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Siri, where to begin? First things first, in this writer’s humble opinion, she has one of the most beautiful faces in the history of porn, ever. She has a body that just refuses to quit and some of the largest breasts anybody has ever seen. Basically, she’s one bad chick and while women who are this blessed in the looks department are usually lacking when it comes to personality, Siri is very sweet, accessible, and down to earth. This sexy Texan by way of Minnesota claims she always knew she wanted to be a pornstar and it’s not hard to believe if you’ve ever watched one of her scenes. This is obviously a woman who loves what she does and always makes sure to turn up the heat when the camera starts rolling (although I’m sure she’s just as hot with no camera present). In just two years Siri has built a loyal fan base and cemented her place in the industry as a girl to keep an eye on. If I had to guess, I’d say that these two years are just the very beginning of a long career in the adult industry. Mens Mag Daily had the opportunity to chat with Siri and discuss everything from her time as a lesbian, to how piracy is destroying porn, and even how she’s had gangbangs in real life but never in a scene.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Siri, so give us a little background information on how you got into the adult industry.

Siri: Well, it was planned form day one. It was my dream job. I got the idea that I wanted to do it in my first semester of college but I wanted to finish what I started so I held off a little bit. I turned 23 right after I graduated from college. I moved as soon as I could and I got started. It’s pretty straight forward. There’s not really a fun story about how I got into it. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: What did you study in college?

Siri: I studied communications and Spanish.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you speak fluent Spanish?

Siri: I used to, I’m pretty rusty now. It’s one of those things where if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’m still pretty good with the reading and writing however.


Mens Mag Daily: So being a porn star was your career goal?

Siri: Yeah, a higher education is something I always wanted but I really just took classes that I enjoyed. While I was in college things would interest me but I was still 99% sure that I wanted to do adult films. My communications degree has actually helped me although I don’t use the Spanish too much in porn. I also minored in Women’s Studies so that kind of gives me the ability to have certain perspectives on the industry. I’m definitely glad I got my education.

Mens Mag Daily: Where did you grow up?

Siri: I was born in Minnesota and we moved to Texas when I was about middle school age.


Mens Mag Daily: So you’re a country girl?

Siri: I’m kind of a Midwestern girl with a bit of the Texas thrown in. In Texas it was very country but in Minnesota we lived in the city and was quite urban.

Mens Mag Daily: Getting into the business was something you thought about for a long time so I’m assuming you must have formed some ideas about what it would be like. Was it similar to what you thought it would be when you finally got there?

Siri: Yeah, pretty much exactly. There hasn’t been a lot about the industry that has surprised me or how things work behind the scenes. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I knew I would fit in, I knew I would be good about it but there are a lot of really good people in this business. I really enjoy the people I work with.


Mens Mag Daily: What about like the seedy things that the general public hears, not true?

Siri: A lot of the stories that get passed down about skeevy producers and casting couch stories I’ve never experienced personally and I don’t know anybody who has. There are always these small time producers that may come in from out of state and try to put together a shoot but everyone in the industry kind of knows that you don’t deal with them because they’re not necessarily credible.

Mens Mag Daily: So the casting couch doesn’t exist?

Siri: No, I’ve never had any producer or director promise me a part if I have sex with them or anything like that. It’s always been very professional. I’m also my own agent and I have the directors and producers contact me directly if they want to work me and that has never happened. I think that’s one of the worst rumors about the porn industry.


Mens Mag Daily: See, here’s my problem and I’m just being honest here. I could not work in the adult industry because I would hit on everybody. I wouldn’t do the casting couch thing because that’s gross but I mean, I hit on girls when I’m shopping for sneakers. If I was around beautiful women all day in a sexual setting, I would hit on every single one.

Siri: Some directors are flirtier than others and that’s fine as long as you still treat the girls with respect and keep it professional. There are many pornstars who go on to date directors or producers and that’s a two consenting adults thing. I’ve seen directors be extra flirty with girls and I mean we’re all walking around naked so nobody really minds that as long as no lines are crossed and there’s a degree of professionalism.

Mens Mag Daily: So if you keep your hands to yourself and you’re a gentleman then flirting is okay?

Siri: Yeah, a director probably shouldn’t just grab a girl or anything. Sometimes the girls will do it to each other kind of joking around but if a director did it wouldn’t necessarily be cool. It’s a little disrespectful. I have had a couple of directors tell me they’ve never seen tits as big as mine and ask to touch them. Everybody else is touching them so I just let them. It’s not that big of a deal. Touch my boobs. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: You’ve said that pornstars have gone on to date producers and directors. Have they ever gone on to date writers that have interviewed them such as myself?

