In Memorium: Robin Williams

MMD August 25, 2014 0
In Memorium: Robin Williams

There’s not quite a place to begin, and there is not much that needs saying. There are some who rise to the title of legend, those who are just below it, and those who excel past it. He excelled far beyond that realm and that is why, even this writer, is at a loss for words. Many souls grace the big screens, small screens, stages and so forth that affect us to an emotional level, but few such as he.

We all came to know him, his family, and his lifestyle. But usually when that happens the magic of their performance is dampened, we know then that they are not really that person and the suspension of disbelief is in ruins on the floor with your dropped popcorn. Not this one. Robin was one of us, but never let the magic disappear, not for a second. His transcendence of seemingly every medium is a treasure to behold and will be passed on through generations. And yet, knowing the effect of his death may have saved his life. Had he known what his life had amounted too, and had he known the future he helped create for our world, perhaps he would have not taken his own life. But that is “the rub” as they say. His legacy would have gone on whether he died today or 100 years from now. So long after they blessed us, we remember individuals. The bulk of them however, are more recent than we realize. People Dom Deluise, Marlon Brando, Carey Grant, and Christopher Reeves all in the past 25 years just to name a few. Yet I know that a percentage of you out there (more than I’d like to admit) don’t even know THOSE people. But you all know Charlie Chaplin. You all know William Shakespeare. You all know Errol Flynn. And you all know Robin Williams. You know him even if you don’t realize you know him. Because he exists in more than solid film or digital data, he exists within each of our souls. I won’t lie to you reader, his name will fade with time. But for as long as humanity laughs, we will always know the one they called Robin Williams.

Article By: B.K. Mullen

Twitter: @lazybananaprod

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