Snape Passed Away Today, Potions Class Will Never Be The Same

Luke Espon January 15, 2016 0

Alan Rickman passed away today after a private bout with Cancer at the age of 69. The magical world will not be the same this week after the loss of David Bowie, and now Alan Rickman. It’s sad to lose such talented actors and musicians to such a terrible disease. Let us take a moment to look at a few of Alan Rickmans roles he played.


He was our beloved potions master in the hit movie series Harry Potter. Always picking on the young Harry and keeping him on track. 10 points from Gryfndor as he would say!


He played Harry in the 2003 romance movie “Love Actually”. Sporting some rad glasses and looking sleek and healthy. He surely had a very successful career under his belt.


Here we see a much younger looking Alan playing a role in the Die Hard movie series which was widely popular. All dressed up and ready to act I suppose you could say. We wish peace on his family and celebrate a wonderful actor on this day. The world will be forever changed from the roles and influence he had throughout his career!

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