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Going out and getting wasted is one of life’s great joys. It’s even worth the horrible, debilitating, head pounding misery you’ll be in the next morning when you’re hung over as all hell. Not to worry, while hangovers are going to happen regardless of what makeshift cure you’ve come up with, there are ways to at least ease the pain. And no fitness freaks, exercise isn’t one of them. I can barely get to the gym after I’ve had a banana pineapple smoothie, what the hell makes you think I want to lift weights, or even worse, run when I drank a liter of Jack Daniels like 7 hours ago? I hate you fitness nuts with a passion. Anyway, none of these are particularly scientific or endorsed by physicians but we’d like to think they make things a little smoother.

Hangover Cure #1 is lots of delicious greasy food. I don’t know about you guys but when my stomach is all queasy because of a night of drinking; nothing gets me on the road to normalcy quicker than a Five Guys burger and fries. Many say this isn’t true and maybe it’s not but a lot of people swear by it and I’m definitely one of them. Plus, c’mon, it’s an excuse to eat Five Guys. (As if we needed an excuse anyway)

Hangover Cure #2 is Gatorade and Advil, Aleve, any over the counter pain reliever. This definitely does work and here’s how you should do it. Take a couple of Advil and drink a big Gatorade before you pass out. This is a little preventative action so the hangover won’t be as bad as it would have been. Keep drinking Gatorade when you wake up. The electrolytes are gold when you need to get that horrible monkey off your back.

Hangover Cure #3 is an interesting one and is designed for a very specific situation. If you’re day drinking and you have plans at night as well you need to pace yourself. A lot of us miss the mark on that and end up feeling hung over by dinner time. Need to feel better before tonight? Take a couple of Advil with a big bottle of water. Lay down, close your eyes and put a bunch of ice cubes on your balls, I mean testicles, until it melts. By the time that ice melts you’ll be ready to go.

Hangover Cure #4 is water. It’s actually insane how good water is for you. It has so many health benefits. I wish it didn’t taste like ass. Anyway, drink massive amounts of water from the moment you wake up. It’ll hydrate you which will make you feel better and you’ll start peeing out the toxins. By the time your pee starts coming out clear out again you should be starting to feel better.

Hangover Cure #5: Last but not least is the only actual factual cure for the hangover, sleep. If you don’t want a hangover then sleep through it. Only drink on nights when you know you have nothing to do the next day, sleep until 4 in the afternoon and you’ll feel like you feel any other morning, perfect or at least normal. You’ll even be more than ready to go again in just a few hours. Sleep truly is the cure all when it comes to hangovers. Yes, it takes the most time but it takes the least effort and it’s sleeping, which is great. As the old saying goes, sleep it off!

Article By: Jon DaBove

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