10 reasons to bang women in menopause

MMD February 1, 2017 0

Women with menopause are women too, maybe not hormonally…but they have vaginas and vaginas are meant to put dicks in. Here’s a round up of 10 reasons to bang women with / in Menopause.

1- If you’re lucky, they’ll have dementia and won’t call the police, because they will forget the whole thing

2- The obvious, you can’t get them pregnant, but more interestingly you feel less guilty when you kill them because they are closer to death….and even if you don’t kill your sex partners because they are old monsters you can’t believe you had sex with…the fact they are closer to death would make you assume they are less bullshit, know what they want and are upfront about it…assuming they are still considered women…I don’t think that’s entirely possible as all women whine, complain and make nothing easy.

3- They are either married, have kids, are divorced and want nothing to do with you after you make them cum, they are busy, have responsablity, or are tired with priorities and even if you don’t make them cum, they’ll take it because they aren’t getting anything else. Zero pressure.

4- Their Dry Vaginas allow for friction which counterbalances that fact that their elasticity in their skin is no longer tight…and you can still feel while penetrating.

5- Menopause makes a woman moody, intolerable, annoying, aggressive, which can either make sex great…because crazy women are always the best in bed….not to mention they’ve given up on looking hot and if you’ve been to a resort and seen them frolicking around in a bikini you’ll know they’ve given up, accepted themselves for the mess than they are, and that makes them easier to get them gaping than a younger more insecure woman with perky tits…unless they are rich and into plastic surgery – in which they look like Asian cats with bolt on tits…and that’s fun too….

6- As women slowly turn into men due to their lower estrogen and higher testosterone – their sex drive goes through the roof and if you’re lucky their moustaches not only tickle your balls but allow you to have your gay sex or trans fantasies without biting the bullet….and going down that road…

7- You can use the night sweats as lube….I’m reaching here….the oldest girls I like to bang are under 27….assuming you spend the night and you’re not just there the hour the kids are at the high school dance.

8- Their vagina smell like mothballs…and if you’ve ever taken the public transportation in the fall with a bunch of asians in the fall….you know how hot that is.

9- You can assume they are experienced, but experienced women is how I got AIDS, so I’m sticking to eager to try to new things because the last marriage suffocated them, robbed them of life and creativity and happiness, and now they are ready to do anything, slut out on your face with their cat tongue sand paper-like clit…not to mention…at their age…too much experience means practice in boring relationship sex..

10- Grandmas always know how to bake the best cookies.

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