The Air Jordan 9 “Baron” Is Coming

MMD March 28, 2014 0
The Air Jordan 9 “Baron” Is Coming

Every year, the Jordan brand has an anchor release, meaning they put out one insane retro Jordan and experiment with the rest of their releases, sometimes with disastrous results. Last year, for example, they killed it with the retro 11’s in Gamma blue but then had major fails with the “Joker” and “Crimson” 3’s. It’s a damn shame when they mess up an iconic retro like the 3. They also release the Jordan 11 in low which are passable at best if you ask me. As long as there are three very hot releases per year I’m good and 2014 is off to a good start as we reported last week as Nike will reportedly be releasing the “sneaker of sneakers” in the Jordan 11 “Columbia-I mean Legend Blue” around Christmas time. Well things are even looking even brighter as Nike is all set to release the Air Jordan 9 “Birmingham Barons” retro on April 5th and if you’re willing to pay a few more bucks you can buy them on EBay as you read this. This is a very solid release as the 9’s are insane. Obviously, they are designed to pay homage to MJ’s short stint as a minor league baseball player. Lucky for us, it’s hard to mess up black and white but Nike did a great job of putting these together. It’s the little details that make these kicks a winner. With a white and grey base the shoes are simple enough, as the 9’s are.  The inside of the shoe is black and white pinstripe which was a dope touch and what I’m feeling more than anything is that they went with the number 45 on the back of these bad boys. Normally, I say stick with 23 all the way but the 45 just made sense in this case and gives the shoe a very different look. The whole pinstripe theme is a good look and to be honest I think these might be the hottest AJ 9 ever released. So remember people, April 5th is cop day but if you can’t wait on line at Foot Locker then there is most definitely a reseller with an available pair waiting for you. I don’t see the mark-up on these being too crazy. The Baron is going to be a shoe that appreciates over time.



Article By: Jon DaBove

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