Carter Cruise: MMD Interviews Porn’s Favorite Co-Ed

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Carter Cruise: MMD Interviews Porn’s Favorite Co-Ed

Any interview that involves a girl whose sorority sister, who also happens to be her best friend, enters her dorm room and confesses her secret desire for girls followed by some hot co-ed girl on girl action is always going to be good. I can’t say I expected anything less from Carter Cruise, however. If you’ve seen her perform, the girl is incredible in every sense of the word. On top of that she’s the sweetest Sothern Belle you’ll ever speak to and is insanely hot. It’s hard to imagine that she hasn’t been in the industry that long and yet has made such an impact. Carter is like a bunch of girls wrapped up on little cutie. She’s the college co-ed, the southern belle, the blonde bombshell, and the sultry sex kitten. Mens Mag Daily was able to speak to Carter Cruise about her first experience with a girl, what she looks for in a guy, and the soul searching summer that led her to the porn industry.


Mens Mag Daily: Where are you from Carter?

Carter Cruise: I am from North Carolina.

Mens Mag Daily: So tell us, how does a nice girl from North Carolina get into the adult industry?

Carter Cruise: I’ve always been into sex, everything about it. I read an interview with a porn star and she seemed really down to earth and normal. Up until that point though, I hadn’t seen a lot of porn, just some gonzo stuff, and it doesn’t really do it for me, it doesn’t turn me on or anything. I watched the movie the girl was in and it was awesome, it was a great storyline, it was sexy and it kind of made me start to think about it and have it in the back of my head. I was very modest though. I never thought I would be able to do it on camera. This past summer I had this soul searching experience and I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to accomplish. Porn pretty much fulfilled all of them. I did a photo-shoot with this guy from Craigslist so I could have headshots just for mainstream acting. I met up with the photographer and we talked about the adult industry and everything and he said why don’t you try taking some naked pictures? I didn’t get totally naked but I did some topless pictures and I had never done anything like that before in my life. I walked out of there just feeling completely different and I woke up the next morning and decided that I was going to do porn.

Mens Mag Daily: So you actually graduated from college and everything?

Carter Cruise: I actually had like one semester left.


Mens Mag Daily: What was your college experience like?

Carter Cruise: It was a very typical Southern experience, I played lacrosse. I mean people knew I was always down for a good time and everything but nobody would have expected that I would become a porn star or anything. I did the whole sorority thing. I was a pretty typical college girl.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you very sexual before you entered the business?

Carter Cruise: Yeah, I definitely was. I’m very big on first times though so I wanted my first time to be special and everything. I lost my virginity when I was 16. Me and the guy weren’t dating that long but I was ready, I mean I was ready way before that but I was excited to try it. I was way more ready than he was. We had ex and then I remember I definitely wanted to experience it again soon.


Mens Mag Daily: When you first entered the industry, what were your impressions of it?

Carter Cruise: I like it a lot because it was a non-judgmental group of people. I always thought a certain way but I had always kept it to myself because I wasn’t thinking like the people I went to school with or grew up with. My first week in, everybody I met was so open-minded and I felt for the first time in my life that I could be myself and I didn’t have to pretend. It was very overwhelming but in a good way but there were so many good vibes.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you nervous for your first scene?

Carter Cruise: Oh yeah, I was so nervous. I didn’t eat for the whole day and I was shaking. It was a big scene and there were a ton of people. I was so overwhelmed. The girl I was with was doing positions I had never seen and I had never seen a penis that big. I was so scared that ten minutes into my scene I walked off set and I was scared, I thought I made a mistake. I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew I had to go back and do the scene. I went back in and gave a hundred percent and then I thought it was awesome.


Mens Mag Daily: You don’t seem shy. You seem extra outgoing.

Carter Cruise: I’m very outgoing but it depends on the situation I’m in. If I’m comfortable I can be really outgoing but if I’m uncomfortable I can be really shy and stuff. With work it’s different, it’s like acting. You just kind of have to go in and give it your all. I want to look back and make sure it’s a great scene. You have to do what you have to do.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you enjoy yourself sexually during your scenes?

Carter Cruise: Yeah I do. I’m not going to lie, porn sex is porn sex. You have to open up for the camera. But all told, I would say yes definitely. There have been scenes where I’m so over it and there’s nothing enjoyable about it but for the most part I do enjoy myself. It depends on so much and you just need to find a sexual connection with that person. That’s like the challenge of porn and it’s interesting to me.


Mens Mag Daily: Were you into girls as well before you went into porn?

Carter Cruise: I had always wondered if I like girls but where I’m from that’s like really frowned upon. The only lesbians I had ever met were super butch and I’m not into that. When I watched porn I like watching girl on girl porn. One of my sorority sisters told me she was into girls and we hooked up and I enjoyed it but I wasn’t super into girls. It’s definitely something I learned to love through porn.

Mens Mag Daily: Was your sorority sister that you hooked up with hot?

Carter Cruise:  Oh yeah, she was really hot. She was my best friend so at that time we just messed around. After I got into porn though we started doing more. We don’t hook up as much anymore. I mean I love girls and if a girl hits on me I’ll probably do it but I don’t really look for it because I just love the dick.


Mens Mag Daily: What type of guys do you like?

Carter Cruise: I like smart guys. I like guys who are really dedicated to their careers and want to make something of themselves. It’s sexy when a guy is really passionate about something because that tells me he’s going to be passionate in bed.

Mens Mag Daily: What about in terms of looks?

Carter Cruise: I like all types of guys. I like them in shape. I can find a guy really appealing because of his personality or sexual energy.


Mens Mag Daily: Who’s your dream guy?

Carter Cruise: I’ve always though Christian Bale was hot. It kind of turns me off when every girl is turned on by a guy.

Mens Mag Daily: What is it that is making Carter Cruise so popular?

Carter Cruise: I think I’m a hard worker. I don’t complain about stuff and I show up on time. I think the fact that I just love sex is another thing and I think it comes across my scenes. I really want to create something great.


Mens Mag Daily: What is your sex life like outside of porn?

Carter Cruise: Oh, it’s terrible. (Laughs)I don’t know what I’d do without porn. It’s mainly because I am always travelling and I don’t really have time to get to know a guy. I’m all about casual sex but I do that for work so outside of work I’d like to have an actual connection with him. I don’t meet people like that. Also, you meet a lot of guys that once they find out what I do they treat me differently.

Mens Mag Daily: Like they treat you worse?

Carter Cruise: Not worse but it’s just a different vibe; I can’t really put my finger on it. And they say they’re cool with what you do but like if their friend sees a video with me in it they’re not going to be cool with it at all. I’d rather just not go down that path.


Mens Mag Daily: So you’re single?

Carter Cruise: Yes.

Mens Mag Daily: That’s good. People will be excited about that. How can a guy approach you in the street?


Carter Cruise: I like confidence. I like when a guy knows what he wants and he just goes and gets it. It’s funny too now because I don’t know if a guy knows what I do or not because I’m really new so I’m kind of wondering. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: So Carter, tell us what you have coming up.

Carter Cruise: I was in American Hustle XXX and also I have a scene with Asa Akira that is so hot. I was so nervous but I think it’s one of my hottest scenes so far. Obviously, you can find me on Twitter at I’m also doing some stuff away from porn including clothing and some music. I have a collab with a DJ coming soon that I’m really excited about.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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