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In the adult industry, the girl next door type is highly sought after, so much so that she is often manufactured. That’s because it’s hard to reproduce but when it’s authentic, the genuine article makes for a very sexy quality in a woman. Everybody loves the girl next door. She reminds of that sexy woman we once had a crush on, who was so beautiful yet still attainable. One female performer who is truly the girl next door is East Coast resident, Whitney Westgate. Her demure yet outgoing and highly sexual personality, her incredible body, and her drop dead gorgeous looks have made Whitney one of the most popular women in the adult industry. Besides her personality and physical attributes, Whitney is also one hell of a performer deliver some of the steamiest scenes around. Whitney will surely be a superstar in the adult industry. Mens Mag Daily caught up with the sexy Whitney Westgate to discuss how she got into the adult industry, her love of sneakers, and what music she’s listening to right now.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Whitney, I really want everybody to get a feel for who you are so can you tell us what life was like for you growing up in Jersey? What were you like growing up?

Whitney Westgate: Growing up in New Jersey was great. You get the suburban life but you’re only about 30 minutes to New York City and about an hour from Philadelphia so there’s always something to do. I was a pretty outgoing kid, I did lots of activities. I have done baseball, swimming, gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. As I get older, I enjoy hitting the city a lot with all the different restaurants and nightlife.

Mens Mag Daily: You did your first scene shortly after turning 18. First of all, what made you do it and second of all what was the experience like for you, were you nervous?

Whitney Westgate: It’s actually a funny story. The day I flew out to California for my first scene was the same day my high school was having prom. All my friends were going with their boyfriends, I wasn’t asked to prom though. I had gotten an offer to fly out to California for the day, make some money, and fly back in the same day and I took the offer. My first experience I have to say was amazing. It was probably the best trip I’ve ever had. I always wanted to go to California, I had never been. Being there was just amazing to me. I was a little nervous but I got over that really quick.


Mens Mag Daily: Like I just said you got into the industry at a young age. The adult industry can be a tough one. Were you overwhelmed by everything? It’s a lot to take in.

Whitney Westgate: I think in this industry you learn the ropes quick. If you don’t, people will eat you up and spit you out. It was a little overwhelming at first but I feel I’m doing pretty well. I think I’ve learned how to handle overwhelming situations very well just by being in the industry.

Mens Mag Daily: How did your friends and family react when they found out about your career choice?

Whitney Westgate: They were obviously not pleased but my family has opened their minds a bit more. They have learned from just being around me and hearing stories that the industry is not how the public perceives it. It’s actually very different and it is a job just like anything else. Just as long as I’m safe, that’s all they really care about. As far as friends, being in the industry really has shown me who my true friends are. It took a while but I’ve cut a lot of people off. I still have a small group of close friends and to me they are family.


Mens Mag Daily: Now, you’re very beautiful in a very classy, wholesome way. You remind me of Kelly from Saved by the Bell with a little bit of Jersey flavor in there, trust me I know, I’m from Brooklyn. Before you got into adult, did you ever consider being a mainstream model or actress?

Whitney Westgate: Yes I did, but breaking into the mainstream world is very difficult. I’m not tall enough to be a mainstream model; I am only 5’6. I would still love to do some main stream work as an actress though, if the opportunity presented itself.

Mens Mag Daily: I know you’re into hip-hop and I’m very into hip-hop myself. Who are some of your favorite artists and do you rap along with the lyrics when you’re alone in your car?

Whitney Westgate: Oh yeah, I’m big into music. If I’m not blasting it in the car, then I have my head phones in. I cannot sing or rap to save my life but you know I try to anyway. Music clears my head for some reason. It doesn’t matter what kind of music is playing, I love it all. Billy Joel is my all-time favorite. Right now I’m pretty into Mase, Mariah Carey, T.I., The Diplomats, Future, of course Biggie Smalls, Nas, and 50 Cent. There are just too many, I could keep going forever.


