Teal Conrad and Tory Lane: MMD Interviews Porn’s Dynamic Duo

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When I found out I was going to be interviewing Teal Conrad, a 19 year old porn star that is as hot as any supermodel on the face of the Earth, I was understandably excited. The interview started out like most others until I found out that Tory Lane, the legendary and not to mention insanely gorgeous adult actress was there with Teal making the bed they share as roommates, things got substantially cooler. When they started telling me they had fooled around just hours before in their backyard, I realized that my job truly kicks ass. Moving on, Teal is one of the hottest new starlets in the industry, and in my humble opinion, has the looks and talent to be the next Jenna Jameson. Tory Lane is already an established legend and easily one of the most beautiful women in the biz. I was able to catch up with these two gorgeous ladies to discuss stereotypes in the porn business, why Tory can’t remember every scene she’s ever done, and why Teal absolutely loves what she does.

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Mens Mag Daily: So Teal, where did you grow up?

Teal Conrad: I actually grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I didn’t come to Cali until I was 18.

Mens Mag Daily: Very cool, and you started off as a fitness model?

Teal Conrad: Yeah, before I did this I did a lot of fitness modeling.

Mens Mag Daily: And at what point did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Teal Conrad: It’s not much of a story really. I happened to be in L.A. at the time and I wanted to be a rebellious teen so I started doing shoots and everything kind of snowballed from there.

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Mens Mag Daily: And you were just 18 years old at the time?

Teal Conrad: Yup, I was 18.

Mens Mag Daily: Was that a lot for you to handle at such a young age?

Teal Conrad: I think I was able to handle It really well because I was excited. I just loved getting naked and the more I did it the more I wanted to do. I’m sitting here with Tory Lane right now.

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Mens Mag Daily: Really?

Teal Conrad: Yeah, she’s my best friend.

Mens Mag Daily: Tory Lane is like one of the hottest chicks ever.

Teal Conrad: I know, she is.

Tory Lane: I heard that, thank you.

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Mens Mag Daily: A lot of girls in the adult industry are hot but you’re like really gorgeous.

Teal Conrad: Well, thank you. I think it’s just a natural beauty, keep it natural right?

Mens Mag Daily: All of the stuff that we, people who aren’t in the industry, hear about in terms of sleaziness and shadiness. Is any of that true or is it just stereotyping?

Teal Conrad: It’s all stereotypical. I’ve never gone on a set and felt like I didn’t have a choice in terms of me wanting to do something or not or me feeling uncomfortable. I do it and I love it.

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Mens Mag Daily: You’re actually a student right now too, right?

Teal Conrad: Yes I am, I go to UCLA.

Mens Mag Daily: You must be smart.

Teal Conrad: I hope so. (Laughs)

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Mens Mag Daily: Do people recognize you at school?

Teal Conrad: To be honest, I’m really not there that much so it hasn’t been something that happens a lot.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you have a favorite scene you’ve done so far?

Teal Conrad: I do have a favorite scene and it’s on my website, tealconrad.com. It’s with me, Tory Lane, and Nick Manning and he’s dropping loads.

(Tory Lane laughs in the background)

Teal Conrad: Doesn’t he own that? Yeah he trademarked that.

Mens Mag Daily: It’s pretty cool that Tory Lane is in the background.

Teal Conrad: Oh yeah, we’re just making our bed. We’re roommates darling’.

Mens Mag Daily: So speaking of you doing a scene with a guy and a girl together, do you prefer scenes with a guy or a girl?

Teal Conrad: I love them both but everybody wants to see me take the dick so that’s what I get hired for more. I wish I had more girl/girl scenes.

Mens Mag Daily: Now Teal, you got very popular very fast, why do you think that is?

Teal Conrad: Well, thank you, I must be doing a good job then. I basically think it’s because I do what I do because I love it.

Mens Mag Daily: Why don’t you get booked for more girl/girl scenes?

Teal Conrad: I think boy/girl is just more popular. It’s really just where the business is right now. A lot of guys prefer girl/girl so I don’t know. It’s weird, like people will see me doing boy/girl so I’ll instantly get hired for more of that.

