Convenience Store Clerk Follows Black Customer From Aisle To Aisle

MMD January 31, 2015 0

Cordney Murphy, self proclaimed racial profiling in Alabama victim, claims to have been followed by the grey t-shirt wearing store clerk, who followed him around the store while he was making his decision on what snack to buy and he has the video to support his claims.

It is possible that he wasn’t being followed by the guy, maybe it was a coincidence. It is possible that the guy who Cordney thinks thought he was stealing was just interested in what was being filmed. Or maybe the clerk just wanted to be in the video, you know have his big break for being called a racist to the world.

Based on the video evidence of the man peering at him as subtly as he could from aisle to aisle…I’m going to side with Cordney on this one.

That said, I’ve seen this happen to people of all varieties, some clerks are just crazy, hence why they are store clerks and not CEOs of multi-national corporations.

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