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It’s not as taboo as it once was for a former adult star to get into the mainstream side of the entertainment business. Legendary pornstar Nyomi Banxxx is taking full advantage of this. While her time before porn was spent entering beauty pageants and runway modeling, Nyomi has taken it to the next level. From record labels, to movie scripts, to television, Nyomi is doing it all and becoming a player in the media game. While she’s retired from the adult industry, she does have her own adult production company that has produced a few movies and with any luck, fans of the lovely Ms. Banxxx will get to see more in the future. Men’s Mag Daily caught up with Nyomi Banxxx who is looking as beautiful as ever to discuss her time in the adult industry, being an African American pornstar, and the formation and current expansion her own radio station, Chocolate Radio.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Nyomi, you’re retired from the adult business now but you definitely left a major mark on the industry, which is very hard to do. It can be even harder for African American female talent. What is it about you and what did you do that gave you this kind of legendary status that you have?

Nyomi Banxxx: Wow, legendary status! I’m honored. Honestly, before I came into the industry I did my research on who’s who as far as starlets, companies and niches. I knew that once I decide to enter into the industry there was no turning back so I needed to be careful about the way I branded myself. I joined the industry as a grown woman that knew how I wanted to be branded.

I felt I had a look and a standard that I didn’t see among those who were in the industry at that time, especially for ethnic women. I didn’t look like your so-called “typical” ethnic, or better yet, I didn’t look like what they were selling. I was a “mainstream” model first so I used that to my advantage as I wanted to enhance that glamour look but still be freaky and nasty with it.


One thing is that I enjoyed my work as well and most of my co-stars. As the years went on, I grew within myself—sexually—which allowed me to share that on camera.  I treated it like a business. I showed up to set on time and ready to work. I didn’t take every job that was offered to me. Some companies or sexual acts I felt wasn’t me, wasn’t sexy to me, so I passed and will continue to pass on it. I’ve lived by the motto “all money ain’t good money.”

Mens Mag Daily: You know, I look through all your projects and everything you’ve done, and it seems to me like you’re an all-around entertainer. Did you kind of use the adult industry as a platform to do other forms of entertainment?

Nyomi Banxxx: I was in mainstream entertainment before; with runway, print modeling, acting and I was even signed to a major record label. I know with being in the industry I was able to honestly brand my name the way I wanted and not get lost among a million and two other starving mainstream talents. Please don’t get me wrong; I’ve been at it since I was 16 years old in pageants and all. So it wasn’t that I did it for 6 months then I jumped into porn, no, I entered into porn in my 30’s. So I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it—I had a plan.


Mens Mag Daily: You released a mainstream indie film a few years back that you produced and starred in. You also put it out through your own company. What was that experience like and do you think you’ll be putting out more movies?

Nyomi Banxxx: It was a wonderful thing, something I’ve dreamed about all my life. Many people don’t know that I love to write. I have 4 complete screenplays and a 13 episode soap opera that I’ve written and even had two scripts optioned so it’s great to finally see something that my partner and I had worked on for many years come to life and see it on the screen. I will definitely be coming out with more movies. It’s just looking for investors. I have tons of stories and experiences to share with the world.

Mens Mag Daily: You’re also dabbling in the music business. Are you strictly going to sign artists and be an executive, or is there any chance you would actually perform yourself?

Nyomi Banxxx: I tried my hand it a few years ago, but I honestly couldn’t commit the time to it, like I know that’s needed. I want to be in the background helping talent get out there and get noticed, and try to teach them how to market themselves.


Mens Mag Daily: How did you get into doing radio when you first started with your shows on Playboy and Sirius and what were those experiences like?

Nyomi Banxxx: Mike, my old producer, and Farell Hirsh gave me an opportunity that I will never forget. It started off as a one-hour late night weekly show of all sex and masturbation talk, called Women of the World. I kept bugging Mike if I could add a topic here and a topic there. I had an idea about changing it up to cater to everyday women who want to tap into their freaky side with no judgments. Three years later the head of the company changed which allowed me to create Chocolate Radio, which I then moved on to primetime slots of 2 times a week of 2 hour shows. I loved it, sex topics, advice, and music. I definitely miss my Sirius listeners; they were so loyal. But I’m so happy and proud of where I’ve taken Chocolate Radio too.

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Mens Mag Daily: You’ve now formed Chocolateradio.Net. Can you give us all the details on this venture in terms of how it started, the Kickstarter campaign for it, and overall what it will all be about?

