Alexis Amore: MMD Interviews Porn’s Peruvian Princess

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Alexis Amore is a legend is the porn industry. For 15 years, this Peruvian beauty has sat at the top of the industry with a legion of loyal fans. Besides being beautiful, sweet and approachable Alexis oozes sex appeal and you can see that in every scene she does. She’s been featured on Playboy TV, Telemundo, and been a contract girl on a couple of occasions. Alexis has also been nominated for AVN awards and is known for her work ethic as she constantly does features and appearances. If there is such a thing as porn royalty, Alexis Amore is it. Mens Mag Daily had a chance to sit down with the gorgeous Latina to discuss whether she prefers scenes with men or women, her love for feature dancing, and how hot it is that she speaks Spanish in some of her scenes.


Mens Mag Daily: So Alexis, you’ve been in the business for 15 years, right?

Alexis Amore: Yes I have, since 1999.


Mens Mag Daily: That’s obviously rare. A lot of girls are in and out in 6 months. How have you been able to stay in the business and be so popular for so long?

Alexis Amore: I think interacting with my fans is a big part of that and I can thank social media for that. I also go on the road a lot so I’m able to interact with my fans. I’m always bugging my agent about appearances and just staying in the public eye. I think doing those things is what has kept people interested in me. When you do all that people kind of remember that you’re still around.

Mens Mag Daily: Having been in the industry as long as you have, would you say it has changed a lot from when you first started?

Alexis Amore: Oh yeah, it has changed a lot. The industry was like a smaller circle before so it was kind of like everybody knew everybody before. The companies would put more money into their contract stars. There are a lot of girls now and it’s kind of hard to keep up with who is who. (Laughs) Before, you were kind of familiar with all the girls. Now, I’ll be tagged in a picture with a girl and I won’t know what she’s done or how long she’s even been in the business. Also, before it was a lot about the DVD’s but few companies do that now, now it’s more about the internet and they stick with that.


Mens Mag Daily: Do you feel like the girls now who are in the business are willing to do crazier stuff than they used to?

Alexis Amore: Oh yeah, for sure, I definitely noticed that. Back then, as a contract performer it was like you couldn’t do certain things because Playboy wouldn’t accept the footage or so and so would think it was too much. But now there are companies like who electrocute girls. (Laughs) They’re definitely willing to take it farther now than they used to.

Mens Mag Daily: So I’m assuming you’re not into getting electrocuted?

Alexis Amore: No, definitely not. (Laughs) I basically do things that I want to do. If I have a fantasy or something that I want to do sexually then I was able to do this in this environment where we’re all tested and it’s safe. There was glamour to it. Now, it’s like you get electrocuted and you go home with a check and that’s it. Back then, people would have kind of looked at you in a different light. Now, it’s like if you don’t do it you can kind of be seen as vanilla.


Mens Mag Daily: See, I don’t ever think you could be considered vanilla because number one, you’re on of the most beautiful women in the world and number two; you speak Spanish in some of your scenes which every guy regardless of nationality seems to love.

Alexis Amore: That’s my first language and I still use it in everyday life. I definitely have fans that want me to do it even more. I’ve worked with companies that really want that from me and they encourage it and then I’ve worked with companies that don’t really want it. It really goes through cycles with everything. First you had the girls with the blue eyes and the blonde extensions with big fake boobs. Then it was girls with a natural type of look and then it’s girls with a big booty so it always changes. Now it’s more open and there are a lot more Latina performers.


Mens Mag Daily: But you fit into a lot of categories, don’t you?

Alexis Amore: Back then, I did a lot of different things. They would give me different types of roles and they heard my accent and knew I was Latina. (Laughs) Put her in that Latina movie.

Mens Mag Daily: There was also a period where you just worked with women right?

Alexis Amore: Actually, I was under contract at that time and it stated that I had to do half and half so it just seemed like I was only working with women but I was definitely doing both. I would do a lot of movies like No Man’s Land but then I would do a movie with a guy, it was split in half.


Mens Mag Daily: In terms of being on camera, do you prefer men or women?

Alexis Amore: I like both but in my life I only do men so being with women is like a fantasy I get to fulfill on camera.

Mens Mag Daily: So you kind of get to fulfill some fantasies you wouldn’t get to in everyday life?

Alexis Amore: Correct.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you have any fantasies that you haven’t fulfilled yet?

Alexis Amore: I’ve done a lot of scenes and we’re working on me coming back and doing some scenes which would be both men and women so I think I’m pretty good on my fantasies for now. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Do the fans prefer to see you with men or women?

Alexis Amore: I think it’s a little bit of both. I actually have a lot of female fans and they prefer the stuff I do with girls. I like the fact also that a lot of couples are fans of mine. I think that’s cool that I can kind of cater to both. I have fans that really appreciate both kinds of scenes.

Mens Mag Daily: Alexis, do you do a lot of feature dancing?

Alexis Amore: I’ve been feature dancing for 13 years and I absolutely love going on the road. I love to travel and meet new people, see new things. I was just in New York. I’ll be in Portland in a couple of weeks so it gives me a chance to see and experience a lot. People also book me for parties which are a lot of fun.

Mens Mag Daily: I have to ask because you’ve been doing features for 13 years, have you ever come across a creepy fan?

Alexis Amore: Um, not too crazy. (Laughs) See, this sounds weird but I don’t really act like a total slut on my social media and so I get treated with a certain level of respect. It’s different from being a total slut in a scene because they want that but I show respect on my social media and my fans really do give that back to me. When I do feature dancing, I have a lot of interactions with my fans and I brought a guy up and was doing a booby slap and he bit my nipple hard.

Mens Mag Daily: What did you do?

Alexis Amore: I punched him in the neck. (Laughs) I asked him if that hurt him as much as him biting me hurt me. My rule is like just keep your mouth closed.

Mens Mag Daily: Being around so many of your fans, I’m sure they’re always hitting on you. Have you ever considered dating a fan?

Alexis Amore: I actually have considered it many times. There are some good looking fans of mine. But when you’re traveling stuff like that is hard to do because if I’m doing a show in Baltimore, what am I going to do? Move to Baltimore? (Laughs) I always think what if? But I have met a lot of great guys that have hired me for parties. It could get fun but nobody has ever gotten to second base or a home run or anything like that. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: What about the female fans?

Alexis Amore: The female fans actually get the luckiest because they get away with more since they’re girls. They can grab ass and tits and it’s kind of not fair because you’re telling the guy no and then the girl is doing it. (Laughs) If a girl gets drunk she might try to stick her tongue down my throat but it’s just easier for females. Even at AVN, I always see all the girls having fun and hooking up with the male talent and stuff and I’m always too busy hosting and getting my make-up done so it’s only happened for me once in all my years there.

Mens Mag Daily: Does a regular guy at AVN have a chance with you?

Alexis Amore: I don’t know because I’m a Capricorn and I have everything all planned out. I can’t speak for the other girls but for me I don’t know. I’ve definitely met nice guys and I’ll invite them to have drinks and meet up but it will be with a group of people, definitely not just me alone.

Mens Mag Daily: So what can we expect in the future from Alexis Amore?

Alexis Amore: Everybody should keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram as well as my website which is That’s where my fans can get all the updates on what I’m doing in terms of features and scenes, everything. They can find out which conventions I’m going to and when I’ll be on the road. They can even hire me for events like bachelor parties, divorce parties, anything.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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