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When you find out that Riley Steele worked at Starbucks before she began her career as a pornstar you actually have two initial reactions, the first being shock and the second being a sudden urge to develop a three cappuccino a day habit in hopes that that there is another girl just like her behind the counter at a coffee shop somewhere. A six year veteran in the adult industry, Riley is a throwback to the days when porn was more glamourous, in the same vein as girls like Jenna Jameson and her best friend Jesse Jane. Sure, she’s a blonde bombshell but it’s also her performances and aura that give her an air of glamour and glitz though it should be noted that the lovely Ms. Steele can just as easily fit in on the set on a gonzo film. Riley has always been on a star and that star has only ascended since teaming up with high end director Axel Braun, whom she is under contract with. With being one of the main draws in the adult industry as well as branching off and doing more mainstream work there’s no telling how far Riley Steele can go. Mens Mag Daily was lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Riley to discuss her life before porn, her favorite girls to work with, and of course, her sex life.


Mens Mag Daily: Riley, can you tell me what your life was like before you entered the adult industry?

Riley Steele: I was working at Starbucks and as a snack bar girl at a country club before I got into the industry. But I always wanted to be a sex symbol. I always wanted to be desired and I had a plan on what I wanted to do. My big break into the industry came about after I met the beautiful Jesse Jane.

Mens Mag Daily: I was reading your bio and it said you were a huge fan of porn before you actually entered the business. Who were you a fan of, and did your admiration of porn kind of motivate you to get into the business?

Riley Steele: I used to watch porn with my friends and I was a big Jenna Jameson fan but my best friend loved Jenna Haze so he turned me onto her. She was so filthy and dirty and I wanted to be like that. I love a good dirty girl. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: What was your sex life like before entering the business and has it changed much?

Riley Steele: My sex life was kind of boring actually. Then, one time, I made out with a girlfriend and we charged our guy friends five dollars each to watch us. Within a few weeks I started having sex with my girlfriends and guys would video tape it. (Laughs) Now that I’m an adult film star I actually can’t be as wild as I was when I was younger, plus I have an image that I have to uphold as a contract star. I have always been a contract star since I got into the industry, first with Digital Playground, and now with Axel Braun Productions.


Mens Mag Daily: Was the industry what you expected it to be and were there any aspects of it that maybe were surprising to you at first?

Riley Steele: The adult industry is a lot more professional than I expected it to be. It really should be respected more than the public gives it credit for.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve done a lot of big movies, do you have one that stands out in your mind as your favorite and why?

Riley Steele: I really loved shooting Snow White XXX. It was a great experience for me. I played Snow White and wore a black wig. I always wanted to be a brunette but I’m too ditzy. (Laughs)  I’m very proud of the fact that I got to work with the amazingly hot Jessica Drake who has always been a role model for me and that the movie made it to number one on the charts. It was my first Wicked Pictures feature with Axel and I’m super excited about its success.

Mens Mag Daily: Everybody loves a good girl/girl scene. Who are some of your favorite female performers to work with?

Riley Steele: Katsuni, oh I absolutely love Katsuni and of course my best buddy Jesse Jane.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve won a ton of awards and a lot of them were fan awards. What do you think it is about you that your fans love so much and do you interact with them on your social media outlets?

Riley Steele: I can’t express enough how happy I am to get all this love form my fans. I am very lucky to have such an outpouring of love and support from them. I do try my best to keep up with my fans on my social media pages. I’m always busy but please keep writing to me I promise to get back to you.


Mens Mag Daily: You have a very classic porn look and even your scenes have a very glamorous feel to them, do you hear that a lot?

Riley Steele: Thank you. I do enjoy hearing that. But I do have a wild side to me and I want to do dirty raw filthy scenes as well and I know working with Axel will take me there. You should watch my movie “Riley Goes Gonzo” to see what I mean by that. Axel allowed me to push my sexual boundaries and the movie went to number one for two months straight.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve done a lot of mainstream work as well, is that something you plan on pursuing further?

Riley Steele: Of course, I’d love to do more mainstream work and I’ve got a lot in the works. But I’ve been lucky to have been in some mainstream projects already like “Piranha 3D”, “The Girls Guide To Depravity”, and “Life On Top”.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Riley, this is your time to plug away and tell us about any upcoming projects, your websites, social media, and whatever else you’d like.

Riley Steele: Please follow me on Twitter @xxxriley and remember you can buy my Fleshlight, that way you can always have me with you. (Laughs) I have some exciting new projects coming out from Axel Braun Productions and Wicked Pictures. Thank you again to you guys at www.MensMagDaily.Com, this was fun, and thank you again to all of my fans for your love and support.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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