Siri: (Laughs) I have no idea.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, so you’re saying there are a lot of misconceptions about porn. But what about all these girls that we see who are all excited about the industry and a year later they’ve retired and are singing a completely different tune?

Siri: I have no idea. I couldn’t tell you about that.


Mens Mag Daily: You have a very uncanny sex appeal, a quality so to speak. Do you feel that’s one of the things that has made you such a hot commodity in the industry?

Siri: I would say it has. No one in porn is popular without having a certain sex appeal. I think every girl kind of puts her own twist or her own flair on it. I can’t say it’s the only reason why I have the little success that I have right now. More than anything, I think it’s because I connect with my fans. They’re always telling me how down to earth I am and how approachable I am and I actually hear more about that than I do about sex appeal. Most comments I get are about how nice I am and how accessible.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you very sexual before you got into the industry?

Siri: I was. I’m married and my husband and I are swingers. We met before I got into the industry and we always went to swinger clubs and swapped with other couples. I’ve had a couple of gangbangs in my personal life. I had a lot of experiences before I got into the industry for sure.

Mens Mag Daily: You were married pretty young.

Siri: Yeah, we had our two year anniversary in September.


Mens Mag Daily: So you’ve had gangbangs in your personal life?

Siri: Yeah I love gangbangs. I haven’t done one on film yet. I’m just patiently waiting for the day; it’s going to be awesome.

Mens Mag Daily: What do you love about gangbangs?

Siri: I love cocks. (Laughs) I really like watching guys jerk off. You get to have sex with multiple guys and one guy could be fucking me while I blow another guy and jerk one off with one hand or with both hands. It requires at least 5 guys because I’ll always have something to hold onto and also I’ll always have something to look at. It’s like sensory overload.

Mens Mag Daily: Does your husband ever get mad that you’re having sex on camera?

Siri: No, I mean he has sex with other women and it’s definitely something we approach as a lifestyle. The fact that I do porn is part of the fact that we’re a non-monogamous couple. But he likes it, he gets off on it. If a new scene of mine comes out he gets excited and wants to watch it together.


Mens Mag Daily: What would weird me out about being married to a pornstar is the fact that you might be with a guy like Lexington Steele who’s wang is about two feet long. That’s like trying to put on a basketball show after Michael Jordan just stepped off the court. You’re not going to look very impressive.

Siri: Yeah, it is pretty large. I am not a size queen though. I’m very much into the average penis. It kind of fits better and in porn we can’t just have sex for however long we want it’s like 45 minutes straight so a bigger cock isn’t always advantageous. I never get nervous before scenes and I was actually a little nervous before that scene with Lex because I know he’s so big. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s got a lot of give which makes it easier to shoot the whole scene and not be overwhelmed by the giant penis.

Mens Mag Daily: What about girls, were you always into them?

Siri: Yes, absolutely. I actually lost my virginity really late, I was 18. Long story short I was disappointed. I guess as an adult I had to do it one more time. I had always had crushes on girls and stuff since I was young but it was a while before I acted on it. When I lost my virginity and it wasn’t great I pursued my whole attraction to girls. I dated women exclusively for a few years. Before I met my husband I had only had serious relationships with women. I was fully out as a lesbian for close to four years. Obviously, now I do guys so I can’t call myself a lesbian but I’m super bisexual.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you actually enjoy yourself when you’re shooting a scene?

Siri: Oh absolutely, all the time.


Mens Mag Daily: You’ve never been completely grossed out by somebody you had to work with?

Siri: No never. I don’t even know that I have a type. I can really find something attractive in everyone. The only thing I can imagine really being bad is if my scene partner had really bad personal hygiene but I’ve been lucky so far.

Mens Mag Daily: A lot of people love your breasts, what size are they?

Siri: My bra size is 30H.


Mens Mag Daily: That is pretty big.

Siri: It is crazy, it’s hard to find bras but I love them.

Mens Mag Daily: I’m going to lose cool guy points for this but I think your face is so hot that it actually takes away from the breasts a little.

Siri: Thank you. That’s sweet.


Mens Mag Daily: I like the hair too.

Siri: Why thank you.

Mens Mag Daily: So you’ve accomplished you career goal of becoming a porn star, what’s next. Do you plan to do this for the next ten years?

