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Nikita Von James has that classic porn star, Jenna Jameson look. She’s blonde, she’s busty, and she’s an all-around hottie. Looking at her, you would assume she was born somewhere in Beverly Hills as she looks like she could play a part on 90210 but that’s not the case. In fact, it couldn’t be farther from the case. Nikita Von James has only been in the United States for about 15 years. Where is she from originally? Siberia. Yes, you heard me correctly, Siberia, a place that is known for its hellish weather and lack of freedom. However, I guess to some it might not be too surprising as they say Russia produces some of the most beautiful women in the world. Nikita came here with the idea that most immigrants have. She viewed America as the land of opportunity and she was going to make her way in the world no matter what it took. Nikita did just that, being one of the most recognizable faces in the adult industry. By the way, she also studies economics and is readying herself to play the stock market. With her Russian accent and beauty that looks like somebody sculpted it with a chisel she often gets cast as the mean girl. Truth be told, she is very nice, although I will admit that the accent can be slightly intimidating. Mens Mag Daily sat down with Nikita to discuss her views on the United States, her career as a stripper, and of course, her favorite sexual position.


Mens Mag Daily: Nikita, how did you get started in the adult business?

Nikita Von James: Let’s see. I came to this country 14 or 15 years ago which was about 1998 and I was a dancer and then I got into the adult business, doing scenes, in about 2008.

Mens Mag Daily: So you danced for 10 years?

Nikita Von James: Yeah, I still dance. I’ve been dancing for a while.


Mens Mag Daily: And you came to the United States from Russia?

Nikita Von James: Yes, from Siberia.

Mens Mag Daily: Wow, Siberia, was it hard to get used to how different it is in the United States?

Nikita Von James: Yeah, it was a big culture shock. It was completely different. You guys have so much freedom over here and over there it was like none at all. I love it here, I really love it. I love the people here.


Mens Mag Daily: And you went straight from Russia to Los Angeles?

Nikita Von James: Yes, straight to LAX. I was a student at the time.

Mens Mag Daily: So you were in college at the time?

Nikita Von James: Yes, I came here as an exchange student.


Mens Mag Daily: What were you studying?

Nikita Von James: I have a business degree in Russia and it required that we learn a second language so I came here to the United States and I was an exchange student. That’s how I got here, straight to the valley.

Mens Mag Daily: Are there a lot of Russians in L.A.? Here in Brooklyn we have a lot of very Russian neighborhoods.

Nikita Von James: I have family in Brooklyn, I don’t know exactly where though because when I come here they come to see me in New York City. I don’t like going over there. I don’t like to be in the Russian neighborhoods. I’m close with my family and that’s it really. I prefer to be a part of the happy American society.


Mens Mag Daily: What was dancing like for you when you first started?

Nikita Von James: Yeah I loved it because I had a strip pole in my house. At first it was kind of awkward, like I would have a few drinks and then perform. You star to gain confidence and get more graceful and I would even say that helps me in the industry. If you need to do a tease or do something or say something it helps a lot.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you nervous when you were doing your first scene on camera?

Nikita Von James: I was very nervous. I was shooting with a girl and I was nervous.


Mens Mag Daily: Had you ever been with a girl before that?

Nikita Von James: Yes I had. I had done a lot of girl on girl stuff on stage when I was a dancer and also behind the scenes we would do things. I’ve seen it all kind of.

Mens Mag Daily: So the strippers would fool around backstage?

Nikita Von James: Yeah. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: After that, did it get easier?

Nikita Von James: Yeah because you know where the light is going, you know what positions to do, what to spread, what to say, and you get it after a while.

Mens Mag Daily: And what were your impressions of the industry when you first got into it?

Nikita Von James: I saw my first porno when I was 16 and I was very curious how it worked and what went on behind the scenes and everything. It was pretty much what I expected. There are different types of movies, some are long production and some are quick like gonzo. It depends on the company I would say.


Mens Mag Daily: Were you very sexual before you started dancing and being an adult film star?

Nikita Von James: Oh yes definitely.

Mens Mag Daily: What is your favorite type of scene to do?

Nikita Von James: I love boy/girl/girl. You get both parts, two girls and one guy. I like orgies too, the more people the better.

Mens Mag Daily: Was it hard for you dancing when you didn’t speak English?

Nikita Von James: Of course, I felt really awkward because of that a lot. I picked up most of my English when I started dancing because you have to be able to communicate with the customers. You can’t sell them if you don’t speak English. It took a while but I speak pretty well now.


Mens Mag Daily: What type of guys do you like in your personal life?

Nikita Von James: I like big football players, tall with muscles that can pick me up. As far as girls I like them exotic, they have to have an exotic cultural look to them. They should be curvy with a beautiful face.

Mens Mag Daily: Why do you think you’ve had such success in the industry?

Nikita Von James: I think it’s because I love it. If you love your job and you’re doing great what’s not to love? I’m still going to school. I’m still doing other things but I love what I do. It makes me happy.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you feel you had a lot of opportunity in the United States?

Nikita Von James: Absolutely and I love it for that. There is so much opportunity here and I’m drawn to people that see the opportunity in things, that see the positives in things. I was able to do so much here. In Russia, I wasn’t able to do these things and have so many opportunities and here I am.

Mens Mag Daily: What else do you plan to do in the future aside from the adult industry?

Nikita Von James: Well I’m still in school. I study economics. I definitely like stocks. I have investments now but I don’t actually take the time to really play the stock market or anything.

Mens Mag Daily: Gratuitous sex questions, what is your favorite position?

Nikita Von James: Doggie, that way it can be the guy from the back and I can go down on a girl.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you date guys in the industry?

Nikita Von James: No, definitely not and I don’t like when guys aren’t professional and they try to see what I’m doing after the shoot and they want to get my number. I’ve found that in this industry it’s better to be single because I’m so driven.

Mens Mag Daily: What is your personal sex life like?

Nikita Von James: I would say it’s less edgy that the things I do on camera. It’s more sensual and soft. I play a lot of mean girls so I like it to be softer. I can be very shy if I’m around the right guy.

Mens Mag Daily: Tell us about anything you have coming up and where your fans can reach you.

Nikita Von James: I’m rebuilding my website right now which is Fans can find me on Twitter at Another place I’m very active is People can ask me to custom make certain video clips for them, how long, what I should wear. It’s very cool and I’m very busy on there.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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