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Putting together a list of the 25 Hottest Porn Stars in the Business isn’t as easy as one would imagine. There are a tremendous amount of hot girls who do porn so whittling it down to just 25 is quite a task if you want to do it right. Then of course, you want to make sure that nobody on your list is going to retire before you post your article, which is important. This list however is carefully thought out. These are the absolute most beautiful women in porn. They’re not just hot because they’re having sex on camera. They’re hot in any situation. The porn is kind of secondary. We thought it was important to shine a light on the pornstars that are actually beautiful as a lot of them get away with being, not. This is the definitive list. You can take this seriously. Every girl on here is a 9 and up on a scale of 1-10. We hope you enjoy. 


25. Brooklyn Chase- This brunette girl next door type has been quietly having a phenomenal year in the business. We love most things about Brooklyn including her cute face and tight body but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t absolutely love her rack, easily one of the best in the business. If she keeps turning out material like she did in 2014, she’s likely to have an even bigger 2015. 


24. Britney Amber- We at MMD love Britney Amber, she was one of our first interviews and easily one of our hottest. She’s one of our favorite big busted blondes and has been churning out seriously good scenes for a while now. She’s been one of the 25 hottest porn stars in the business for a long time and her reign continues.


23. Jada Stevens- Jada is easily one of the best performers in the biz. Her scenes are incredible. She could be a 5 and her scenes would be hot. Lucky for us, she’s a very solid 9. I mean, the girl is stunning and has one of the most unbelievable bodies to ever grace the adult industry including an out of this world ass. She’s not all butt though as her face is beautiful as well.


22. Riley Steele- Riley is kind of a throwback to the glory days of porn. Her scenes are a little classier than most and she has the looks to match that aura. Blonde hair, light eyes, killer body, Riley has it all. She oozes that coveted contract girl feel. But do not get it twisted; this gorgeous blonde does some serious gonzo scenes that could give the freakiest girls a run for their money.


21. Anikka Albrite- Anikka is currently wrapping up her year as one of the hottest women in porn. Known for her many incredible assets including an ass that could make a grown man cry, she’s become one of the premier performers in the business. This blond hottie has it all and despite her awesome beauty turns out some seriously freaky scenes.


20. Siri- You’ve got to give it up for Siri. She’s essentially a self-made success. Through hard work and smart self-promotion she made herself a big deal in the adult industry. The fact that she has the face of an angel, an incredible ass, and probably the best rack in the biz doesn’t hurt either. She also has a smile that lights up a room. We at MMD love a good smile.


19. Kelly Diamond- While she’s relatively new to the business, this sexy, petite brunette who looks like a way more fun version of Olivia Wilde is already on our radar. This dark haired hottie does a hell of a scene and is super-hot. Like we said, she’s new but we’re definitely excited to see what happens for Ms. Diamond next year. Who knows? She might make it to number one on this list with her sexy self.


18. Lolly Ink- Lolly is one of the most underrated females in the business. Her scenes are super-hot and she looks like the lovechild of an extremely hot runway model and a sexy, badass biker chick. Just look at the body folks, it’s undeniably awesome and wow, what a rack. Her face is also sexy as all hell. We have our fingers crossed that we get to see way more of Lolly Ink in 2015. 


17. AJ Applegate- There’s nothing not to like about AJ. She’s blonde. She’s gorgeous. She has awesome eyes. She has a huge, firm ass. Her body as a whole is to die for. She’s been killing the industry for a while now and she’s a sweetheart to boot. There’s not much else to say. She was a no brainer when putting this list together. 


16. Adriana Chechik- The lovely Ms. Adriana Chechik has been everywhere this year. It seems like she’s everybody’s favorite pornstar. I mean, it’s fairly easy to see why. She’s a freak who makes some of the hottest scenes around and she has this exotic, dusky, smoky look about her that drives me and I’m sure several other dudes insane. Those eyes and lips are also a killer. We’re definitely team Chechik at MMD.


15. Destiny Dixon- Destiny Dixon is glamourous. We realize that word is slightly effeminate but it describes her well. She always looks like she’s on her way to a photo-shoot. She’s another one that knows how to take care of herself. Her body is gorgeous and includes a wonderful rack. She also has one of the prettiest faces in the business. 


14. Riley Reid- Who doesn’t love this petite little thing? She’s tiny, she’s gorgeous, and man the woman can perform her ass off. We wouldn’t be shocked if she takes home Female Performer of the Year at this year’s AVN Awards. She’s truly a cutie and don’t be fooled, she’s tiny but she’s still packing one of the hottest butts in porn.


13. Mia Malkova- Mia Malkova looks like a cross between Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz so anytime that happens you can definitely count us in. When a girl like Mia comes along, it’s like the second coming for porn directors. Her eyes and smile alone are enough to make any man weak in the knees and then there’s the rest of her which is also perfect. She’s also extremely flexible so bonus points for that. 


12. Brandi Love- Trying to list the hot attributes of Brandi Love could take hours. The thing we love most about Brandi Love is that she has mastered the art of taking care of herself, she’s pristine. And when it comes to her body, she’s got to have the best one in the business. Her abs show when she’s sitting down and she puts every single woman who is younger than her to shame in the body department. Oh, and her face is absolutely stunning as well.


