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A lot of pornstars try to project the girl next door image and some even succeed but most of the time you don’t get that authentic feeling. When you talk to Allison Moore, you realize she actually is the girl next door, it’s no act. But she’s not just any girl next door. She’s the sexy one you’re always trying to get the nerve to talk to, the one with the killer rack and smokin’ hot body. This busty redhead is stunning and has a Julianne Moore type of thing going on. In addition to being drop dead gorgeous, she’s a sweetheart, very warm and charming. She’s also hardworking as she goes to school while pumping out scenes left and right and making appearances on the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. Mens Mag Daily caught up with Allison to discuss how she got into the business, her opinion of the swingers scene, and her plans for the future.

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Mens Mag Daily: So how many years in the adult industry now Allison?

Allison Moore: I started in September of 2010 so my four year anniversary is coming up next month.

Mens Mag Daily: What did you do before you got into porn?

Allison Moore: I was a hairstylist. I worked at a salon is Studio City. That was pretty much it. I did retail before that and the mom thing.


Mens Mag Daily: How did you even get introduced to the adult industry?

Allison Moore: My husband and I started the whole swinging thing going to parties and clubs. We got asked to do a swinger reality show but it didn’t end up airing. In my head I figured that if I was going to be fucking random people then I might as well get paid for it. I started doing nude modeling and it just progressed from there.

Mens Mag Daily: You just happened to be into the whole swinger lifestyle?

Allison Moore: Yeah, I mean it wasn’t a great time because it was a slim pickin’s type of situation. You know what I mean?


Mens Mag Daily: Absolutely, I never understood the whole swinging thing because I’m assuming there’s going to be a bunch of old dudes and I imagine not a lot of chicks are even into it so who the hell does that leave?

Allison Moore: Exactly, that was kind of my view on it. We started doing the webcam thing and that’s when we really started getting into it. We would webcam with other porn couples.

Mens Mag Daily: You don’t necessarily seem like the type to be into that stuff. Was it weird for you at first?

Allison Moore: It was good. It was different and it allowed me to explore my sexuality which I really liked.


Mens Mag Daily: Did you have any reservations given that you would be putting yourself out there?

Allison Moore: I did because I have kids and I was always worried about that. I’m also going to school so I worry about careers and things like that.

Mens Mag Daily: Nice, what are you studying?

Allison Moore: Psychology is my major and anthropology is my minor.


Mens Mag Daily: Very cool, what do you want to do with that?

Allison Moore: I’d like to be an advocate for our industry. Something that I don’t necessarily have to do full time would be great. I want something that will be emotionally rewarding. I’ve been really smart with the money I’ve made and I’ve made money from selling my stuff so that will enable me to take a lower paying job or work for a non-profit.

Mens Mag Daily: Is there a lot of money ion those little things that you guys do like selling stuff and doing the verified calls?

Allison Moore: Some people do and some don’t. I make a couple of hundred bucks a month. I don’t need that money so I just put it away and that adds up so it’s great.


Mens Mag Daily: Is it important for you to interact with your fans?

Allison Moore: Absolutely, without my fans I wouldn’t have a job. Being a good performer only goes so far.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you have any super fans? I know girls usually have a few.

Allison Moore: I have really good fans and then I have stalker fans and there’s definitely a difference. My stalker fans find my phone number on the internet and they’ll constantly call me, e-mail me, and tweet me. Some of them will call into the radio shows I’m on every time I’m there. The ones who call use my porn name so that’s a dead giveaway. I can actually recognize their voice sometimes.


Mens Mag Daily: Do people ever recognize you in public?

Allison Moore: They do in airports a lot. We travel a lot to conventions and stuff to Vegas, Cali, Florida, and Atlantic City so that definitely happens. Some are cool about it and some are creepy. One guy recognized me when I had my kid in the back seat so that was kind of creepy. It’s awkward.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve actually done some mainstream stuff as well.

Allison Moore: I do, I actually have a movie coming out called The Sexual Revolution which is about a swinger couple in the early 1960’s like the moon launch era. I’ve also been on Sons of Anarchy a couple of times. One of the companies I work for, the guy is a consultant for the show because he was in a biker club. They wanted real porn stars for the show so I pretty much just play a pornstar. I was on last season and I’ll be on the upcoming season as well. I’ve had offers to do other roles but it’s hard scheduling wise because they have really horrible hours. I like it, but surprisingly the pay isn’t as good unless you’re a main character obviously.


Mens Mag Daily: You do the feature dancing thing as well, right?

Allison Moore: Yeah I’ve danced in a lot of places like Florida, Philly, the list goes on. I like it, the fans come out and say hello. They buy my pictures and DVDs but I’ll sign whatever. I had somebody just send me pictures to sign and he put money in the envelope and everything for postage.

Mens Mag Daily: As far as actual shooting goes, what type of scenes are you favorite to do?

Allison Moore: My favorites are boy/girl scenes, then girl/girl scenes, and then orgy scenes. I’m not a huge fan of threesome because sometimes the girl doesn’t know how to be involved and it’s like I’m teaching someone. When it’s two guys it can be hard for me to get them involved unless they know what they’re doing. Gangbangs can be great if the guys really know what they’re doing. I just kind of stay there and let them direct everything.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Allison, give us the full rundown about all the stuff you have coming up.

Allison Moore: My Twitter is There’s also my website which is I have tons of scenes coming out and you can find most of them on I just started shooting interracial which is cool. I’m also in the Kardashian parody which isn’t out yet but it’s coming. I will also be featuring at Centerfolds in Sacramento, CA and my Fans can take photos with me, buy my exclusive merchandise or get a lap dance. I’m also up for Best Boobs for the Nightmoves Awards. All you guys can vote for me by going to and I will also will be appearing at Nightmoves in Florida from October 9th-12th.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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