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Zoey Portland’s story differs slightly from that of most porn stars. She wasn’t a bright eyed eighteen year old when she entered the adult industry but an experienced thirty-two year old woman who had spent a good chunk of her childhood in Australia. However, this gorgeous blonde bombshell looks every bit the part of a California pornstar despite the fact that she still resides in Denver and travels to Los Angeles for work. She calls herself an independent pornstar and handles much of her business on her own although with her gorgeous body I’m guessing she’s not a very hard sell. Besides being gorgeous, Zoey Portland is a performer that puts her all into every scene she does. Mens Mag Daily sat down with this Denver girl to discuss her entrance into porn, the first time she was with a girl, and what we will not see her doing on screen.


Mens Mag Daily: Zoey, give us a little background information, where are you from?

Zoey Portland: I am from Denver but I actually grew up in Australia. I was actually born in Kansas then we moved to Australia and then back to America when I was 10 or 12.

Mens Mag Daily: Why Australia?

Zoey Portland: That’s where my parents met and got married. Then they moved to Kansas. After that we lived in Miami but it was a little rough and they didn’t really want to raise me there. Dad got a job that was in Australia and he wanted to move anyway so we did.


Mens Mag Daily: And at what point and how did you get into the business?

Zoey Portland: I got into the industry about a year ago. I was working at a gentleman’s cabaret and then I decided to try webcamming. I did that for a while and I started to get a lot of messages about doing movies and stuff so I decided that’s what I wanted to do. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Were you apprehensive about getting into it?

Zoey Portland: No, not at all really. I had been considering it for a while but at that point I was too nervous. I was scared about my parents finding out and my friends and how it would change my life. I eventually decided that I wanted to move forward and not make decisions based on what other people would think so I did it.


Mens Mag Daily: And what do your parents think?

Zoey Portland: I mean I try not to discuss it with them. I definitely don’t go into details. My dad is a little bit more accepting of it. My mom was kind of nervous about the whole situation because she thought it might be dangerous. I’m never going to give them too many details about it or get too specific.

Mens Mag Daily: When you did your first scene, what was it like? Were you nervous? Excited?

Zoey Portland: My first couple of scenes were POV scenes, which is point of view, so that’s a little different from a regular scene. To be honest, I really didn’t have a chance to be nervous and I was pretty comfortable so it wasn’t bad.


Mens Mag Daily: Prior to entering the business, were you a very sexual person?

Zoey Portland: Yeah, you could say that. In high school I was known as the girl who slept with all of the black guys but there really wasn’t that many so I don’t know. After high school I dated around a little or whatever. Then I was in a long term committed relationship where the sex was lacking. I’ve always been sexual in the sense that I wanted good sex. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Were you into women as well?

Zoey Portland: Oh yeah definitely, I was actually with a girl before I was with a guy. I was just messing around with girls but I was definitely open to the possibility of having an actual relationship, like a girlfriend.

Mens Mag Daily: When was the first time you were with a girl?

Zoey Portland: It’s not that crazy of a story. I was really young and I was at a friend’s sleepover, like all girls, and me and this other girl were always talking about boys and we decided to kiss each other. After that, things kind of slowly progressed from there and we did other things with each other. I would say I lost my virginity to a guy about a year after that.

Mens Mag Daily: You do a lot of interracial scenes, would you say that’s kind of your niche?

Zoey Portland: Not really, I don’t think it happens intentionally. Like I said, in high school I was known as the girls who slept with all of the black guys even though there weren’t that many of them. I’m attracted to people of every race on screen and off screen. I do think a lot of people are threatened by the fact that I do interracial scenes.


Mens Mag Daily: Time for the typical questions, what is your favorite sexual position?

Zoey Portland: I have a couple that I really love. I do have a variety though but I would say missionary and doggie are my favorite. When I have sex though I want it in all different positions.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you enjoy giving oral sex or do you just go through the motions?

Zoey Portland: I do, I love it. I like to choke on it. (Laughs) I hate when it gets in my eye though. I would much rather swallow or have it somewhere on my body.

Mens Mag Daily: Anything you’re not into at all?

Zoey Portland: Watersports of any kind are definitely not my thing. I don’t like anything that’s way too crazy rough like I don’t want anything really tight around my neck.


Mens Mag Daily: Your Twitter says you’re an independent porn star, what does that mean?

Zoey Portland: I represent myself basically although I do get some help with getting booked and stuff but I’m not under any type of contract.

Mens Mag Daily: How old are you by the way?

Zoey Portland: I’m 33.


Mens Mag Daily: So you kind of got into the industry a little later?

Zoey Portland: I did but I’d say it was the perfect time for me personally. I think it’s positive in the sense that I’m in the industry because I want to, I enjoy what I’m doing. At a younger age you might not make the best decisions and not last very long at all.

Mens Mag Daily: Zoey, to wrap things up, where can your fans connect with you?

Zoey Portland: Well they can always follower me on my Twitter which is, https://twitter.com/ZoeyPortlandXXX. I’m also working on getting my official site up which I’m looking forward to. That should be really great when it gets up and running.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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  1. mz April 24, 2014 at 11:58 am - Reply

    omg really???? saw her in a couple of flicks and this brod has NO skills… pure garbage! I would rather fuk a fish than someone like her who calls herself a porn star… there’s nothing sexy about her, especially cause she has zero acting skills… good luck doll! You’re going to need it! lol

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