Eddie Murphy Set to Return to SNL

MMD January 30, 2015 0
Eddie Murphy Set to Return to SNL

Comedic genius Eddie Murphy has not been on set of Saturday Night Live sine February 25, 1984. Musical guest that Saturday was Kool & the Gang. In 1984, he was on the verge of stardom. He hadn’t done Beverly Hills Cop, or his comedy show Raw, that has since made him Eddie Murphy.

It is rumored he never went back to SNL because he felt slighted by them for whatever reason, he also says it was a “timing” issue that in 30 years, just never worked out, but today..he has beed reported to attend the 40th Anniversary special that airs February 15. Returning to the stage. 31 years later.

Here’s Eddie Murphy’s Delirious with some Spanish Subtitles because Spanish Subtitles makes it funny!

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