11. Lisa Ann- Lisa Ann is the Queen of porn, the boss, probably the most famous pornstar ever. She’s business savvy and works non-stop. She’s as close to being a household name as any pornstar will ever be. But let’s get to her hotness. First of all, Lisa just keeps getting hotter and hotter, year after year. Her tan and tight body is absolutely phenomenal and with the rack and the butt on Lisa there’s not too many who can hold a candle to her. Once you throw her gorgeous smile into the mix you have yourself one of the most beautiful pornstars in the world. Lisa still sits atop the game, is still continuing to get hotter and is showing no signs of slowing down.


10. Romi Rain- Romi is the sexy dark haired vixen who doesn’t let her extremely good looks get in the way of turning in good performances. Her body is amazing and yes that includes her incredible rack. She also has a killer smile and her long dark hair really does it for me. Romi is up for Female Performer of the Year and we wouldn’t be surprised if she takes it.


9. Dani Daniels- Dani Daniels reminds us of that girl you see on the street who is so hot that you almost don’t believe she’s that hot. She has a regular quality about her but at the same time not at all because she’s so damn beautiful. Her face is something to write home about, absolutely stunning and her body does not trail far behind. Dani is a big deal in the biz these days and has had a great year. Not only one of the hottest girls in the business she’s also one of the best performers. 


8. Jessa Rhodes- Jessa is one of those girls who makes you wonder why she does porn. Seriously, once this impossibly gorgeous blonde flashes that unbelievable smile it’s clear that she should be on a red carpet somewhere being given an award for her portrayal of the really hot, mean high school girl on the latest reprisal of Beverly Hills 90210. Her body is absolutely phenomenal, her face could be on the cover of Vogue and then, of course, there are the eyes and the smile. She looks like a princess and that’s why she’s so high on this list. 


7. Jasmine Jae- Jasmine is the only girl on the list who’s from across the pond. The UK is lucky to have this dark, exotic hottie. She looks like a runway model only with a bigger rack which we love, obviously and let’s not forget that sexy, sexy accent. She’s up for Female Foreign Performer of the Year at the 2015 AVN Awards and MMD is throwing all of our weight behind her. Vote Jasmine. If you ask us, she’s a shoe-in to win.


6. Tasha Reign- Tasha has porn written all over her. One look at her and you can tell she’s a California girl, the blonde hair, the big boobs, and the tight body. On the other hand she has the sweetest smile that show a more cute and innocent side. She’s one of the few ladies in porn who can pull off adorable and downright hot at the same time. MMD loves Tasha Reign. 


5. Nicole Aniston- As if the picture above doesn’t say it all, Nicole Aniston is one of the most beautiful women to ever be in in the adult industry. Her hotness kind of transcends the title of porn star because she’s that amazingly gorgeous. I mean, just look at her body, it looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo. Her face is incredible; she’s a thoroughbred through and through, one of the best of all time.


4. Bonnie Rotten- Bonnie is the leader of the new school. I don’t think there’s anybody in the business who works more than she does and she’s broken down all kinds of barriers by becoming the first mainstream pornstar to be covered in tattoos. She was able to do that because of her performances and because she’s hot enough to do it. I mean, how could anybody not love Bonnie? Her body is so perfect, her smile is amazing, and the bad girl look that her tattoos give her make her irresistible. Seriously, I’d chop off an arm for one night with Bonnie and I don’t think I’m alone. We also can’t forget to mention that she’s up for Female Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards. Can she do it again? 25sinnsage

3. Sinn Sage- The word sexy is thrown around too much. In my opinion, it should be reserved solely for Sinn Sage. This girl is the definition of sexy. She oozes it. Sinn is hands down, bar none the sexiest woman in porn and has been that for quite a few years. Here’s another thing about Sinn, she has the greatest ass in the biz. It’s perfect. It’s big but not cartoonish and best of all you can tell it’s real. The rest of her body is incredible. Her face is amazing and her slightly alternative look makes her even sexier. Give it up for Sinn, the sexiest woman in porn. 


2. Kendra Lust- Could Kendra Lust be any more perfect? She always, and I mean always, looks insanely, ridiculously beautiful. Put her up against any Hollywood starlet from Megan Fox to Halle Berry and we choose Kendra every time. From high heels and lingerie to Air Jordans, Kendra looks goods in everything and it’s not hard to see why given that her body is probably the best in the business. She’s classy, sultry, and she always has this look on her face that makes her look like she’s about to do something very naughty. She’s up for MILF Performer at the 2015 AVN Awards and she has our vote but if you ask us she should be up for Female Performer of the Year. 25cartercruise

1. Carter Cruise- You went through 24 girls to get to number 1, well here she is, the lovely Ms. Carter Cruise. What can you say about Carter? Physically, she’s absolutely perfect, head to toe flawlessness which is pretty insane when you consider that she barely wears make-up. The combination of that gorgeous smile, blonde hair, tight body, and stunning face make her an easy pick for us. This Southern belle and former sorority girl looks inexperienced but watch one of her scenes and you’ll soon see why looks can be deceiving. She’s been killing it all year, puts in some serious work, and obviously it’s paid off as she was just nominated for Best New Starlet at the 2015 AVN Awards. We at Mens Mag Daily have our money on Carter to win.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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