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Here’s a quick look at the history of the biggest sporting event of them all, with a recap of each Final.

*1930 (Uruguay)
Uruguay 4, Argentina 2 : Argentina blows a 2-1 halftime lead as the host nation wins the first World Cup. Most of the best European teams refused to play in this tournament because of travel difficulties.

*1934 (Italy)
Italy 2, Czechoslovakia 1 (ET) : Angelo Schiavio scores in the 95th minute, and the host nation wins again. This is the first Final decided in extra time. Uruguay refuses to play in the tournament in protest of the Europeans not coming to their World Cup. England, Ireland, and Scotland also refuse to play.

*1938 (France)
Italy 4, Hungary 2 : A brace each for Gino Colaussi and Silvio Piola, as Italy becomes the first nation to win back-to-back World Cups. Enraged at the second consecutive tournament being scheduled in Europe, Uruguay and Argentina refuse to play.

*1950 (Brazil)
Uruguay 2, Brazil 1 : This is the only World Cup that did not end in a Final, but the match that decided the championship is known as “Marancanazo” and is arguably the greatest upset of all-time. The Brazilians had destroyed everyone they played in the tournament and had a 1-0 halftime lead in the deciding game against Uruguay in front of 200,000 supporters, and blew it. Uruguay wins their second title at the first World Cup in 12 years due to World War 2. Germany and Japan were banned from this competition. The Final overshadowed another one of the greatest upsets ever – in the first round when the USA defeated England. Both upsets included a disputed goal.

*1954 (Switzerland)
West Germany 3, Hungary 2 : Another famous Final know as “Das Wunder von Bern” in which Hungary scored twice in the first 8 minutes but then surrendered three.

*1958 (Sweden)
Brazil 5, Sweden 2 : Pele scores twice, his first is a famous goal in which he chipped the ball over the head of a defender, ran around him and scored off a volley.

*1962 (Chile)
Brazil 3, Czechoslovakia 1 : The Czechs score first in the 15th minute, but can’t stop Brazil from being the second nation to go back-to-back.

*1966 (England)
England 4, W. Germany 2 (ET) : Geoff Hurst scores twice in extra time for the only hat trick ever in a World Cup Final. This is the fifth time in 8 World Cups that the host makes the Final.

*1970 (Mexico)
Brazil 4, Italy 1 : Pele had 1 goal and 2 assists, including one on a famous Carlos Alberto goal in which eight players touched the ball in succession. Brazil becomes the only team to ever win 3 out of 4 titles.

*1974 (W. Germany)
W. Germany 2, Netherlands 1 : The Dutch scored first on a PK in the 2nd minute, but the Germans come back to become the fourth host nation to win it all.

*1978 (Argentina)
Argentina 3, Netherlands 1 (ET) : The Dutch equalize in the 82nd minute only to lose in extra time, becoming the first team to lose in two consecutive Finals. This marks the 7th time in 11 tournaments that the host qualifies for the Final.

*1982 (Spain)
Italy 3, W. Germany 1 : Captain and keeper Dino Zoff becomes oldest player to win the World Cup at 40. This Cup used an experimental formula in the group stage that was abandoned in the next tournament.

*1986 (Mexico)
Argentina 3, W. Germany 2 : The Germans equalize in the 81st minute after falling behind 2-0, but Argentina takes the lead back for good three minutes later.  In the quarterfinals Diego Maradona scored the infamous “hand of god” goal for Argentina versus England.

*1990 (Italy)
W. Germany 1, Argentina 0 : Andreas  Brehme scores on a PK in the 85th minute and Bodo Illgner records the first clean sheet in a Final. This is the first rematch in the history of the Cup Final, and an astounding fifth trip to the final round in seven competitions for the Germans.

*1994 (USA)
Brazil 0, Italy 0 (3-2 P) : This is the first Final decided by penalty kicks. Roberto Baggio famously misses to seal the deal.

*1998 (France)
France 3, Brazil 0 : A brace for Zinedine Zidane as he leads the French to their first championship in front of the home crowd.

*2002 (S. Korea/Japan)
Brazil 2, Germany 0 : A brace for Ronaldo who finishes his World Cup career with an all-time record 15 goals.  Brazil wins for an all-time record 5th time while appearing in their third straight Final.

*2006 (Germany)
Italy 1, France1 (5-3P) : This is the Final  that was marred by the Zinedine Zidane red card for a head-butt.  Italy wins for the 4th time, the second-most ever. The Italians have been involved in two of the three Finals determined by penalty kicks.

*2010 (S. Africa)
Spain 1, Netherlands 0 (ET) : Andres Iniesta scores in the 116th minute.

Article By: Anthony Schiano

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