Beauty Pageant Crowning Insanity

MMD February 3, 2015 0
Beauty Pageant Crowning Insanity

I mean I’ve heard that latin women are feisty, but this is jut hysterical.

Here’s the story:

Sheislane Hayalla, Miss Globe International 2014 1st runner-up, competed last night (30) at Miss Amazonas 2015 in order to represent her State in Miss Universe Brazil and finished in the second place.

Disgruntled, she took the crown from the winner’s head and threw it on the floor, pulling out a few tufts of Carol Toledo’s hair.

It may seems like a sore loser behavior, but there were very strong rumors since last year that it was all settled to give this tittle to Carol, who is goddaughter of the organizer.

The credibility of this pageant is already under suspicion since 2013 when after the final announcement the judges were asking what had happened because the winner announced was not the girl they had selected. (There was a video where we could hear the judge saying that something went wrong).

Sheislane was cheered and supported by all the audience and fellow contestants. She left the hall applauded by the crowd.

At least she didn’t catch her boyfriend cheating.

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