful place.

Mens Mag Daily: Any similarities between Cali and Florida?

Nicki Hunter: Not really and I would say the biggest difference is the old people.


Mens Mag Daily: Yeah a lot of old people in Florida.

Nicki Hunter: Retirement capital of the world. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: When you first started in the industry, you definitely had a different look.

Nicki Hunter: When I first started I was coming off of doing entertainment in nightclubs so blonde hair and big boobs always works. I was actually able to transition pretty easily into the adult industry. It was my look for a long time.


Mens Mag Daily: Now you’re all classy and statuesque.

Nicki Hunter: (Laughs) I have my long auburn hair. I’ve been through a lot of different phases and a lot of it has to do with different things I’ve gone through in my life like fighting cancer, losing my hair, and then having it all grow back. I think everyone changes with their age and the things they go through.

Mens Mag Daily: I’m very sorry to hear that. I had no idea you were a cancer survivor.

Nicki Hunter: It was in 2007 and it was actually a really big part of my career because it was so far advanced, stage 4. What I had is called ALL which stands for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The industry really came together and supported me greatly. They had several fundraisers. My children were really young at the time and I was the breadwinner but there I was stuck in the hospital. It was a really big thing. I don’t think the industry had ever seen that kind of coming together and that kind of support system for anybody. I am so grateful for everybody that was there for me.


Mens Mag Daily: And here you are in 2014 kickin’ ass and takin’ names and you look great.

Nicki Hunter: Thank you. I really like my older self. It’s fun to kind of watch yourself evolve as a person. I’m happy with the way I am not. I’m officially retired so I’m not making movies anymore. I’m still directing and I do make-up and production. I’m officially behind the camera exclusively.

Mens Mag Daily: How long has it been now?

Nicki Hunter: I just retired this year, it was pretty recent.


Mens Mag Daily: What led you to that decision?

Nicki Hunter: It was really just the desire to create a new family. I’d like to dedicate my passion and energy into my relationship and possibly even having kids again.

Mens Mag Daily: Tell me about the directing. How do you like it compared to performing?

Nicki Hunter: I love it. I can relate to my performers and I know what needs to be done. I’ve always been someone who is comfortable on both sides of the camera. I really enjoy it and I love the work and the art that goes into it.


Mens Mag Daily: As a director, what’s your thing? What kind of movie do you really enjoy putting together?

Nicki Hunter: I really just take what the production company or client gives me and I try to create their vision to the best of my ability. I used to work for Hustler. If they need a two girl cum swapping movie then I’m going to make the best two girl cum swapping movie that there is and I make it real. I make it exciting and enticing. I really like to see chemistry on set so it’s important for me to find people that enjoy working together. Whatever it is that my client wants I’m going to do that to the best of my ability and I enjoy all types of movies.

Mens Mag Daily: I’m not an avid porn watcher but I remember watching your girl/girl scenes and thinking how realistic they were and how much you seemed to be into it. Were girl/girl scenes your favorite?

Nicki Hunter: I love girls and I think I used to get super excited to work with girls because I didn’t get that chance very often. I also got really excited if it was a girl that I had a crush on.


Mens Mag Daily: You were known as being very “dirty” so to speak. Was that conscious, like orders from the director, or is that just how you are?

Nicki Hunter: I’m an exhibitionist and I do tend to go overboard with it. I love performing and I love being wild. It was a throwing gasoline on a fire sort of deal.

Mens Mag Daily: You also have one of those very distinct sexy voices.

Nicki Hunter: Well, I am on the radio so it works for me. I hear it a little bit. I was hired by Playboy radio and worked with them for years. I was the host of my own show called Private Calls and then I did Night Calls. And then Vivid Radio was born so I’ve been stepping in and working with them. I really enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun.


Mens Mag Daily: I feel like you’re one of those women who always looks sexy. Do you look sexy when you’re grocery shopping?

Nicki Hunter: No but I wish I could say yes though. If you want me to beef it up I can totally lie to you. (Laughs) I’ll usually be out in jeans and a t-shirt or a tank top because I love tank tops and they are usually low cut because I love my boobs. I’m a tomboy. I grew up in the country. I can rub two stick together and make a fire, I love camping. I love being dirty and riding horses. That’s who I really am. If people want me to be that girl on Rodeo Drive with a couple of shopping bags on her arm they need to know that’s not me. I’d rather have a man do the shopping for me. (Laughs) If somebody wants to send me something then sure, go ahead. I just hate shopping.

Mens Mag Daily: Well that’s the perfect woman for a lot of guys.

Nicki Hunter: I guess so. I mean, I can drive a tractor. I also don’t mind getting sweaty but I do love to cook and take care of my man.


Mens Mag Daily: So you’re a tomboy but you cook? And I’m sure a little Nicki Hunter comes out in the bedroom.

Nicki Hunter: I can get a little rough and tumble, a little growling and biting. (Laughs) I love to be able to take the experiences I’ve had on set and take what I really enjoyed about them and bring them home.

Mens Mag Daily: So is your personal sex life crazier or tamer than your porn sex life?

Nicki Hunter: For the most part, it’s been tamer. Recently, I’ve been spicing it up in a beautiful way. I’m not going to get too into detail but I’ve been introducing some new things into the bedroom. It’s different though. When I’m on set I’m making love to the camera. When I’m in my bedroom I don’t have to worry about the camera or opening up. If I get tired then I fucking stop. If I want lube I get up and get it. I can also pay attention to my lover so it is different.


Mens Mag Daily: When you’re directing, does it ever get weird because you’ve performed with some of these people?

Nicki Hunter: Nah, I always told them what to do. (Laughs) It’s an easy transition. It’s one big happy family. It’s just whatever job a person happens to be doing at that time. I’m actually starting to do more mainstream stuff and there are a lot of people I’m working with.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you think you’ll miss the adult business?

Nicki Hunter: A little but I don’t think I’ll ever truly leave. I’ll always be involved in some way, shape, or form. It’s a big family. We actually support each other and cheer each other on.



Article By: Jon DaBove

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    Impressive interview! Enjoyed the insight into Nicki’s past obstacles and current triumphs! Great job, Nicki! Looking forward to seeing your “new” work.

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