Siri: I have ideas on where I’d like to be in the next 5 years or 10 years. There are still so many different type of sex scenes on camera that I still want to do. There’s a lot of ground to cover, there’s a lot left that I want to do but in 5 years I would definitely like to be doing some behind the camera work as well. I’d like to direct scenes and maybe have my own distribution deal. I think it would be cool because I have my own ideas and my own fantasies about the kind of porn that I would like to make.


Mens Mag Daily: What’s left for you to do on screen?

Siri: Oh, a lot. Like I sad earlier I still haven’t done a gangbang on screen. I still haven’t done anal on film. I haven’t done anything including more than 2 guys including blow bangs or bukkake and a lot of fans ask me about that. I’d love to do that so hopefully I don’t have to wait too much longer. Another big thing for me is the porn parodies and features because I love the acting. I worked on several features and I love them. I just want to keep doing more. I was a total theater geek in high school and college.

Mens Mag Daily: I hear the money is in the parodies these days.

Siri: It seems like they go back and forth. People will say parodies are really hot right now and then next month people say they’re not selling right now. I feel like it’s probably just stead. A lot of the studios are still making them but not as many as there used to be. They’re really fun.


Mens Mag Daily: It seems like a tough business despite the fact that the product is so easy to sell.

Siri: Yeah, well it’s hard to compete with free and there’s just a huge amount of piracy going on and there is so much free material on the tube site and everything. You really can’t compete with it. Out of the tens of thousands of followers I have on Twitter I would say about 20% of them actually pay for what they watch. Actually, it’s kind of sad because looking forward, are we even going to be here in 10 years? A lot of girls choose this career not only because they like sex but because it’s lucrative but it won’t always be. You really do have to have a lot of income streams and be a shrewd business person to make a good living now in this business. You have to bust your ass but that’s what I do and it’s totally worth it.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you see a remedy to this problem?

Siri: That’s such a hard question and everybody in our industry asks themselves that question every day. We’ve been dealing with this problem since before I got here. It’s been a problem for years. I don’t know if I have many ideas on how it could even be possible to remedy. Attacking the tube sites and trying to take them down is a possibility. The problem is that so many fans think of porn as something that should be free. We kind of have to change their mindsets at this point because they think porn is something that should never have to be paid for. I have my own website and I’ll spend a lot of money putting up a scene and I’ll see that somebody stole it and put it up for free. It hurts, it actually hurts my feelings, and it doesn’t feel good. People think they’re showing how big of a fan they are but they’re actually stealing money out of my pocket.

Mens Mag Daily: Does your site work for you though, is it profitable?

Siri: Yeah, it does well. I have great site members and I love them.

Mens Mag Daily: Who are your favorite girls to work with?

Siri: Recently I worked with Belle Noir. She hasn’t been in the industry for very long, about a year. I can’t get that scene out of my head. We had this amazing chemistry and we had amazing sex. I really like her. She’s one of my favorite girls that I’ve worked with and met in this industry. I also love Sovereign Syre and Sinn Sage. She’s won so many awards for being an amazing all girl performer. There’s no doubt about how awesome she is.


Mens Mag Daily: Yeah, Sinn is hot.

Siri: Her butt is insane, it’s like it’s not even real. It’s just unbelievable awesome.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, it’s gratuitous sex question time. What is your favorite sex position?

Siri: Doggie, it allows for the deepest penetration and it feels kind of dirty. It’s like I’m going to bend over and you fuck me from behind. It’s dirty and I like being dirty and feeling so dirty, it’s fun.

Mens Mag Daily: Is there anything that you would say is off limits sexually for you?

Siri: I would say double vaginal penetration. I’m kind of narrow down there so it’s kind of a scary though. I’ve never tried it but it’s pretty much off limits. It doesn’t seem to fun.

Mens Mag Daily: I never saw the point of that.

Siri: Some girls really like it, everybody’s body is different.

Mens Mag Daily: I wonder if when guys do that they realize that they’re penises are rubbing together.

Siri: Oh, they do. That’s why it takes a special male performer and I don’t mean special in any other way than that they can get into a headspace where they’re just focusing on the girl and not the fact they’re rubbing their dick against another man’s dick. It takes a lot of mental focus. That’s what I hear at least.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Siri, we’ll end on that note and give us the whole nine. Tell us what we should be looking out for.

Siri: The next big scene I have coming out is for Girlfriends Films. The working title was Sweetness and Light but I’m not sure if I’m sticking with it. That should be out in about 2 months. My official website is I also have a blog which I recently revamped and I have store on there where you guys can buy t-shirts and stuff and that is There’s also the ever important Twitter which is

Article By: Jon DaBove


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