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Last night Rachel Nichols grilled Floyd Mayweather on CNN about his history of abusing women. His callous denials included phrases like “everything has been allegations, nothing is proven,” and “just hearsay and allegations, and I signed a plea bargain,” plus the classic “only god can judge me.” First of all pretty boy: a plea bargain is an admission of guilt. Secondly, let’s recap Mayweather’s disgusting history of beating women to reiterate that not only was he was lying last night, but his actions make Ray Rice look like a pretty swell guy. It’s also noteworthy that CBS had Jim Nance callout Ray Rice for his actions on Thursday Night Football, yet has no problem paying Mayweather approximately $100 million for tonight’s fight.

In late 2001/early 2002 Mayweather pleaded guilty on two counts of battery against Melissa Brim, the mother of his daughter. He also entered a guilty plea on one count of battery against Brim’s father. Melissa Brim claims that Mayweather used a car door to beat her the first time, eventually stuffing her in the car and punching her. In the second incident he skipped straight to the punching, striking her in the neck and fleeing the scene. He was given probation.

In 2003 he punched two women in the nightclub of a casino. The women were friends of Josie Harris, mother of three of Mayweather’s kids. He reportedly struck them because he did not approve of them as Harris’ friends. When casino security intervened, he picked up a female security guard and shook her. He again was found guilty of two counts of battery yet only received probation.

Four months later Harris and Mayweather were sitting in his car outside a casino/nightclub when Harris confronted Mayweather about his promiscuity. He punched and kicked her, then dragged her out of the car lacerating her face. Mayweather was charged with felony battery. By the time of the trial a year later, Harris changed her tune and claimed she started the fight. He dragged her from the car but she was out of control and deserved it. Afterward Mayweather bought her a $500,000 ring.

In 2010 Mayweather burst into Harris’ home infuriated that she was dating NBA guard C.J. Watson, despite the two no longer being a couple. In front of his kids he repeatedly pinched her and twisted her arm, claiming he would kill her and Watson. When Harris screamed for the kids to call the police Mayweather told them they would get beat if they did so. He continued to punch Harris in the back of the head as she lay prone on the ground. He was charged with a bunch of felonies that had him facing 34 years in prison, but he plea bargained down to 90 days. He was released after 60 on good behavior.

You can read about these details and more in a great Deadspin piece entitled “The Trouble with Floyd Mayweather” by Iron Mike Gallego from July 16, 2014.

So, what can we male of all this? One: The system is screwed, anyone who can do all this deserves more than 60 days in jail. Two: Money is god, no matter what your actions, no matter how obvious your guilt, no matter if you’re black or white multi-millionaires are above the law. Three: If you buy tonight’s fight you will be contributing to a fund that will pay Mayweather $100 million, some of which he will undoubtably use to buy his way out of abusing more women. Four: Floyd Mayweather is a piece of shit.

Article By: Anthony Schiano

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