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Who doesn’t love a hot Asian porn star or even a pornstar who can pass as Asian? There aren’t many of them so they’re high in demand. Mia Li was surely a no brainer for porn agents when she decided to leave the East Coast and head to Cali to pursue her dream of a career in the adult industry. She’s cute, she’s got a great rack, and she’s one of those girls who really seems to love what she’s doing, a quality that many people think you can fake but you really can’t. She takes her job seriously and that’s important. Mens Mag Daily had the opportunity to sit down with Mia Li and discuss her webcamming career, her taste in guys, and what’s considered professional on a porn scene.


Mens Mag Daily: Where are you from?

Mia Li: I’m from Queens, NY. I was born in Astoria but I grew up in Nassau County in Long Island.

Mens Mag Daily: The East Coast girls usually have pretty good stories about how they got into the industry, what’s yours?

Mia Li: Well I started camming because I thought it would be fun to get paid for doing something I was doing anyway, masturbating and getting off. I got my feet wet with the camming and then I found like some bullshit agent on Craigslist of all places but then I got a more legit agency which is ATMLA and they’re awesome. Now I shoot porn and I still cam when I can.

Mens Mag Daily: Camming seems like a good deal. You’re at home; you’re making money, not bad.

Mia Li: Yeah, it’s great. I just get off all day basically. (Laughs) It’s a pretty good deal.


Mens Mag Daily: Did you have any expectations as to what the adult industry would be like?

Mia Li: I knew that it would be something that you’d have to approach with a really level head. There are a lot of people who want to try and take advantage of you and everything but when you’re with good people who are there to do everything correctly, by the book and watch your back then it can be a really, really, fun career. I’m lucky enough to have a great agent and work for big companies so I know when I go on set that I’m going to have fun and make really fucking hot content. I was an adult when I got into the adult industry and I wasn’t an airhead so I knew what to keep my eyes open for.

Mens Mag Daily: I feel like a lot of girls get into it with the intention of level headed but just end up coming off as mean, stuck up prima donnas.

Mia Li: No, you don’t have to mean. You don’t have to be a bitch. Just be a professional. You should have a plan and be prepared and on time. There’ a lot of moving parts on a porn set so it’s only fair that everybody involved be professional about it.


Mens Mag Daily: I would assume that the girls who are on time and do come prepared are the ones who get to work a lot.

Mia Li: Yeah, you can’t just be pretty and spread your legs. Those days are gone because there are so many people in porn. It’s not like back in the day when so few people actually had the courage to get into it. There’s webcamming, there’s so many ways to expose yourself to the business in an easy way. Directors and producers have a lot more choice now and not only in terms of looks, in terms of everything. If there are two girls who are equally hot and one has had square jobs and knows what it means to show up on time and not be a bitch then she’s going to get hired over the spoiled brat who’s going to show up three hours late to set.

Mens Mag Daily: Yeah, it’s a good way to stand out.

Mia Li: It is, plus I really love fucking. I mean I get to fuck attractive people all the time. Thousands of people get to cum to me fucking so it’s a win across the board.

Mens Mag Daily: Were you this super sexual before you got into the industry?

Mia Li: Yeah I was. I was always very particular about who I fucked, I still am. I have guys that I like to fuck and they’re like my fuck buddies I guess you can call them. If I’m in San Francisco I have a few friends out there and I’ll tell them they need to block out half a day because we’re about to fuck a lot. In the real world there’s so much emotional and social bullshit when it comes to fucking. It’s refreshing to know responsible people who are down to fuck and still be your friend after.


Mens Mag Daily: So you only deal with industry guys?

Mia Li: No, not only. I need a guy who’s respectful and takes care of his body, that’s a plus. I am really, really, picky though. I can find out really quick if a civilian is going to be worth spending time with or not.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, so you said you’re very picky a couple of times, what’s your type?

Mia Li: I need an athletic guy because I’m very fit and they need to keep up with me. I work out a lot. In college I completed in track. I was a sprinter, I did hurdles. I love staying in shape. It’s important for work too because the male talent are strong as fuck. I want to be able to share the workload and fuck back. When I fuck a chick there’s nothing more annoying than a chick that’s a dead fish and doesn’t fuck back. I fuck back so I have to stay in shape.

Mens Mag Daily: What type of women do you like physically?

Mia Li: I like them taller than me. I don’t like stick thin chicks because I feel like they’ll break if I finger fuck them so I like them healthy.


Mens Mag Daily: Were you very nervous when you started shooting scenes?

Mia Li: I was nervous but I was very cautious too. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what standard behavior was. It was a real production and it put me at ease. It was crazy fucking but the situation wasn’t shady, the people weren’t shady so it was great. I’m always really cautious.

Mens Mag Daily: What is considered inappropriate behavior on a porn set because people are naked and having sex everywhere?

Mia Li: I think of it this way. I think the two people who are doing the scene can be all up in each other’s shit whether it’s on camera or off camera because that’s our job, to keep that chemistry going. It has to look good and genuine because people are going to jerk off to it. But if a PA is trying to touch me and trying to get me to touch his hard cock through his pants, that’s unacceptable. Their job isn’t to turn me on or be fucking me on camera. That’s the person that gets the green light to be all over me. Just because you work with me doesn’t mean you can stick your finger in me.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay so let’s say a director told you that you were cute and asked you to dinner, is that inappropriate?

Mia Li: No, that’s a different thing. If I’m into it I’ll say yes but that’s normal. That happens in every workplace. It’s acceptable behavior. If they ask me to fuck in the broom closet while they arrange the lights, that’s not cool. I think some people who don’t really understand the business will let things happen that shouldn’t necessarily happen. A lot of girls know better though.

Mens Mag Daily: In terms of you being Filipino which is grouped under the Asian umbrella, do you think that’s helped your career?

Mia Li: Yeah It does, I feel like eventually it just becomes about who you are. Take Ana Foxxx for example, when she first got into the business the fact that she’s black might have been more noticeable but now it’s just like she’s the beautiful performer Ana Foxxx. You have to develop your brand and your name past your race.


Mens Mag Daily: What are you putting out there in terms of how you brand yourself?

Mia Li: I think it’s just the fucking part. I love it and it’s genuine. I’m not faking it. It’s very real and honest. I’m myself. When I webcam, which I so a shit ton, I’m just myself. I don’t present myself in a false way. It’s all me. I maintain this super fucking hot chemistry and it all comes through in the content. I’m also really close with my fans. I’ll talk to them like every day. When I do meet and greets it’s very personal. I’m very comfortable with it.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Mia, do you have things coming up that we should be looking out for? Give us the whole run down.

Mia Li: I have a bunch of scenes coming out that I’m not sure of the exact release dates. There’s also my Twitter which is I always tweet things I have coming up and I love talking to my fans.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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