Mens Mag Daily: You know what I think would be a good scene?

Teal Conrad: What?

Mens Mag Daily: You and Asa Akira.

Teal Conrad: Oh, I love Asa! There you go, that would be an awesome scene. That’s actually a great one; I’ve really wanted to work with her.

Mens Mag Daily: Or maybe you, Asa, and Tory Lane.

Teal Conrad: Oh, that would be a fabulous scene, that would be hot!

Mens Mag Daily: Is there good money in being a 19 year old porn star?

Teal Conrad: Yeah, but it’s not all about shooting, I could tell you that. There’s a lot of feature dancing and there’s a lot of different avenues to make money so it’s not just about fucking on film. Feature dancing is a lot of fun.

Mens Mag Daily: So what’s your favorite part of being in this business?

Teal Conrad: I like when I get to see a finished product. I like seeing a good finished product, something I can be really proud of. I have a lot of passion for it, I just love it. The more I do it, the more I want. I love what I do and sometimes I just forget that I’m in front of a camera so I might forget to curl my toes or something like that so I try and pay attention to those things. I want everything to be perfect because I adore it so much.

Mens Mag Daily: Teal, you remind me of a young Lisa Ann, have you ever heard that before?

Teal Conrad: Yes, I’m a young Lisa Ann. I have been told that actually. I think it’s because we’re both brunette and have the same facial shape or something, I’m not complaining. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Would you say your best sexual experience has been on screen or off screen?

Teal Conrad: Definitely on screen, it’s the scene I told you about with Nick Manning and Tory lane.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you and Tory Lane mess around off screen as well?

Teal Conrad: Oh yeah, we fucked in the backyard last night.

Mens Mag Daily: Ok that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m going to have to interview Tory one day too.

Tory Lane: (Tory jumps in on speaker phone) You can interview me now.

Mens Mag Daily: Tory, you know what’s the hottest scene you ever did?

Tory Lane: No, what?

Mens Mag Daily: It was a scene with Ashli Orion.

Tory Lane: Darlin’ I’ve been doing this for 10 years and 2500 fucking scenes so you’re going to have to be a little more detailed. I lost some memory of my scenes and my gag reflex years ago. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: I’m looking it up. It was called “A Little Southern Hospitality”.

Tory Lane: I don’t think I remember. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: That is awesome. I wish I had that problem.

Tory Lane: This happens to me all the. I go up to people and introduce myself and they look at me like “um, we’ve worked together before.” (Laughs)

Teal Conrad: And then she introduced herself to this guy once and he was like we shot my first scene together.

Tory Lane: Oh yeah, that’s right. (Laughs)This is so funny; let me go look her up. What’s her name?

Mens Mag Daily: Ashli Orion.

Tory Lane: This is so embarrassing. (Laughs) Man, this girl has a lot of followers.

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Mens Mag Daily: You remember her?

Tory Lane: Yeah, I know who she is.

Mens Mag Daily: So you remember the scene?

Tory Lane: No, not exactly. (Laughs) I give my all in every scene but sometimes I forget.

Mens Mag Daily: Ok so you said you guys had sex in the backyard last night. Can I get a recap of how that went down?

Tory Lane: Okay, so we went out to eat and had some drinks.

Mens Mag Daily: So this was a date?

Tory Lane: Yes, you could call it a date.

Teal Conrad: Some UFC fighter came up to us but then he disappeared.

Mens Mag Daily: I hate UFC, I watch boxing.

Tory Lane: Okay, so then we were jumping on the trampoline.

Mens Mag Daily: Wait, I thought you were out eating, where was there a trampoline?

Tory Lane: No, this is after we came home. Our agent has a trampoline in the backyard.

Mens Mag Daily: So how did the sex start?

Tory Lane: Alcohol was clearly involved in this. (Laughs) We’re not lipstick lesbians by any means but whatever. We were jumping around on the trampoline and we were kissing and we kept on kissing. We were drinking moonshine too so I don’t remember it too clearly but there’s a soccer goal in the backyard too so we climbed on top of it and were eating each other’s pussies. We actually broke it. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Sounds hot.

Tory Lane: Oh it was fabulous.

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