The Manliest Man Carrying Two Fridges 20 Meters! A New World Record!

Luke Espon January 20, 2016 0

Wow this guy has got some serious strength. He just set the world record by carrying two full size fridges a total of 20 meters! This guy is built like an American army tank. Packing some guns with enough rounds to level a town with a mere glance of his eyes. This is the type of strength some men dream about but only few achieve. A true animal this guy is. Check out the video below of him man handling a fridge. I would not want to get in a rumble with this guy unless it was in front of a plasma television and involved two controllers! My assessment is that he could most likely pick me up and toss me to the other side of the town into the next bar, only to shuffle his feet and arrive at the bar before me and proceed to buy me a beer, take it from me and chug it right in front of me while I whimper away as my fight or flight response goes haywire! That sounds about right!

What do you think? Is this guy the strongest guy in the world? Imagine the stamina that guy must possess. If I was his wife I’d be terrified every time he was looking to get a nut.

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