Nyomi Banxxx: Chocolate Radio began in the Playboy building one lonely night, just kidding. It did begin at Playboy/Radio Sex/Sirius Radio where they had just hired yet another head to the company. Come to find out, he was a loyal listener to my show. He wanted everyone to change the names of their shows for what it was, I think at that time it was “Masturbating Neighbors” but honestly, how many masturbating neighbors’ stories can you hear? (Laughs) So I asked my then producer, Rick, if I could change it to Chocolate Radio. He went to Josh, who was the head of Playboy at the time. He first told Rick to tell me no. I told him to setup a meeting with Josh because I wasn’t giving up on this name.

Josh met with me and I told him about Chocolate Radio, “Everyone loves Chocolate.” Chocolate isn’t a black and white thing, Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, Chocolate is the topping for plain or vanilla. And he walked out the studio and said “there it is, Chocolate Radio – Everyone loves Chocolate!” So when they closed the doors, I took Chocolate Radio and continued on with it online. I created an entire station of great original programming, dealing with lifestyle, sports, sex and relationships, female empowerment, music, gossip, sex education and even tapping in to one’s spirituality.


I started this station with my savings, and honestly built the walls to the studio with my own hands, with help, of course. But I’ve literally put sweat, blood and tears into this.

Now we need upgrades for us to continue to grow and give out the best quality programming, which we know we can. That’s why I decided to do the Kickstarter campaign. I’m not going to lie; my pride almost got in the way. I didn’t want to feel as if I’m begging for help—I didn’t know what the world was going to say. “Look at this porn chick trying to start her station; she needs to stick to what she knows best—sucking D.”

The crazy thing is that I do okay with it, but it’s not my best! Creating things is what I do best. Building, for not only me but for others, a platform other than what they are known for. In my video for Kickstarter, I let them know that I’ve transitioned in my life, as we all should do. I’ve started, but I’m looking for a little support, that’s all, $30,000 support to get better equipment for our studio, a marketing/PR team that can help us grow, and tons of other things.


Mens Mag Daily: What is it that attracts you to radio? You’ve been doing it for a while and seem to be really at home with it.

Nyomi Banxxx: I love to talk, entertain, give advice, teach, educate, mentor, and express my opinions and allow others to do so as well. Through radio I can do that. I wanted to build a platform where the everyday world can learn more about themselves sexually and not be judged for it, as well as see/hear their favorite stars as real people. I love it.

Mens Mag Daily: One thing I’m curious about is this, has your background as an adult actress ever hindered your progress in the mainstream world?

Nyomi Banxxx: Good question. I can say that I’ve honestly been blessed to accomplish a lot of things, both in mainstream entertainment and as an adult actress. Do I want to do more? Hell yeah! But I can’t honestly say that my background in adult entertainment has hurt me worse than being an African American in mainstream. That’s something to really think about.


Mens Mag Daily: A lot of former adult actresses actually dabble in other areas of the adult industry. Would you ever consider starting your own Production Company or studio in the adult business?

Nyomi Banxxx: I do have my own company called NBX. I’ve produced/directed 3 movies; Nyomi’s Diary 1&2, and FaceOff. Since my retirement and radio, I put it on the back burner, but I do have new talent and wannabe talent wanting me to get my company back/started again.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Nyomi, please tell us about any additional upcoming projects, any details on current projects, your social media, anything you want.

Nyomi Banxxx: Along with Chocolate Radio, I’ve created a new division to Chocolate Radio. “Chocolate Radio Dolls” is a promotional team of models and dancers, who are what we call the ambassadors of Chocolate Radio. We’re shooting a 2015 calendar and we’re in the works of doing a magazine as well. I want to be, what do you call it, the first adult starlet to create a mega multimedia empire. People can find me on twitter at @nyomibanxxx and follow @chocolateradio2 as well as our Facebook / Chocolate Radio.

They can listen 24/7 to all the shows on Live 365 Chocolate Radio; “Chocolate Radio The Live Show” hosted by me (Nyomi Banxxx), 4th and Goal Sports show hosted by Lexington Steele and crew, Woman 2 Woman, Sapphire’s Earplay, and Untapped; our music show. And you can see us on Chocolate Radio TV.

Thank you all for the love and support, thank you to my fans because without them there would be no me!


Article By: Jon DaBove

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