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AJ Applegate is a very interesting person. On one hand you have the cute girl from Connecticut who taught dance. On the other hand you have the busty blonde pornstar that has taken the entire adult industry by storm. On paper, these qualities seem so different but when you talk to AJ you realize that the hometown girl and the porn starlet are the same exact person. That’s probably why she’s been so successful, it’s her authenticity. She’s not putting on a show or playing it up for the crowd. She’s simply doing what she wants to do and she’s happy doing it. That’s a rare quality in any business, let alone the adult industry. Mens Mag Daily caught up with AJ Applegate to discuss why she still lives on the East Coast, her very loyal fan base, and her goals for the future in the adult industry.


Mens Mag Daily: So where are you originally from?

AJ Applegate: I’m originally from Long Island but I grew up in Connecticut.

Mens Mag Daily: How did you find your way into the adult business?

AJ Applegate: I always wanted to try and get into it since I was pretty young. I started doing nude and fetish modeling after working at a strip club in Connecticut at 19. I decided to do more mainstream porn after the fetish and nude modeling.


Mens Mag Daily: What was the process though? Did you contact agencies?

AJ Applegate: I had like this nobody agent in New York that didn’t know anything. He only knew how to get me jobs in Florida. I went out to L.A but he wasn’t able to get me any work at all and then I met my other agent.

Mens Mag Daily: Are you living in L.A. permanently now?

AJ Applegate: No I still live in Connecticut, I travel back and forth. It gets tiring but I like being able to just come home and have time off and relax. It’s like my life and my work are separated from each other. I fly out once a month for like three weeks and then I’ll come home for like a month.


Mens Mag Daily: What were your impressions of the industry when you first started?

AJ Applegate: I didn’t realize how much went into making a scene. I think people think you just run into a room and have sex. They think there’s one person with one camera but it’s a lot more involved. I love my job. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you nervous at all?

AJ Applegate: No not at all actually. The director couldn’t believe it was my first time. Once the camera was on I didn’t feel any nerves at all. I think that comes from being a dancer my whole life and being in front of audiences.


Mens Mag Daily: Not all pornstars are really gorgeous but you are. Before porn did you ever consider mainstream acting or modeling?

AJ Applegate: I was a dance teacher and I did professional dancing for a couple of professional sports teams but I always had like a desire to go beyond what I could do sexually. That’s why I was so intrigued by the adult industry. I didn’t want to regret not trying it. It was now or never so I did it. I was always like the closet freak. I was never able to experience all the things I wanted to before porn. My boyfriends would tell me I was so great in bed or whatever but I never got to really experience the things I wanted until I got into porn.

Mens Mag Daily: Speaking of boyfriends, what’s your type of guy?

AJ Applegate: I need a guy who is really secure with himself and takes care of himself and eats healthy. I like an outgoing guy. I like a guy who’s taller and he has to be able to make me laugh, that’s a turn on. I’m really into the gym and stuff so if a guy isn’t taking care of himself it’s kind of a turn off. I eat really healthy and organic but I have my cheat days.


Mens Mag Daily: What would you have on a cheat day?

AJ Applegate: I love fried Oreos and I love pizza.

Mens Mag Daily: East Coast vs. West Coast, which do you prefer?

AJ Applegate: East Coast, definitely. I love coming home.


Mens Mag Daily: What’s it like interacting with the other performers. Do you guys hang out a lot or do you kind of keep to yourself?

AJ Applegate: In the beginning I was told by a lot of girls to keep to myself because you never know who you can trust. I have a couple of girls I’m kind of close with but I don’t have a girl I can call my best friend or anything. I’m not there all the time and when I am I’m working so it’s harder.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve gotten very popular. What do you attribute that to?

AJ Applegate: I think my fans love me because I’m down to Earth and honest. I actually love sex and I’m there to have sex, the money is just a plus. I only do things because I want to do them and I make sure I talk to my fans because without them I wouldn’t be where I am now. I think a lot of girls don’t appreciate their fans as much as they should.


Mens Mag Daily: How did the people who knew you before porn react when they found out?

AJ Applegate: Oh, they weren’t shocked at all. My friends have always known me to be very open sexually and not shy at all. A year after I got into the industry one of my guy friends reminded me that in the eighth grade I wanted to be a pornstar. That’s when I started watching porn but I think every girl feels that way when they first start watching porn.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you into girls before porn?

AJ Applegate: Yeah, but it was really hard to hook up with girls because you don’t know how to ask them and stuff. I had a couple of threesomes and I was with one girl. It was really hard for me. I love girls but I’d rather date a guy.


Mens Mag Daily: As far as the industry goes, what are your plans for the future?

AJ Applegate: I always say I’d like to reach MILF status if I could reach that point. I really want my career to just keep going the way that it’s going because it’s great. I hope it keeps up. I’d like to start directing in the near future and I’m also going to start feature dancing very soon. Being a dancer it’s kind of natural for me.

Mens Mag Daily: Have you had any negative experiences in the adult industry?

AJ Applegate: I wouldn’t say that I’d had any negative experiences on set or anything, I’ve been lucky that way. I’ve had some bad experiences with the fans like before I did interracial. People were saying I was racist because I didn’t do it and then when I did it some fans were saying I was disgusting. I kind of learned how to just brush it off because you can’t please everybody. That’s a situation where you just can’t win and a lot of the girls go through it.


Mens Mag Daily: Have you ever had any weirdo fans?

AJ Applegate: Not really, (Laughs) I’ve been really lucky that way. I try and talk to my fans as much as I possibly can. I seriously feel like I have one of the most loyal fan bases. They’re always sticking with me and they’re just great. They buy me stuff off my wish list. One thing they do that’s really cool is they’ll buy me an outfit to wear in a scene and then they buy it back from me after it’s done.

Mens Mag Daily: I have a horrible question but my fans demand it, what is your favorite sexual position?

AJ Applegate: My favorite sexual position is definitely doggie because the guy can really grab your hips and you can feel it the deepest which I love. It’s hot too because I can be really submissive but I can also be in control.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay AJ, tell us about all the stuff you have coming up and where your fans can reach you, the whole nine.

AJ Applegate: My first gangbang just came out. I just did my first interracial blow bang. I don’t know exactly when it’s coming out but it should be soon. I also did a layout for Hustler which was really different. I’ve never done anything like that before and I think it comes out next month. My fans can reach me on my Twitter which is https://twitter.com/AJApplegateXXX or my Instagram which is http://instagram.com/realajapplegate.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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