Mens Mag Daily: I heard you’re a sneakerhead and I got very excited. I’m just waiting until December so I can buy like 5 pairs of Air Jordan 11’s in white. I also heard you get your kicks at the same place as Lisa Ann who I know has a mean sneaker game. I need details. What are some of your favorite sneakers of all time? Are you a Jordan girl? And what kind of shoes do you rock when you’re not wearing sneakers? I feel like you might be a Louboutin girl.

Whitney Westgate: Yes I have tons of sneakers, probably Over 100 pairs. Most of them come from Sneaker Room (http://snkrroom.com) There is one in Bayonne NJ and another in Jersey City. I’m Big on the Jordan 1’s and 5’s actually. To this day my favorite pair is still the air Jordan 1 Retro 93 Bugs Bunny. For some reason they’ve stayed my favorite. When I’m not in sneakers I’m big on Giuseppe Zanotti. They are amazing shoes, I have so many pairs of shoes but it’s never enough.

Mens Mag Daily: Now, you got very popular pretty quickly which definitely doesn’t happen for everybody. What do you think it is that people love about you so much?

Whitney Westgate: Honesty I have no idea. You have to tell me. (Laughs) I’m pretty real and haven’t changed much from before getting in the industry to the time I got in the industry. I don’t have an “alter ego”, I’m just myself. What you see is what you get basically and to me I’m still just a normal 20 year old.


Mens Mag Daily: Do you prefer shooting boy/girl or girl/girl scenes? In my head I’m hoping girl/girl for some reason.

Whitney Westgate: (Laughs) I enjoy both. I don’t get to shoot a lot of girl/girl so when I do I get all excited because I get to meet all new female talent and work with other ones I haven’t seen in a minute. I really couldn’t choose, they’re both top notch to me.

Mens Mag Daily: One thing I need to know and all of my readers would kill me if I didn’t ask you is, what is your type of guy and how should a guy approach you if he wants to get to know you?

Whitney Westgate: I think the most important thing is not to be intimidated have confidence in yourself. I’m nice to everyone so if you just came up to me said hey, I would probably talk your ear off. Also just be yourself don’t try to act any other way. I love guys who can make me laugh. I love men that work hard at everything they do. I need a guy that I can just hangout and watch movies all day with and have a great time. Gentlemen are hot too, that guy that holds doors and is polite but still has a bad side.


Mens Mag Daily: You were the Penthouse Pet of the Month in April 2013 which is a big look. What was that experience like and did you start to get a lot of attention after that?

Whitney Westgate: It was great. I was 18 years old so to me it meant everything. I worked with an amazing crew and to see the final product in stores was an amazing feeling. I know my home town sold out my issue from almost every store. (Laughs) I wouldn’t say I got more attention from it but it’s definitely another notch I can put on my belt.

Mens Mag Daily: Overall, what are your feelings about the adult industry? Would you make any changes to it?

Whitney Westgate: I love it. For the most part it has treated me well. I would make a lot of changes to it but I won’t get into that right now.


Mens Mag Daily: I know you’re still very young but do you have any plans for the future? Do you want to stay in porn for a long time or do you have other plans?

Whitney Westgate: I would like to stay in porn as long as possible. When I’m ready to retire, I will probably go into medical and diagnostic sonography. That is what my major currently is. The medical field is what has my interest so some aspect of that field is where you’ll find me.

Mens Mag Daily: I’m not sure about this but do you live on the East or West coast now. Being an East Coast girl, how do you like Cali?

Whitney Westgate: I still live on the East Coast. I could never move from the East Coast, it’s home. I do travel to the West Coast often though, at least once a month. I love California, it most definitely has become a second home. It’s great to visit but I could never live there. I love being so close to NYC, the seasons, the fast paced life style.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Whitney, tell us about anything you have coming up that we should be looking for, websites, social media, anything you’d like.

Whitney Westgate: Well you can come meet me at the AVNs this year. It will be the first year I’m attending. I have tons of new content coming out next month and you can follow me on Twitter at @WhitneyWestgate, Instagram at WhitneyWestgate1, and on Vine at Whitney Westgate.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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